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Privinvest Shipyard CMN Has Delivered 700 Ships to Date, Here’s How It Plans to Move Forward

As a part of popular shipbuilding company Privinvest, CMN has built over hundreds of vessels for various entities around the planet. Based out of Cherbourg, France, the shipyard is known specifically for its expertise in warships.

CMN’s prowess over warship development could be appreciated by the fact that it has provided its services to 38 navies around the world. Many of these navies continue to operate CMN warships to this day, adding to the strength of their overall fleet while also highlighting CMN’s expertise in the sector.

CMN’s power mostly comes through its parent company, Privinvest, which provides the shipyard with the logistical and infrastructural support that it needs. Since CMN has just completed the milestone of building 700 vessels, the shipyard is looking into exploring other subsectors within the shipbuilding industry.

Along with research and development into enhancing vessel operations, CMN is also looking into marine renewable energies (MREs) to fulfill its responsibility towards sustainability. The company is focused on building tangible solutions out of its R&D efforts, which is why it carries out these operations simultaneously with its main goal of building state of the art vessels for its clients.

In order to fulfill these goals, CMN depends on its parent company, which is there to support it through its operations.

How Privinvest Could Help CMN in Achieving Its Future Goals

Founded in 1990, Privinvest is known as the shipbuilding industry as one of the leading entities of the sector. With its products being used in approximately 40 countries, the company has established itself as a renowned shipbuilding solutions provider.

The prowess of Privinvest as a shipbuilding company could be judged by the fact that it has built over 2,000 vessels for its clients all over the world – and that number continues to grow at the time of writing. During its approximately 30 years of operations, the company has served commercial entities for boats and superyachts, while also catering to the requirements of national militaries for their warships and other naval vessels.

While Privinvest makes it look easy, this level of productivity is anything but a walk in the park. Since the company also has to cater to a certain standard, its operations have to be executed in a manner that walks the fine line between high quality and speedy turnaround times. In order to pull off this feat, the company has taken an approach to spread its operations across a host of different countries.

While its headquarters are based in Lebanon and one of its prime shipyards is based in France in the form of CMN, Privinvest also has its shipyards in other territories such as Germany, the UAE and the UK.

With multi-site operations and the support of over 2,500 employees, Privinvest has the resources and expertise to let CMN continue on its plan to follow MRE exploration while also staying true to its shipbuilding responsibilities.

With its parent company’s support, CMN plans to continue on the same path of success with shipbuilding while also paying optimal attention to its MRE projects.

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