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Clay Hutson: Three Steps Ahead of the Others

Most people would not want to put their name on a nationwide or worldwide product if they knew that said product was not of the best quality imaginable. In that instance, a person’s name becomes a ‘brand’, so to speak, and branding is important, for it helps spread a product by word of mouth. It is also important when a product is seen briefly, and one begins to recognize the brand. And when a person recognizes a brand, you would want that brand to mean quality.

Such a person is Clay Hutson. He will work literally all day and all night and strive for perfection in just about everything he does. He does not want something to be simply ‘good.’ He wants perfection when his name is attached to the outcome.

He worked with the Reverend Billy Graham in the sound management field, always striving to make his work without errors, without problems, without a break in perfection. And he always succeeded.

Clay Hutson is a sound engineer, and his work is well known among people who have been on stage to perform or address an audience.

Having worked with some of the best of the best, such as Kid Rock Guns ‘n Roses, and Pink, and Lady Gaga, he has always striven to be the best he could be. Second best would not do, not if his name was going to be on the finished product.

What has helped him along in his career is the fact that there are new technology advances that not only make his job easier, but also provide new challenges for him and his work. If a technology exists that can be worked into a performer’s work, he will try to use it and come up with something newer every time.

Clay Hutson explains that the music that is produced in a concert is not just the music itself; there is an art form in the presentation of the music. That is what he strives to do: make the art flourish along with the music.

He tries, he says, to think ahead of what’s going on upon the stage, and tries to be several steps ahead of the performer, measuring what the performer will do and act accordingly.

His advice to others is take your dream, what you want to do, and work at it and perfect it until you are sure you can manage it. In other words, know your song well before you start singing!

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Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson To Life On Stage

Michael Jackson’s personality and career as the King of Pop have created a larger than life persona that many seek to impersonate, but few come quite as strikingly close to bringing him to life as Sergio Cortes. Sergio has a successful career in the entertainment industry as a celebrity impersonator, and is often described as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. From a young man in Spain to a world famous performer,

Sergio became enamored with Michael as a young child watching the Jackson Five on TV. He never missed an opportunity to watch the group, paying particular attention to the youngest in the group. The “Bad” era found a then middle school aged Sergio copying the singers’ style and practicing his dance moves, ultimately giving him his start in the celebrity impersonation industry when he was recognized for his talent and a snapshot went viral of his likeness. Since being discovered, he has traveled the world sharing his talent and uncanny ability to bring Michael Jackson back to life.

Currently Sergio Cortes‘ career is managed by the Destiny Projects entertainment company and resides in Brazil. His performances are one of a kind, delighting fans of all ages and truly captivating the audience, bringing the former King of Pop to life. His appearance, actions, voice and talent so closely resemble the former pop stars that people refer to him as Michael Jackson’s body double even. Between Facebook and Twitter, he has over seventeen thousand adoring fans, all eagerly awaiting his newest project “Human Nature Live Show” to be held in Italy.

To really grasp the perfection that is his performance, you must see it in action. The lights, sound effects, image, his dance moves, the back-up singers, and music combine to make an intoxicating, almost unreal experience. Check YouTube for videos of his performance and see it for yourself. If you ever have the opportunity to catch his shows live, you will not be disappointed. Be prepared to be awed at his ease on stage, and to forget that you are not watching the late King of Pop himself, but a celebrity impersonator.

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