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Peter Briger The Well- Rounded Businessman

Peter Briger has been on the Board of Directors for Fortune Investment Group since 2006. Peter Briger is currently a principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors and he was elected for this position in August 2009. Peter Briger takes care of the real estate and the credit department for the Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Briger is well-educated he attended Princeton University and graduated with BA. He also attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and he graduated with an MBA. Prior to joining the Fortress Investment Group Mr. Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs & Company for 15 years. Peter Briger also is a philanthropists he serves on the board of a non-profit organization called Tipping Point. This organization assist low-income families in San Francisco. He also sits on the board of Caliber Schools these are charter schools that prepares youth for success in college and life.

More about of Peter Briger at Bloomberg

The company Fortress Investment Group was very successful before the arrival of Peter Briger he just helped to take the company to the next level. Peter brought something unique to the table he had an understanding and a connection to the Asian financial sector and his leadership. Peter Briger made some very big moves in 2006-2007 on the real estate side of the investment firm. The company purchase Intrawest, which is a Canadian ski resort company. The company also purchased Penn National Gaming, which operates casinos and horse racing venues, doing this 2006-2007 time period as well. Mr. Briger is listed as one of the top business professionals in the world by the Forbes 400. Mr. Briger has had a great career in every aspect of his life from education to professionally. He has accumulated billions of dollars but despite the money is still very active as a philanthropist. He gives back to the community and helps to educate and uplift the youth preparing them for success. A person of this stature who is this humble it speaks volumes about his character.



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Sahm Adrangi: Protecting the Asset of his Clients

Sahm Adrangi is one of the most prominent investors in the United States today. He is well-known for being the founder of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, an investment and financial firm that he established back in the year 2009. He presently holds the position as the company’s chief investment officer, and he enjoyed positive coverage by the media throughout his career in the business and financial sector. Sahm Adrangi knows how to handle finances well, and he managed to earn a huge amount of profit from investing in volatile investment options. He stated that he always wanted to invest in these kinds of investment options because they give a huge profit.

Due to his knowledge in managing finances, many people who wanted to become successful in the field of investment is approaching him for help. The Kerrisdale Capital Management has been dealing with a lot of clients who wanted to invest their money in the company. They are hoping that Sahm Adrangi will be able to increase their money’s value through investing it in risky investment options.

Sahm Adrangi is also known for protecting his clients from scammers. Recently, the Kerrisdale Capital Management released an official announcement advising their clients to be cautious when it comes to transacting with third party companies promising easy wealth. In subsequent reports, Kerrisdale Capital Management released the name of the company, naming them as QuinStreet. Sahm Adrangi warned his clients about QuinStreet and asked them to become more cautious when dealing with the said company.

It is believed that QuinStreet’s strategy is to send the unsuspecting clients of the Kerrisdale Capital Management an email asking them to click on a link that they have embedded within the letter. If the unsuspecting client clicked the link, they will be directed to a page that could steal their information. Another possibility would be the processing of funds directly to the page of QuinStreet, giving them more money to use for fraudulent transactions. Sahm Adrangi has already contacted the authorities to do further investigations regarding the accusations about the fraudulent transactions coming from QuinStreet, and they stated that they would do anything to protect their clients.

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The Success Story Of Matthew Autterson

Speculation administration is the expert administration of various securities that many incorporates; resources, offers, and securities to accomplish certain targets to various financial specialists. The financial specialists who win much from venture administration are the accompanying; retirement stores, protection associations, altruistic firms, and organizations.


The field of speculation administration has clearly the best organizations known to be great in this industry, a portion of the notable best organizations in venture administration are; Prudential Investment Management Inc, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs Asser Management LP and Investment Money Management Inc among others. The specified associations have finished such a great amount of in light of; they have hugely developed in speculation accumulation, they get phenomenal exhortation, they fill in as one and have no segregation and ultimately, their clients are dealt with well particularly with their administrations.


Matthew Autterson is an outstanding free speculation administration master. Besides, he is additionally a monetary advisor who has helped many to get well in back. He qualified with a B.S in Finance from Michigan State University. Straight from the University, Autterson began his excursion on money related administrations by joining First Trust Corporation. He is on the directorate at Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB).


He is an exceptionally dedicated man particularly in his vocation; this dedication helped him in turning into the fellow benefactor of Resource Trust Company which is situated in Colorado. He, later on, turned into the leader of the firm. The association manages providing retirement property administrations gathering. He is an exceptionally dedicated man particularly in his vocation; this dedication helped him in turning into the fellow benefactor of Resource Trust Company which is situated in Colorado. He, later on, turned into the leader of the firm. The association manages providing retirement property administrations gathering.


The course of action and methodology of the organization were sold by more than 10,000 monetary organizers who are free. This fruitful firm had a record of more than 500 staff individuals and made $20 billion. Its diligent work was so productive and accordingly, it was named the biggest state-contracted money related firm in Colorado. Matthew Autterson was satisfied with the great job at Resource Trust then he started working in home and expense improvement.


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The Bottom-Up Investing Approach

By capitalizing in an S&P 500 passive index fund, Warren Buffett has wagered $1 million to a charity claiming that he will make better returns to his investment compared to a group of hedge fund managers. The bet is to be decided this year, and it is likely that Mr. Warren will collect. His investment strategy is correct since the expensive and mediocre funds can short-change investors. Through his bottom-up investing approach, Mr. Buffet gets to analyze companies and later come up with a durable, satisfying portfolio to learn more: click here.

However, Mr. Buffet is not entirely correct. It is true that in most industries, consumers need to be aware and keep away from product labels. In most cases, most mutual funds will end up providing poor services thus making poor returns. This gets to happen when the clients have not fully understood the risks they will be exposed to or even what they ought to expect. The availability of these unknown risks is something which can also be noted when using the passive index investments.

For most people who might be considering retirement, this will not be the safest option. The markets get to change from time to time thus leaving passive index investment vulnerable, thus not making it a favorable cushion for down markets. Over the years, trillions have been invested in the passive index; however, only a few of these investors know of the risks which they are exposed to. It would be much better that when planning on investing, you consider something which will make you money even during the bad times.

Tim Armour’s Perspective on the September Market Selloff

In the recent years, the global stocks tumbled, this is due to the investor concerns about the slow economic growth in China. The sharp decrease in the Chinese stocks and the currency devaluation has brought about fears that China might be deteriorating.

Mr. Tim, therefore, has his perspective on the selloff which was triggered by China woes. He claims that, since China accounts for more than 15% of the world’s GDP, this was a great impact on the global economy. Therefore, most of these negatives end up lowering commodity prices and well as oil.

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