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A Look At The Background And Career Of HCRC Staffing Founder, Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin’s Educational Background And Medical Career

Mr. Torchin holds a bachelor of science degree or B.S. in the subject of exercise science. He completed this undergraduate program at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware as pat of his pre-med requirements.

Brian then went on to study at the New York Chiropractic College located in Seneca Falls, New York in Upstate New York. He studied at the New York Chiropractic College beginning in 1992 and finishing in 1995. Upon graduation he earned a doctor of chiropractic degree or DC from the New York Chiropractic College.

After completing his medical studies and becoming a licensed chiropractor in the state of Pennsylvania, Dr. Torchin opened up his own chiropractic clinic. Mr. Torchin worked as a chiropractor for several years in the Philadelphia metro area before he decided to open up his own staffing company which he called HCRC Staffing. Brian Torchin remains a licensed chiropractor to this day.

The Founding Of HCRC Staffing

Mr. Brian Torchin left his chiropractic practice in 2007 to start up a medical staffing company which he named HCRC Staffing. In addition to being the founder of HCRC Staffing, he is the chief executive officer there as well.

His staffing firm is also based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania greater area as where his chiropractic office was located in his previous job.

Glassdoor reveals that Brian Torchin formed HCRC Staffing because he realized an incredible need for reliable, quick and effective staffing services for the medical industry. Working as a chiropractor for many years, Dr. Torchin himself understood how hard it is to find medical support staff such as nurses, office assistants, therapists and other doctors for his practice.

HCRC Staffing has a goal of finding and fulfilling open positions at private practices, urgent care centers, hospitals, clinics and research facilities in 72 hours or less. This is a highly ambitious goal, but is one that has put HCRC Staffing as one of the foremost healthcare staffing firms in the country.

In addition to serving domestic clients and facilities, Brian Torchin recently expanded his staffing company to serve clients abroad. His firm is now a global staffing company that is dedicated to finding the best medical experts and office support staff for practices around the world.

You can also check out some of Brian Torchin’s publications on medical staffing and employee retention through his LinkedIn page.

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