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Talkspace: Therapy Can Be Had

For a lot of people, they don’t think they will ever get a shot at therapy. It seems out of reach for them. It is something that will never be able to obtain. It is why Talkspace was created and founded. It was for the people that need help more than anyone else but they can’t pay the high prices of going to an in-person therapist. They know all about the rejection and they have heard it too many times. They have made phone calls to a therapist’s office and they are usually met with a rude receptionist that informs them of the cost. They are unwilling to give them the therapy they need and deserve. It is a rather unsympathetic and nasty way for them to run a business.

They are at the end of their rope, and they want help. Talkspace, which offers talk, text, or video, is going to solve all of their problems. With their text plan, someone can text a therapist once a day for only 32 dollars. It is nearly impossible to find therapy that costs anything close to that. The goal is to help people, and it is something they take with the utmost seriousness.

It is very refreshing to know a company like Talkspace is out there for people, and they don’t have to feel so isolated and like no one out there in the therapy community cares. They are changing the way things are done, and change is always a good thing when it helps people. If they are having a panic attack or something just doesn’t feel right, they can reach out to their therapist and they can get the help they need when they need it. This is truly a blessing for so many people suffering out there.

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