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“Marc Beer’s Positive Contribution in Fighting the Pelvic Floor Disorders in Women “

Renovia Inc. Finalizes the Funding Project as Led by Marc Beer


Renovia Inc. is an organization that focuses on discovering and providing digital devices used for diagnostic and therapeutic disorders of the pelvic floor in women. The company recently announced on closing a financial deal of $42.3 million, which was as a summation of the $32 million received as part of the Series B equity combined with a venture debt of $20 million. The money collected from the funding will wholly be utilized in reinforcing the Renovia’s Clinic Development in various aspects. Again, some of the areas that the funding will directly affect will include future commercial launches, the pipeline product development, and corporate development.


Moreover, the Series B funding was directed by corporates that included cormorant asset management, ascension ventures, perceptive advisors, and OSF Ventures. Other investments that also contributed to the financing were Inova Strategic Investments and BayCross Capital Group, which played the role of advising Renovia. Marc Beer, who is one of the co-founders, CEO, and chairman of the Renovia, stated that the company was pleased to be supported by some of the top healthcare ventures that were also sharing the same vision. He also added that with the support of some of this eminent healthcare investors on-board would profoundly benefit the millions of women who were already living with the pelvic floor disorders.


What’s more, Marc Beer stated that all their clients were bound to benefit from the valuable information regarding the various treatment options. With this again, would trigger Renovia’s innovative sensor technologies to combine with other healthcare investors to device even more advanced health digital platforms. Consequentially, because of this consolidation of knowledge and resources, the long term effect would result to the lowering of treatment costs of the pelvic floor disorders. Again, with the funding of this healthcare project would not only contain the current situation on the treatment of the pelvic floor conditions but also other complications associated with it such as the urinary incontinence.


About Renovia Company’s Solutions for the Urinary Incontinence in Women


It is estimated that Urinary incontinence condition affects nearly 250 women in the world. As indicated by the statistics, the disorder is quite common and troublesome condition, which is why Renovia Company strives to provide therapeutic and diagnostic solutions. The company seeks to positively impact women’s health with its FDA device that uses a mechanism that provides direct movement to the levator plate. The invention also integrates some customized apps and data for patients, hence resulting in affordable treatment for the pelvic floor conditions.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is a prominent businessman who has more than 25 years of experience in the development and commercializing of healthcare services. He has, for instance, had a working experience with diagnostics devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals among others. Marc Beer started the Renovia Company with his co-founders Raman Iglesia and Yolanda Lorie in August 2016. Additionally, he previously worked in many companies where he was resourceful in each one of them such as ViaCell Organization and Genzyme among various others where he held senior positions. Learn more:


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Andy Wirth Helps The Olympic Valley Do Away With The Incorporation Motion.

Andy Wirth is the founder of the Crowdrise campaign under the Wounded Warrior Support. He is also the owner, CEO and president if the Squaw Valley Ski Holding. As as a businessman and entrepreneur, Andy Wirth has been very successful. He founded the Squaw Valley Holdings which owns the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley. Under his leadership, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has grown and expanded not only business and performance wise but also structurally and asset wise. In 2011, the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings purchased and acquired its main competitor in Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows in its expansion move. Thus, Squaw Valley was able to merge its skiing terrain with that of Alpine Meadows to make one of the world’s largest ski terrains; it is also among the best terrains in the world.

Recently, Andy Wirth was appointed to join the board of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This appointment came to him as a recognition of his efforts and the role he plays in the Lake Tahoe community. He has formed many community organizations in this area and helped them in undertaking different community tasks. He is also participating in community programs around this area during his free time. Andy Wirth is also the founder of the Crowdrise campaign, which is a charity campaign that raises money to donate to the Navy Seals Foundation. This money goes a long way to improving lives of Navy Seals servicemen risking their lives to keep the country safe by undertaking deadly missions. There is also a friendship motivational group, the Wounded Warrior Support, that he created. This is a charity group that helps Navy Seals returning home from war life comfortably with their families and also provides psychological support for them.

At the Olympic Valley and for the Lake Tahoe community it has been a good time for them for the past few days. One of the reasons for this is the failure if the incorporation motion on the Olympic Valley to go through and this is thanks to Any Wirth’s relentless efforts. The incorporation of the Olympic Valley as a deadly blow to the community of this area and its economy and this caused them a lot of sleepless nights. The incorporation would lead to a reduction in business activities in the area and thus low earnings for the residents. On top of this, it would lead to the imposition of higher and extra taxes to businesses around this area thus leading to higher operational cost and an increase in the price of commodities and services. This would have discouraged tourists from the Lake Tahoe area in fear of expensive rates. Now all that is of the past including the four-year-long drought that had also affected business in this area. This season the seasonal winds have begun early, and business is expected to be good.

Published through the Reno-Gazette Journal.

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Brazilian Lawyers Are Trying To Stop The Rise In White-Collar Crimes

Tosto also said Brazil is on the verge of imposing stronger accounting rules, and there is an effort to increase corporate transparency as well. But that will take time, and in the meantime lawyers in Brazil that deal with white-collar crimes are very busy. Brazilian lawyers are busy because white-collar crimes are increasing in spite of the fact that there are new rules on the horizon. Some lawyers say the new rules are the reason for the increase. More than 300,000 anti-fraud operations were carried out in 2015, and that is an 112 percent increase over last year.
A couple of Brazilian law firms are getting a lot of attention because of the operations that are underway against a large investment bank and wealth management company. When the media released the news that the company was under investigation, clients withdrew $616 million from the company, and that kept the bank’s lawyers busy, according to Ricardo Tosto.
The Brazilian lawyers that handle financial crime in Brazil think Brazilians believe they will not be successfully prosecuted if they are caught. One reason is the judicial system. Brazilian lawyers tend to get their clients off because of the ineptness of the Brazilian judicial system.
Ricardo Tosto believes white-collar crimes in Brazil are greater than the white-collar crimes in the United States, but they are in line with the crimes committed by other emerging markets. Corporate executives commit crimes because investigating a white-collar crime takes time and money. The situation in Brazil is in such turmoil that it’s hard for prosecutors to identify all the crimes that occur in Brazil. White-collar crimes are low priority and executives know it. Lawyers that do represent executives that are accused of crimes have a leg up on the system, according to Tosto, and he said it will stay that way until the government can get its act together.

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Status Labs Is Helpful To Many People

When a business or an individual is wanting to make sure that those who research them online are getting an honest picture of who they are, and that they will not be seeing too much that is negative about them, then the business or individual is going to want to get some help. They are going to want to ask Status Labs to do some work for them to keep them clean online. They’ll want to ask the company to do everything that it can to make sure that the reputation that they have online is not going to make people think poorly of them.
Online reputation management is so important if one doesn’t want people looking down on them and thinking things that are not true of them, and those who want to stay protected online have Status Labs to go to. This company makes sure to do its best work for everyone that it works for. It keeps people’s reputations clean online, and it also keeps people safe from harm in every way, online. The company knows a lot about the online world and all that can go on in it, and everyone who wants to keep a good reputation online should look to it.
There are many companies that can help with various aspects of running a business, and none are any less valuable than others, but Status Labs may be one of the best. Status Labs is a company that every individual and business that is taking themselves and their reputation seriously needs to go to for help. Because if they don’t, then they may just live to regret it.

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Andy Wirth Invents Ski Season Fun At Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe, ski resort opens a winter wonderland of activities for snow lovers. Add a personal touch to your holiday by designing a list of activities you will enjoy. The resort acts as host to multiple events and would love nothing more than to include yours on their agenda. Andy Wirth, the driving force behind the Squaw Valley resort, makes the difference in the way it operates.

Skiers at every level spend the ski season at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows in Olympic Valley, California. Season pass holders, families, people learning to ski or snowboard and people on romantic holidays. Sunrise and sunset is extra vibrant on a snowy backdrop. Andy Wirth is currently the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and developer of fabulous vacation experiences.

The parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resort located in Olympic Valley, CA. Born July 25, in Neubrucke, Germany firework explosion during an independence celebration. This CEO is as active. He attended the University of Edinburgh. Andy is a never say no person, and goes after business with the same drive he uses for skydiving and iron man endurance challenges. He has skied some strong slopes and shows no fear in dealing with tough business decisions.

Temperatures and other weather conditions are watched loosely for visitor safety and prices are very reasonable for skiing fun. Everywhere you go in the Squaw Valley vicinity is wondrous. Visitors and residents love pending time on the slopes. Accesses to lifts are convenient. Families are welcome to ski, take skiing classes or go snowmobiling. Ski rentals are available. The resort is beautifully designed. A lack of coordination should not stop you from skiing with skilled instructors available.

Working in the business of managing ski properties for years starting with Steamboat Ski and Resort, Andy Wirth is an experienced ski season manager. Going on the story “Under Cover Bosses” Andy Wirth is not afraid to go to the many levels of the company to “search out” a problem and to reward those promoting the health of the company. He never sits and waits for the answer to fall into his lap. He uses an active method of management. Planning a vacation at one of the many ski season resorts is easy with this brilliant CEO at the helm. Skiing, dining and relaxing are a pleasure when you visit an Andy Wirth managed ski resort.

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Status Labs is There To Manage Your Image Online

In this day and age, the entire world can look up your history, thanks to the world wide web. Mistakes that might have caused minor blemishes on one’s reputation are blown up for anyone to see with a Google search. In this hyper-connected climate, what’s a public figure or business to do in order to manage their reputation?

PR Week has an excellent article on Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, an online digital marketing agency which also specializes in public relations, brand, imaging, and reputation management. The firm was established in Austin, Texas. Since then, Fisher has expanded the company’s staff to thirty people, and has also opened offices in São Paulo and New York.

Companies like Status Labs give second chances to businesses or public figures. The company’s services allow people and businesses to start fresh, move forward in light of past mistakes, and present a more positive image to allow public figures and companies to best serve their audiences.

Despite it’s relatively small size, Status Labs is currently serving an enormous client base looking to manage their reputations. The company serves more than 1,500 companies in over 35 countries. Among other services, Status Labs helps to modify search results on popular search engines such as Google. They also provide digital marketing and PR services, which have been enormously effective in helping businesses improve their sales and brand.

In a world that relies more than ever on public perception and a proper online presence, companies like Status Labs provide a vital need to people and companies looking to maintain their image on the internet. Their services allow well meaning companies to move on and continue providing excellent service to their client base despite their past mistakes. Status Labs can help show companies’ side of the story, and reassure customers that a few mishaps will not tarnish businesses’ dedication to quality in their fields.

Given his background as a copywriter and political consultant, Fisher is uniquely suited for this kind of work. His experience in both fields allows him to navigate the world of public perception quite easily, for many different kinds of clients.

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