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Desiree Perez, the Game Changer in the Entertainment Industry

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has made a name from herself in the music industry over the years. The Chief Operations Officer of Roc Nation has worked with Jay Z for the last two decades. Desiree’s musical career has witnessed her working at different top positions. Perez has worked as head of marketing, promotions manager, and record label president. Jay Z can’t regret having Desiree Perez in his management team.

Since joining Jay Z at Roc Nation a decade ago, Jay Z has made tremendous evolution within the music industry. The unmatched material expertise of Desiree Perez saw her appear in the Billboard Power 100 list of 2019. Her name appeared in the list at position 41 alongside Jay Brown and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, her business associates.

Jay Z started Roc Nations and hired Jay Brown as the Chief Executive Officer. Desiree has witnessed Jay z proper in the music industry. In 2018, he broke the appearance record of the On the Run II tour that saw the company make a gross profit of $254 million. His solo tour made $45.5 million and another one with Beyonce, his wife that made $235.5 million.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez started working with Jay Z in 1996. Kareem “Biggs” Burke, the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, played a critical role in their connection. Perez is the force behind the signing of musical contracts associated with Jay in the company’s Tidal app for music streaming.

Besides, she is very influential in the artist’s business negotiations. Desiree and her husband Juan Perez are Hova Circle of Influence’s members. The group includes professional investors that have interests in the entertainment industry.

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Why Desiree Perez Is Tidal’s Secret Weapon

The world of online music streaming is at least as old as the first song that was ever posted to YouTube but since then the market has matured significantly. It has seen players like Spotify, Apple and most recently Tidal, a company owned by music mogul Jay Z enter its ranks. The veteran businessman leveraged his unique place in the entertainment industry as a multi-dimensional executive that has strong business relationships with the most high-profile entertainers in the world. Tidal was unrolled with a press conference that included the likes of Jay Z’s wife Beyonce, the rapper Kanye West, the pop star Rihanna and the R&B singer Alicia Keys among others.


Based on the, one of the factors that has allowed Tidal to hold its own as a player in a crowded market is the presence of Jay Z’s longtime business associate Desiree Perez. Like many power players Perez calls the shots behind the scenes and has been said to make important decisions for Tidal. The year 2016 marked a number of high profile releases for the company: Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, Rihanna’s ANTI and Beyoncé’s highly anticipated sixth album Lemonade. According to Hits Daily Double it was Perez who helped guide the release of these albums through Tidal. Her keen business acumen will likely allow Tidal to continue to distinguish itself from its competitors.


Tidal has had a dynamic entry into the marketplace of music streaming. It has been able to deliver value in a way that very few streaming services can and that is to give users exclusive access to the work of many of the world’s biggest entertainers. It has also been able to deliver on livestreaming concerts in a way that virtually no other high profile music streaming platform is taking advantage of. See Page:


While users are able to stream concerts on platforms like YouTube, Tidal’s live concerts feel much more intimate and have enabled young savvy music fans to feel like they are experiencing landmark moments like a rare joint performance of the song Feelin’ Myself by Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj firsthand. These memorable live moments have also included getting the chance to watch Beyoncé debut a noteworthy performance that centers not on the introduction of a new single but the introduction of technology that is new for the singer: performing with holograms.


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