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John Goullet – Highly Successful Recruitment Expert in the IT Sector and Head of Diversant LLC

John Goullet is one of the most prominent names in the IT Recruitment industry and has decades of experience working in the sector. With the help of the services and guidance provided by him, many companies are greatly benefitted and can achieve their long-term business objectives. He has studied Computer Science from the reputed Ursinus Unversity and went on to do a job as an IT Consultant, which was and continues to be the highly developing sector.

While working as an IT Consultant, he collaborated with some of the top IT companies in the field today, such as Cap Gemini, Piscataway, TSR Consultants, and so on. Working with companies of such large-scale helped him understand the weaknesses and the strength of the industry, and it is what helped him understand that there is a need for a specialty IT recruitment consultancy services. It is because even though the IT sector was developing fast, there wasn’t much inflow of the talent in the IT industry.

It is to fill in this void in information technology sector that John Goullet went on to start his IT recruitment firm by the name of Info Technologies. It was the first step in the long and decisive entrepreneurial journey of John Goullet, but thanks to his business and leadership skills, he was able to take Info Technologies to the great heights of success in a short period. The Info Technologies also provided its IT recruitment and consultancy services to some of the top companies in the Fortune 500 list.

In just a span of five years, John Goullet managed to push the total valuation of Info Technologies to over $30 Million, which is a remarkable achievement for a firm that started out as an experimental business. One of the reasons why Info Technologies achieved success in a short period is because John Goullet continued to implement unique and innovative techniques and business strategies to attract young IT talent as well as partner with many leading Tech firms in the IT sector. However, as the industry progressed, John Goullet decided to merge Info Technologies with Diversant LLC, and currently serves as the company’s Principal Executive.

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