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Stem Cell Therapy : The Best Lung Disease Treatment

Of all the modern treatments we have today, stem cell therapy is one of the best forms of treatment for lung disease. The Lung Institute utilizes autologous stem cell therapy to treat patients ( who are suffering from lung disease and conditions. This means they will use cells from your own body to treat the conditions.

There are two ways the stem cells can be harvested for autologous stem cell therapy. Blood venous is the most common method and is preferred because it’s easier to perform and isn’t as painful. Bone marrow, on the other hand, can be a little more painful than blood venous. Which method is best depends on a couple of factors. For example, blood venous contains fewer stem cells but may be sufficient for some people. Bone marrow contains more stem cells and may be ideal for those who have a chronic and severe disease or damage to the lungs.

After the stem cells have been harvested, they will go through a filtration process. According to Cedars-Sinai, this process will divide the stem cells from all other cells. The concentration of stem cells will then be injected back into the bloodstream.  In this treatment, that is a good thing. You can learn more about how stem cells treat lung diseases here.

The Lung Institutes staff are highly trained and experienced to handle such lung conditions. Many find that it’s better to seek out such treatment centers because their focus is entirely on the lungs rather than multiple areas of the body. The Lung Institute can treat these conditions whether you had it for years or if you’ve just received your diagnose.

You can find one close to you here. While most patients qualify for stem cell therapy, not all will patients will qualify which depends on which lung disease you have, the extent of damage, and your medical history. To find out if you qualify for stem cell therapy through The Lung Institute, you can request a free consultation.

Read what patients has to say, visit the Lung Institute’s testimonials page.

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