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Smaller Bags for a Larger Space

Airlines are looking for ways to make more money while limiting what passengers can bring on planes. The bags that passengers carry onto the plane are going to need to be smaller. Some might say that there are already enough restrictions on the sizes, but airlines want to make sure there is enough room in the overhead compartments. If they want smaller bags, then why would there be a need for more room? It doesn’t make a lot of sense as some of the bags that are carried that were once allowed on the plane might need to get checked. Users of Skout indicate that this would make passengers pay an additional fee. It all seems to be about airlines wanting to tell passengers what to do while making as much money as possible in a time when flights might not be as strong as they once were. If there were incentives offered and bargains on flights, then airlines might make money through ticket sales instead of making people have smaller suitcases.

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