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Dr. Tim Royer is the founder of Neurocore.

According to the successful Dr, he believes, Neurocore brain training is the key to helping Athletic performance. The founder of Neurocore teaches many things and has shown success in brain training.

He believes that mental health is just as important as physical health in the world of athletic professional performance. According to Royer, more than 2000 adjustments can be made to ones brain in only 30 minute session of Neurocore. There have been many people talk about. See This Page for additional information.

Neurocore and the benefits that it has on the brain. Brain training seems to be the next level of the future.

Neurocore utilizes exhaustive evaluations to identify the reasons for certain symptoms. Then the company will start Neurofeedback brain performance training.

“Neurofeedback” is a technique Neurocore has worked diligently to perfect to offer to their patents. Neurofeedback offers the opportunity for people to retrain their brains. Neurofeedback is effective against the following diseases ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, migraines, sleep, and stress.


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