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Glass on Mars

The current planetary rovers on Mars were sent to the martian planet in order to collect test samples, survey the planet and to possibly set the stage for a manned flight to Mars. The search for previous life also has proven rather important. While it is uninhabited now, many scientists like Jaime Garcia Dias do believe that life potentially thrived on the planet before, as water has been found on the planet, and all life, at least as those on Earth understand it, is the the building block for all life (not to say it couldn’t happen without water, but all life on Earth is derived from water).

During a recent Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter stroll, the small device located mars found on the planetary surface. This is a kind of glass that is also referred to as “impact glass.” This kind of glass is only formed from the heat of a meteorite impact, which means an meteor did strike the planet in this area at some point in time. Scientists at NASA believe that the discovery of glass might indicate past life on mars and shed some clues as to what happened to it and where it has gone (if it still exists).

This also points to how helpful it has been to have these rovers on the planet and how the long term vehicles are proving their worth, as the MOR has been orbiting Mars since March, 2006.

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