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Glass on Mars

The current planetary rovers on Mars were sent to the martian planet in order to collect test samples, survey the planet and to possibly set the stage for a manned flight to Mars. The search for previous life also has proven rather important. While it is uninhabited now, many scientists like Jaime Garcia Dias do believe that life potentially thrived on the planet before, as water has been found on the planet, and all life, at least as those on Earth understand it, is the the building block for all life (not to say it couldn’t happen without water, but all life on Earth is derived from water).

During a recent Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter stroll, the small device located mars found on the planetary surface. This is a kind of glass that is also referred to as “impact glass.” This kind of glass is only formed from the heat of a meteorite impact, which means an meteor did strike the planet in this area at some point in time. Scientists at NASA believe that the discovery of glass might indicate past life on mars and shed some clues as to what happened to it and where it has gone (if it still exists).

This also points to how helpful it has been to have these rovers on the planet and how the long term vehicles are proving their worth, as the MOR has been orbiting Mars since March, 2006.

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Mars Has Water Below The Surface

Mars just got more interesting. Not that it wasn’t already. But with the discovery of liquid water a whole new set of questions come to mind. Finding ice on Mars was the first clue. Now permafrost below the surface takes the life question to a whole new level. Scientists say water is just one ingredient in the formation of life, but they are basing that statement on life as we know it. Mars doesn’t play by the same set of rules as Earth. Life could manifest in a completely different form on that planet, and we could miss it entirely.

Susan McGalla tells us that scientists also say if there was life on Mars it became extinct billions of years ago. Once again, that statement is based on our version of life. We can’t expect to find humans on Mars, but we always think we might. Consider the diversity that exists on this planet. There are forms of life on Earth that don’t conform to our explanation of life. Halophiles are one example, and there are many more that we haven’t discovered because we only look where we believe we should look.

We are restricted by our beliefs, and that is true for what we believe about Mars. Let’s face it. The planets in the universe all have various forms of consciousness living on and around them. We just don’t know where or what to look for; we only look for what we know.

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New Image Shows Man Shade on Mars

A new image from Mars is spreading on the internet and giving way to rumors that life on the planet really exists. The shade of Curiosity Rover has an extra shape that looks pretty much like a man is leaning over the device trying to adjust something. The shade looks like he has spiky hair and glasses and is wearing a suit equipped with an air-tank on the back.

The image provoked many discussions stated Kevin Seawright. The conspiracy theorists have made a big news of life on Mars being real and NASA hiding it. Others make jokes claiming that it is a proof that Curiosity never reached the Red Planet but is somewhere on the earth with people taking care of it. It might also be a funny arrangement of the shades, others think. The best explanations would be those offered by NASA themselves, but they have not released an official statement regarding the picture yet.

The computer hacker Gary McKinnon announced a while ago that that he obtained file from the US Government with more statements about life on Mars.

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Final 100 Candidate Speaks Out Against Mars One

Mars One is planning to send colonists to the red planet in just a few years. They have narrowed their field of candidates down to the final 100 and are preparing to start testing them and their abilities to get that number down to the 24 that will be sent. Now one of the finalists is speaking out against the non-profit and the way that they are going about the selection process.

In an article that can be seen here Joseph Roche, an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, claims that finalists are encouraged to donate 75% of their earnings from public appearances to the group. Brian Torchin suggests that he goes on to say that visibility of the candidates on the Mars One website is tied to their purchases and earnings. This leads to those that make the most being the frontrunners instead of the ones that are most qualified.

Roche fears that the mission will never take place, or even worse, will end in disaster. He feels that this could cause people to lose faith in the space efforts currently underway around the world or even in scientists in general. Holding a PhD in Physics and Astrophysics himself, that is something that he does not think that he could face if he were a part of it.

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Mars One Mission – Fact of Fiction?

The Mars One mission started in 2011 and is intent on creating and occupying a permanent human settlement on the red planet beginning in 2025. Founded by entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp from the Netherlands and Arno Wielders, also Lulu reports from the Netherlands and who holds a Master of Science in Physics, they are focused on having the settlement ready for human occupation after the 2024 liftoff of Crew 1. Consisting of four crew members, Crew 1 will travel in space for a year to reach their destination in 2025, with a planned departure of Crew 2 in 2026, also consisting of four crew members.

This all sounds like another “giant leap for mankind,” to quote Neil Armstrong, the first man to touch the moon, but whether the costly operation will actually transpire, or whether it is all fantasy, has recently come up for debate. Joseph Roche, one of the reportedly 160,000 applicants who signed up for selection to join the mission, is now apprehensive about the billions of dollars needing to be raised to fund the project only lining the pockets of those promoting the plan instead of funding the potentially failed idea.

Contenders, it seems, are being selected on their financial contribution standings. They are urged to donate 75 percent of any appearance fees they are paid for TV interviews in addition to making cash donations in order to gain selection ranking advances in return. Roche, who has a PhD in physics and astrophysics, says that after going through the lax selection process, he fears candidates are being promoted for their financial, rather than physical and mental, abilities. Roche says his “nightmare scenario” is that of the project failing and people losing faith in space exploration and scientists.

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