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Bruce Levenson: The Businessman And NBA Owner

The Atlanta Hawks have been steadily gaining momentum as they tear up the basketball court under the ownership of Bruce Levenson. He has seemingly supported the team through thick and thin and served as a good owner. But even though he was, it came as no big surprise when Bruce Levenson put the Atlanta Hawks up for sale to be the highest bidder to purchase. There were doubts about the whole deal and whether or not the business man would make money from it, however, economists did not agree on just how much the profit margin would be available for the business venture.

Bruce Levenson was falsely led to believe that he would receive upwards of one billion dollars for the sports team, but only time would tell the truth about how much the franchise was ultimately worth because the true value of any product or service is what a buyer is ultimately willing to pay for it. That is the key deciding factor, above and beyond market value or the sale of other similar comparable items in the area.

Tony Ressler took the prize with a winning bid of seven hundred and thirty million dollars. It was suggested that the fetching price would be between nine hundred million and one billion dollars making Bruce Levenson a very rich man, even more than he already was. Unfortunately, that did not happen for him. See:

Regardless, it is not a bad day at work to rake in that kind of money with such an investment opportunity of both buying and selling the Atlanta Hawks just one time. Bruce Levenson’s foresight can’t be compared to anyone else in the field of investment; his profit margins speak for themselves. And with that being said, ESPN sees the Atlanta Hawks franchise are showing as much potential and promise as they ever did.


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