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Knowing Andrey Andreev


Andrey Andreev is an entrepreneur of Russian origin. He was born in 1974, and he is the founder of Badoo, a dating and social discovery network whose headquarters are in Soho, London. Apart from Badoo, he also owns other internet businesses like Mamba, Begun, and SpyLog.

Personal Life

Andrey Andreev showed great interest in communication technology at an early age. At the age of 10, Andreev assembled a radio using electronic hardware collected from his family home. He used this radio to chat with his friend, who lived a block away from him. Since then, he has focused his energy on developing products that have transformed the communication technology sector.

Before his innovations, Andrey Andreev was studying management at one of the local universities in Moscow. The decision of his family to move to Spain in the 90s prompted him to drop out of university. However, before dropping to establish his own company, he worked as a partner in one of the public relations and advertising companies in Russia. Andreev relocated to Spain in 1995, but he often visited Russia.

Andrey Andreev’s Establishments


Andrey Andreev set up his first business, Virus, in his home country, Russia. In 1995, he set up the online store that was involved in the selling of computer accessories and computers through the internet. The business was sold in 1997 for an unrevealed amount of money. Andreev went ahead and established another web-tracking business by the name SpyLog. This was established in 1999, and it helped webmasters in tracking their site visits and the habits of their track users on the web. The business proliferated despite the existence of other established competitors like Rambler (Contactout).

In 2002, a contextual advertising firm known as Begun was set up by Andreev. He ran the firm for two years and in 2004, he decided to sell the majority of the firm’s shares to FINAM, a Russian investment firm. He founded Mamba the same year. Mamba remains the most famous dating site in the whole of Russia. It has about 8 million users. A majority of Mamba’s shares were also sold to and FINAM in 2006.


He is a businessman who has a los of focuses and interests. Andreev is the founder of Badoo and focuses his time on identifying upcoming team leaders and coworkers. He helps upcoming entrepreneurs realize their dreams using Badoo’s world-class infrastructure. He is currentlyworking among various charitable projects. He also helps in creating leading connection apps using his experience from past innovations.

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