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Meet Africa’s First Woman Billionaire: Isabel dos Santos

The eldest child of the former President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, who was in power since 1979, had a daughter named Isabel dos Santos. She is well-known for being a successful businesswoman and considered as Africa’s first richest billionaire woman with more than three billion USD as her net worth according to and stated by Forbes.

About Isabel dos Santos

Back in 1973, a woman named Isabel dos Santos was born on April 20. She graduated from King’s College in London with a degree in Engineering. Later on, she engaged in entrepreneurship because of her persistence and passion in doing businesses. Isabel’s career skyrocketed after owning several companies in Portugal, owning a bank and a cable TV company, and other shares. She married an African husband who is also focused on his work, has the same goals as her, and her pillar of support.

Isabel dos Santos Achievements and Career

The business industry is often dominated by males and being a woman in a world that is dominated by men is not always easy. The wealth of Isabel dos Santos continues to grow until now because of her hard work and dedication despite the challenges. Isabel dos Santos believes in the growth of female leaders by building their own lives without having to depend on anyone and to simply take big leaps. She also stated that education is key when it comes to achieving success which is why she encourages young African women to prioritize education.

As an African woman who was able to receive a good education, she strives to help her own nation and the people of her country. She wants to continuously inspire others especially the youth in attaining jobs, establishing businesses and she is focused on educating the children. Isabel advises women to have a plan and to create ideas regarding of what they want to achieve in life, to focus on improving their skills, and to remain motivated about their passion in life.

Isabel dos Santos is the epitome of independence and confidence. Her personal career is proof that it is necessary to manage finances wisely as well as the importance of trusting yourself, career, relationships, and life.

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Logan Stout’s Helm at IDLife

Background of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur, keynote speaker, philanthropist, and leadership trainer. Having built an impressive profile throughout his career, Logan Stout’s success principles, credibility, and track record of leadership helped him to drive his current ventures to prominence. Over time, he has become one of the world’s most sought out keynote speakers.

Logan Stout’s most recent venture relates to health and wellness. Since its launch in 2014, IDLife has scaled globally through its partnership with billionaire Darwin Deason and celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom. Again, IDLife works with renowned fitness ambassadors and authors to provide the highest quality nutritional products as a way of educating people on the importance of health and wellness. In fact, IDLife featured on the list of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies 2016.

As a leadership trainer, Logan Stout is passionate about helping others hone their leadership skills. Through his book, Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams, Logan Stout inspires and empowers readers to reach their potential. In fact, his book was endorsed by some of the world’s influential entrepreneurs such as Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran. Besides, Logan Stout teams up with globally recognized motivational speakers such as John C. Maxwell to help others hone their leadership skills. Logan Stout’s leadership skills and thoughts are clear indicators that his book will add value to the readers.

Logan Stout recently founded Dallas Patriots baseball organization to mentor and inspire baseball players. His baseball organization ranks as one of the world’s largest baseball organizations that provide training to kids aged between 6 to 8 years. Through its world-class coaches, mentoring, and training, Dallas Patriots baseball team takes pride in having produced renowned college baseball players.

As a keynote speaker, Mr. Stout often features on publications such as the Dallas Morning News and Philadelphia Life Magazine as well as appearing on events, radio, and television. In fact, Philadelphia Life Magazine once named him as the Man of the Year. Logan and his wife, Haley, lives in Frisco, Texas together with their two sons. As a way of giving back to society, Logan Stout serves as the patron of the American Heart Association of North Texas.

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