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Prada Enhances Jingdong’s Online Luxury Offerings recently partnered with Prada Group enhancing Jingdong’s online offerings of luxury items to its Chinese retail online market., China’s largest retailer, welcomed a flagship Prada store to its online retail site on June 17th of this year.

Prada is one of the most recognizable and trusted luxury brands in the world, and President of International Business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle Kevin Jiang said that this partnership showcases China’s expanding reach into the luxury market.

The June 17th launch date was an important marketing strategy as June 18th is a special date for Jingdong. It is the anniversary of the store’s founding. Often the anniversary is just referred to as 618, and the event includes exciting offers and promotions to its customers. This year in order to help celebrate the event, not only launched the opening of the Prada flagship store, but also launched flagship stores for the Miu Miu and Car Shoe brands under the Prada group.

Prada is featuring its fall/winter line in its flagship store on the Jingdong site. In 2018 Prada Group saw exponential growth for its online market, and the company is hoping to continue that trend. Prada Group wants to have all of its sub-brands available online by the year 2020, and this partnership with is a portion of that project, as it establishes the company’s presence in China. See Related Link to learn more. is well known in China as a popular and reputable business. Quality products, excellent customer service, same day and next day delivery, and even online and in-person payment options have all worked together to make China’s largest retailer. The company offers its customers a wide variety of products including cosmetics, apparel, electronics, and even fresh food, furthermore in the coming year 90% of its key brands are intending to launch new items.

A book entitled “The Story: An E-commerce Phenomenon” by Li Zhigang features the unique story of’s growth and evolution and the strategies and philosophy of its charismatic founder are featured in this fascinating book.


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JD.Com Witnesses a Groundbreaking Transaction Volume in the Anniversary Sale


In the June 18 Anniversary Sale, 6.18,, which is also known as Jingdong witnessed an increased total sales in transaction volume of $29.9 billion compared to the previous festival.


The introduction of new products and the continued interest of Chinese consumers played a significant role as key drivers in transactions. Besides, Jingdong established a channel in its platform to provide consumers freedom of expression while promoting product marketing. The channel also enables brands within the company to grow and reach more consumers in the Chinese market.


Jingdong has consistently utilized modern technologies to enhance its operations, mainly in conducting the same or next day delivery services. During the June 18 sale, the company also identified consumers from lower-tier towns trading up and acquiring products similar to higher-tier cities.


As such, transaction volume in lower-tier cites doubled this year compared to the overall growth in the company. Percentage of new consumers was higher in lower-tier towns than the total rate. Subsequently, rewarded its consumers with different prizes as well as the provision discounts and bonuses through two campaigns introduced. See This Article to learn more.


The two campaigns comprised of more than one hundred million people and included birthday red envelope, rewarding those share on social media, and another focusing on users sharing gifts in their cities after being voted for.


Over the years, Jingdong remained committed to reaching more consumers in China and Southeast Asia in general with the introduction of new marketing strategies. Among them is the Consumer-to-Manufacturer initiative. The initiative primarily collects consumer data and insights and provides them to brands, therefore, adjusting or enhancing the production of quality products according to user demands.


As such, “Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M)” and new products gained a transaction volume of 289% during the June 18 sale compared to the same period last year. The festival also launched several new products especially from Prada Group, an Italian designer brand, operating both MiuMiu and Car Shoe.


Farfetch also established a flagship store henceforth enabling Jingdong to access over three thousand brands in the fashion and design industry. More so, the Chinese retail store operated more than fifteen thousand high-end hotels and restaurants and managed to sale over 2.8 million JD Premium memberships during the festival.


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