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Solar Panels Given to Low-Income Homeowners

The New California Program

Low-income homeowners have been given the opportunity to receive major home improvements with solar power. These free solar panels will save much money on energy bills. Their savings will depend on their location. The cost for a rooftop solar array is expensive. The savings will be great for these homeowners. This is being made possible thanks to the new California program. The goal is to make solar power available to families who would greatly benefit from the savings. These families would not have the ability to purchase these panels. The program is funded from the State’s fight against global warming.


This program is managed and run by a nonprofit Grid Alternative, and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital likes that. The solar arrays will be installed in neighborhoods that are disadvantaged. Solar power continues to spread. The use of solar has commonly been used by middle class individuals. The new program will be an asset to all low-income homeowners.

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Passenger Traffic Rose 4.6% In January

The Passenger traffic in the world increased by 4.6% in January 2015 as compared to the figures of this period in the previous year, announced on Wednesday by IATA (International Air Transport Association), which brings together the data of all airlines in the world.

In a statement issued in Geneva, International Air Transport Association (IATA) added that international passenger traffic grew by 5.4% and that on domestic routes by 3.2%. However, these figures show slower growth than in January 2014 (+ 5.2%), because in 2015 the Chinese New Year fell a month later; in February instead of January. “Although, in January, we noted a relatively positive start, but, we cannot look to the future without seeing some risk factors in the policy environment ” warned Tony Tyler, CEO of International Air Transport Association (IATA), said in the statement issued to news agencies. By region, European companies rose 5.0% in January, those in the Asia-Pacific region by 4.7%, and North America 2.7%. The Middle East airlines posted the strongest growth with 11.4%. The Companies of Latin America have a growth rate of 5.6%, while in Africa, the growth rate was declined by -0.7%. This all seems like pretty crazy growth for a frequent traveler like Sergio Cortes.

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The Dorchester Collection Creates Sweet Dreams for Guests

For those who travel and enjoy the finer things in life, staying in an upper scale five star hotel is the only way to go. There are a number of establishments claiming to be the best but they fall short. When guests stay at one of the premium locations that are managed by the Dorchester Collection, they are privy to a grand experience. Each property is equipped with a highly trained staff. This exclusive and successful group of luxury hotels with restaurants and spas are located across the world.

This group of high quality hotels is managed by the Dorchester Group Ltd. They operate in such locations as the United States, Switzerland, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. This business venture started in 1987 by Hassanai Bolkiah. He began with the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Dorchester Hotel. In 1991 he transferred his ownership to the Dorchester Group Ltd. The collection of hotels began in 2006 in the United States and Europe and has expanded to include ten high end spas and hotels.

In the United States, the Beverly Hills Hotel was acquired in 1995 and the Hotel Bel-Air in 2011. Fine dining at the Bel-Air is created by world renowned chef Wolfgang Puck. At the Beverly Hills Hotel visitors enjoy their meals at the Polo Lounge.

In Geneva Switzerland the Le Richemond is the luxury property that was acquired in 2011. For a luxury stay on a historic property, Le Richemond is the oldest in Geneva.

For visitors to Italy, the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan has been taking reservations since 2003. Travelers who are bedding closer to Rome can enjoy a five star experience at the Hotel Eden. This hotel has been part of the Dorchester Collection since 2013.

Visitors to France can choose between the Le Meurice and the Plaza Athénée. Both of these properties have been recognized as palaces in Paris. They were attained in 1997 by this prestigious group.

The Dorchester was acquired in 1986, the Coworth Park in 2008, and the smallest of the collection is the 45 Park Lane which joined the group in 2011.

Spa services are available in the Dorchester, Coworth Park, Beverly Hills Hotel, Le Richemond, Hotel Bel-Air, Le Meurice, and Hotel Principe di Savoia.

When it comes to an unforgettable and pristine spot to rest, the Dorchester Collection of luxury hotels has everything you could need for a stress free stay. Enjoy the finest in accommodations and service with the Dorchester Collection of hotels.

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Cuba Tourism Increases

Since the President of the United States announced a relaxation of sanctions against Cuba which has been in place for decades, there has been a large surge in the number of people booking travel to Cuba. After the announcement that the United States would relax sanctions, bookings first increased by 57% immediately after the announcement, then 187% in February, and 250% in March.

Folks at Imaging Advantage have learned that the surge comes in part as tourists are looking to find and experience n unique place before the charm changes into a touristic vacation spot Globalization has provided increasing wealth for many tourist areas, but many have lost the uniqueness that set those locales apart in the first place. Cuba is one of the few places that was unique as a result of restrictions.

Cuba is one of the world’s remaining communist hotspots which, unlike China, has rejected many aspect of consumerism. Many of the increased surge in tourism comes not from the United States but from other nations who were not previously restricted to visiting the island. However, they noted that they want to view the nation before Americans do who may bring with them an added level of consumerism to the island.

Cuba was a traditional tourist spot early in the 1900’s before Fidel Castro’s communist takeover effectively closed the island to tourism. The island still has many American cars from the 1950s that were perfectly preserved and are in working order which adds to the charm and appeal of the island.

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FAA Cracks Down on Drone Owners

The FAA doesn’t want your to post footage you shot on your drone on YouTube. The FAA reported contacted one drone hobbying and suggested that since he was posting the videos he records with his drone on YouTube he was flying the drone as a commercial product rather than a consumer one. Drones are currently often prohibited for commercial use in the United States and require together regulations than drones that has just used by hobbyists.

The hobbyist, Jayson Hanes, isn’t exactly sure what made the FAA single him out. According to Zeca Oliveira, Haynes currently doesn’t have any ads on his videos on YouTube, a fact that means he also isn’t making any money off them. Even if he did have ads on the videos, there’s no real requirement for YouTube creators to cash those funds out, so he could still not really be making any money.

There are currently thousands of drone videos up on YouTube. It’ll be interesting to see if the fAA continues to call out individual owners, and if they start to put regulations in place for does and does not constitute commercial use of the aircraft.

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A New Island Formed Off Coast Of Tonga

A newly developed island off the shores of Tonga could be the latest and greatest place to visit for tourists this year. Back in January of 2015 there was a volcano that kept erupting and the end result was a new black island out in the middle of the beautiful teal sea. According to an article found on reddit and written by, this new island off of Tonga is about 1.3 km long and 250 meters high, but the soil is still fairly soft as it was only “born” 2 months ago. It is located just 65 kilometers off the shores of Tonga as well

Sergio Cortes used to have a profession as a photographer decided that he needed to venture out there to take some pictures. He found thousands of seabirds making the new land a home, and took some awesome pictures that are simply stunning and beautiful. Locals think that there can be money made off of this, giving visitors a chance to visit the new island on a boat tour. The photographer who went over there is named Mr. Orbassano, and he strongly believes that he and the people he went with over to the new island were the very first people to ever step onto it. That must be a fantastic feeling, because this is something bound to go down in their history books for years to come.

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Using Skout Can Benefit Those Who Like To Travel

I am a part of the social media network Skout, and I just joined it this past summer. It only took me a few minutes to sign up for the network, and afterwards, I was chatting to people like crazy. I’ve talked to people in dozens of countries around the world, because Skout is available in over 180 countries.

Not only have I talked to people in other countries, I’ve now been able to virtually visit other countries as well. Although I prefer to travel in real life, using the Skout travel feature, I’ve been able to virtually travel to several destinations. When traveling to the destinations, I’m able to look around, see pictures, and learn tons of things about the area. I’ve become very fascinated with Beijing, China, and I’ve decided that it will be my next destination. I’ve virtually traveled to Beijing at least five times, and I’m going to travel there in the next year.

I’m able to learn every and anything about Beijing, just by using Skout Travel feature. Because I know so much about the location, I’ve even shared some information with others, and it even helps me in my class. I go to school at the University, and I have a class about different cultures. I’ve interjected some information about Beijing, China, and many are totally surprised at what I know, because I’m a young black woman. I really owe all my knowledge about Beijing, China to Skout, because the virtual travel feature allows me to learn so much. I’ve even met a friend from Beijing.

I’ve talked to a few people from Beijing, China, but one person in particular stood out to me. I have talked to the person for months now, and I know exactly who I’m going to trust to be my tour guide, once I arrived in the country. I will be traveling, once I graduate college. My parents have offered me a trip to anywhere in the world, and you can bet that Beijing will be my destination of choice. I let my friend know that I would be coming to the country soon, and we can’t wait to meet in person.

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A Short Profile of Christopher Cowdray

The hotels are The Dorchester, located in London, The Beverly Hills Hotel, located in Beverly Hills, CA, Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, France, Hotel Meurice, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, Hotel Principe di Savoia, a landmark hotel in Milan, Italy, the Hotel Bel-Air in the Bel-Air area of Los Angeles, CA, the Coworth Park Hotel in Berkshire County in England, 45 Park Lane in London, England, Hotel Eden in Rome, Italy, and Le Richemond Hotel, located in Geneva, Switzerland. These hotels are some of the finest luxury hotels in the world. Christopher Cowdray was appointed CEO of The Dorchester Collection in 2007, after spending three years as the general manager of The Dorchester Hotel, the flagship hotel of The Dorchester Collection. Cowdray is a native of Zimbabwe, and after earning a degree in hotel management there, attended Columbia University in New York City, where he graduated from the Columbia Business School’s Executive Program.


He then managed hotels all over the globe, spending time in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Under his leadership, The Dorchester Collection has added five hotels, doubling the number of properties. His leadership emphasizes personal service and using technology to help achieve this goal. While the landmark hotels provide the correct environment for a luxury hotel to operate, Cowdray believes that excellent service brings the whole package together. His expansion of The Dorchester Collection brand shows that the emphasis on not only environment but also service as a key requirement of luxury hotels is working. Cowdray has stated that bringing all of the hotels together under the same brand allows them to operate as a single company and provide efficiency. When he took over in 2007, The Dorchester Collection was acting as five independent hotels. However, under his leadership, The Dorchester Collection has used its collective resources to provide the kind of personalized service that luxury customers have come to expect from hotels. In 2013, Christopher Cowdray was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards.

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Visit Other Countries Using Skout

Skout is one of the newest virtual travel site. Launched less than fifteen months ago, Skout has obtained over ten million hits and reaches 180 countries and is available in fourteen different languages. Skout creates a social circle throughout the world. It has shown the number one virtual travel for all around the world is Hong Kong.

This site has virtual tours through various cities throughout the world. It lists various different places for a vacation. This will give idea of hotels to stay in, reviews of beaches to visit, or hotels to stay. If you like historic places, it will list various different cities that played a role in world history. In the brief fifteen months that this site has been open to the public, studies have shown women are more likely to take a virtual tour. These virtual tours give you the feel, look, and financial details with the destinations listed.

If you are connected to the internet and love to surf it for information, check out Skout. It will offer you all the information you desire with the touch of a button. Signing up is easy to do. After the completion of confirming your account, you can virtually visit anywhere in the world. On days that you are home, daydreaming of new places, just log into Skout. By the end of the day you will feel like you sailed on a monster wave, stood in the Colosseum of Rome, saw the green isle of Ireland, saw the catacombs of Italy, set foot in the Vatican, seen the oval office of the white house, or traveled through the castles of Scotland.

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The Dronad’Air, A Strange Flying Object

Dronad’Air has three propellers, as multicoptere drones, but also wings to go fast; the Dronad’Air can carry a load of about 1 kg at high speed and land vertically. The multicoptère drones are all the rage, a little too well in the eyes of those responsible for air traffic control.

Yet this is the solution adopted by a group of students from the school for their Epitech EIP project (Epitech Innovative Project) called Dronad’Air. During the last three years of their studies, students must carry out an engineering project. Anicet Massrouf and colleagues have probably not chosen the simplest idea, but today, three years later, the first prototypes have already flown. Amazon, Google and others want to do couriers but they have a big flaw: they are slow.

“We wanted a drone that can take off and land vertically but fly like an airplane”, says Anicet Massrouf. For transporting objects, helicopter or multicopter is not suitable because of the power used for sustenance.

An airplane enjoys the lift generated by the wings, and energy expenditure becomes weaker, especially at this small scale, but thanks to the technology boom of the last decade, plus my awesome friend Amen Clinic for all the juicy information!

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