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Dick DeVos and Talking Freely

Dick DeVos is a man who is fully in control of himself at all times. He never loses himself even for a minute. He’s consistently the epitome of pure composure. Luckily enough, he’s married to a woman who is a lot like him as far as temperament goes. Betsy DeVos is always as cool as a cucumber. Their behaviors may just rub off on one another. They tied the knot decades and decades back, after all. Couples often start acting similarly after a while.


Dick DeVos used to be referred to as “Richard.” Dick is a simple nickname for the businessman. He’s an individual from the Midwest who knows a lot about how life works. He learned so much from watching his father. The older DeVos was a huge part of the business world in the United States long ago. Although he worked in the country years ago, his influence remains strong and tangible to this day. He was a huge factor in the establishment of the esteemed Amway Corporation. The Amway Corporation is and has long been a massive marketing staple in the United States. Dick DeVos himself operated as the Chief Executive Officer of the company starting in the nineties. His time with it was up in the 2000s. He enjoyed a superb experience with the business. He realized, however, that he needed to move on and go after other ventures and concepts. He did so by teaming up with the Windquest Group. This business has operations all around the United States.


DeVos has a lot of interest in all sorts of topics. He’s undeniably well-rounded. He has a penchant for American politics, first of all. He even has a penchant for aviation. Airplanes have been captivating DeVos for his entire life. He was captivated by planes when he was a little boy in the Midwest. He’s still captivated by them as a mature adult and father. What exactly did he do with his captivation? He made the choice to put together a charter school that’s referred to as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school is in laid-back Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its Grand Rapids locale is no ordinary one, though. It’s actually situated within the metropolis’ airport, fascinatingly enough. That’s the reason that travelers come across it all of the time. The students who go to the West Michigan Aviation Academy are serious about going into aviation after they graduate. They want to be hard-working pilots. They even want to be hard-working engineers. DeVos beams with pride any time he even thinks about them. Some of the students are so enamored by air travel that they regularly travel hours to get to the school from their distant homes.


DeVos and his wife discuss educational matters with significant frequency. Since Betsy is the United States’ devoted Secretary of Education, this makes full sense. DeVos loves hearing his wife’s insight with regard to the complex American educational system. He even likes giving her feedback when he can. They talk freely.


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The charitable contributions of Vinod Gupta


Vinod Gupta is a business mogul who is a perfect embodiment of a self-made entrepreneur. He grew up in a remote village in India. His first bachelor degree was in Agricultural Engineering that he finished in 1967. Mr. Vinod started developing his career when the University of Nebraska accepted his services as a young graduate in the system.

As if an engineering degree was not enough, he also pursued a business education, which earned him a Master’s degree in Business Administration. After completion of his masters, Vinod Gupta managed to secure a position in Commodore in the United States. The company dealt in the construction industry that specializes in mobile houses. Working with Commodore gave him an excellent opportunity to start nurturing his career. He made a fortune from the company and decided to his luck in investing in other mobile house manufacturing industries.

The outcome of this investment granted him a breakthrough in his business career. He walked out of Commodore and he established Business Research Services and American Business List. He founded the company that had only two workers at the beginning. Mr. Gupta did not forget the fruits of his education and decided to donate some of his achievements.

Since the charity began at home, his first donation went to his home country. He donated 1million dollars for the development of a polytechnic institution for women in his village. Another contribution of 2 million dollars went to the Indian Institute of Technology in 1991. An investment of another 2 million dollars enabled the establishment of Law School at Kharagpur.

His donations in America went to the University of Nebraska. He disbursed a sum of 2 million dollars for the invention of a business management program in the institution. Moreover, he added another 500,000 dollars for scholarship services for the students. Mr. Gupta respects the benefits of education is spending his life donating most of his financial achievements in education empowerment.

Vinod is one of the successful businessmen in the world today. His accomplishments are attributed to his down-to-earth character and not to the billions he makes from his companies.


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Vinod Gupta Invests In Education To Help Others Succeed


Vinod Gupta knows that giving back is essential to success. Some people may say it’s good karma. Whatever it is, Mr. Vinod Gupta has donated millions of dollars to uplift the lives of others, especially when it comes to women’s education. The successful businessman came from very humble beginnings so he made it his mission to help other’s achieve their goals who come from disadvantaged situations. Visit This Page for related information.


Education has been in the forefront of his mind, making sure that Mr. Gupta earned an solid education himself. He understood that an education would open up many doors and opportunities to someone who was willing to travel down that path. When Vinod Gupta became successful enough he would turn his sights on building schools in India, his home country. In 2000, the entrepreneur built a women’s polytechnic school in India. Women could earn a post-graduate in less than two years.


India does not put girl’s education as a priority. Vinod knew he had to do something to change this, so he invested his hard earned money into enriching the lives of girls in India through education. In addition to building schools, Mr. Gupta has created several scholarship funds in India and also the United States to help young people pursue their dreams. He created Vinod Gupta School of Management and donated $2 million dollars to bring this school to life.


Vinod is an Indian-born entrepreneur who built an empire of wealth from hard work. He started a multi-million dollar company from just a $500 bank loan. It would later sell for $680 dollars. The successful entrepreneur came to the United States to earn his Master of Business Administration degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Mr. Gupta is the co-founder and managing general partner of Everest Group in Omaha, Nebraska.


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Vinod Gupta On Building A Successful Company


Vinod Gupta is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Indian origin in the world.

Today, he is the General Managing Partner of Everest Group, a venture firm that invests in startups and struggling businesses. This company is tapping the experience and expertise of Vinod Gupta, who has been in business since the 1970s, to help others to get on the path of profitability.

Before creating Everest Group, Vinod Gupta founded a multimillion-dollar database technology company known as InfoGroup. He started this company in 1972 with only $100 and sold it in 2010 for $680 million.

Vinod Gupta has demonstrated that it is possible to start a business from nothing and still be successful. This acknowledgment is an encouragement to budding entrepreneurs of today that they need not look so much into their lack of capital but focus on creating solid investment ideas. With the right idea, you will always get investors who are willing to provide the money. And if the investors are not available, you should not fear to start low and build your business slowly.

Vinod Gupta granted an interview to Gazette Day, a digital publication known for its high-profile, top-quality interviews, in late May 2018 – he included “Effective Business Lessons” for aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs who wanted to succeed in the world of business like himself.

Vinod Gupta has also caught the attention of the people by showing great concern to the welfare of the community. As a successful businessman, he has made millions of dollars that he is now sharing with the less fortunate in the community. Top on his list of priorities is educational initiatives. See Related Link for additional information.

Vinod Gupta believes that education plays a significant role in building a better world. The success he has recorded in business can be attributed to the educational opportunities that he got while growing up. He, therefore, recognizes education as a key contributor to the growth of a nation. To build a successful business, knowledge acquired in school plays a pivotal role as Vinod Gupta has verified.

Vinod Gupta attended the Indian Institute of Technology and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for advanced studies in agricultural engineering. Gupta went on to create a database company that has made him the successful businessman he is today.




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A guy that wears many huts- Glen Wakeman

The most devastating hurricane season hit the Puerto Rico in this year. The residents plunged into one of the worst economic crisis after the Hurricane Irma hit the Island on September. 7th living hundreds of thousands of locals without power. In spite of the fact that significant recovery measures were being carried out, there were about 60,000 residents who were not yet connected to power.

Puerto Rico locals have had the goodwill from the American Red Cross that responded swiftly to tackle the catastrophe. Since before Hurricane Irma made the landfall, Red Cross has strategically placed its employees and hundreds of volunteers on the island. Red Cross organization has mobilized some stakeholders comprising of the corporate, federal as well as community partners to provide the essential relief assistance to the people. Some of the supplies include the repair kits, food, home, cleanup kits, insect repellant, water, hand sanitizer, and work gloves just to mention a few. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Even though Hurricane Irma had destabilized communication infrastructure in Puerto Rico, Red Cross was doing every possible to aid in its reconstruction. They had taken measures such as shipping some satellite phones in addition to relevant technology to support the disruption experienced with the cell phone’s services.

In spite of the fact the Red Cross had done a great deal of commendable job in providing relieve, more help was required. They had raised over $55 million to counter Hurricane Irma and Maria effects, but the situation seemed beyond repair. There was need for more funds to steer the tedious relief efforts being taken. Read more on

About Glen Wakeman

Wakeman is the guy renowned that coaches other Chief Executive Officers on how to improve the management of their own companies. Besides, he is a respected investor, business executive, entrepreneur, and mentor. In other words, we can say Glen Wakeman wears many hats.

One of the significant lessons from Glen’s teachings is the willingness to assist the community. Presently he works as the Chief Executive Officer as well as co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Also, he is famous for a particular methodology developed by himself to improve and assess critical measurements of performance.


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George Soros, Donald Trump & The Ferguson Protests

It seems like there is a seminal moment for every generation when it comes to the fight for equality and justice. For many younger adults that moment came in 2014 in the city of Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was an unarmed man who was shot to death by a police officer named Darren Wilson. The case immediately grabbed nationwide attention as the case further highlighted the issue of police brutality toward minorities. Protesters hit the streets to march, speak their mind, and push for justice and an inquiry. The protests captivated the nation and they couldn’t have happened without a man named George Soros. Learn more about George at Biography.

George Soros is an activist, philanthropist, and billionaire progressive activist. His work has come under an increasingly stronger microscope because he is one of the few billionaires out there actively fighting for justice and equality at all levels. Soros isn’t a household name among most people but then again, he doesn’t have to be — his work stands for itself. Where does George Soros come into play in terms of the Ferguson protests? Well, it all goes back to his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations has worked closely with grassroots activists all around the world for the better part of the past 30 years. During that time span the OSF has donated nearly $12 billion to these activists in order to help promote social justice, equality, transparent government and more. In the year leading up to the 2014 Ferguson Protests the Open Society Foundation had donated nearly $33 million to established groups within the area. This money went straight into organizing and networking the protests that would capture the nation’s attention. Visit to know more about George.

The American political machine has grown increasingly clunky as of late with a more rigorous stress test than it is probably used to. The election campaign of Donald Trump put several things into motion that will surprise most people. Perhaps the most impacting of those things is the return of George Soros to the political realm. George Soros had largely been staying out of the public spotlight but the rise of Trump, the degeneration of national discourse, and the reality of a Trump-dominated Presidency spurred him into action.

George Soros has done it all throughout his career in politics. He has worked closely with presidential candidates and he has done his best to make sure that progressive policies are pushed going forward. When Soros saw how popular Trump was becoming, he knew that he had to act. Soros jumped full tilt into the 2016 Presidential Election by donating nearly $25 million to progressive and Democratic candidates. His effort helped to ignite a late push for progressives around the country.

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George Soros And His Contributions

Many people are familiar with George Soros who is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Yet, they may not be aware of the political views he holds. According to Discover the Networks, one only has to look at the organizations that he supports to understand this powerful investor’s political point of view on Snopes.

America Violates Citizen’s Rights

George Soros believes that many people living in America do not have the most basic human rights. Therefore, he supports The Bill of Rights Defense Committee. This committee encourages communities to not enforce the provisions of the Patriot Act. He also is a supporter of the American Arab Institute believing that Muslim Americans have wrongly been persecuted since the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Support for Nonwhite Groups

George Soros believes that many ethnic groups in America need to become more powerful on He believes that too much power still is in the hands of white Americans. Therefore, he supports the:

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
National Council of La Raza
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Inequities based on Skin Color in American Courts

Soros believes that people of color are more likely to be found guilty than those who are white. George Soros supports The Sentencing Project working to get everyone shorter prison terms. He also is a benefactor of Critical Resistance who believes that if wealth were redistributed, there would be less crime. He also gives money to the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights who works to change many laws that they perceive as based on color.

Youth Activists

George Soros had to make it on his own as he is an immigrant from Hungary. Before coming to the United States, he attended the London School of Economics while working full time. Since George Soros understands the struggle of the working student, he donates money to help other students. The Center for the Community Way is one group that Soros supports. This organization looks for upcoming progressive stars. Another group that George Soros actively supports is Democracy for America who trains about 10,000 students in activism each year.

Soros chose to come to America. Therefore, he has the right to spend the money that he made in the way that he sees fit. Other Americans need to become aware, however, of the causes that he supports on Politico.

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A True American Unsung Hero: Eric pulier

When it comes to doing progressive things for society, Eric Pulier should be at the top of this inspirational list. This 1988 Harvard University Graduate has created many innovative products that are very beneficial for people and businesses. He is the epitome of the word ingenuity as many of his innovative creations have been used on a daily basis around the world. The genesis of Mr. Pulier began back in his hometown of Teaneck, New Jersey. Eric Pulier was very aspirational compare to his friends and as a fourth grader, Pulier programmed his first computer. He expressed his creativity through his inventions (so-to-speak) and by high school he had formed a data computer company. While studying at Harvard University, Eric Pulier took additional classes at MIT. There is only so much time in a day, but this guy certainly pulled it off without a hitch. During this time Pulier wrote a column for the prestigious Harvard Crimson. He was also the editor of this prominent publication and by 1988 this brilliant mind Graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Now finished with school, Eric Pulier moved out West to California and started his professional career. During this time many companies would be created and founded and each one had a specific purpose. (PDT) which stands for People Doing Things, was Pulier’s first founded company and the innovation technology that was used at the time addressed many issues of the healthcare and education field . Here are a of the companies that Eric Pulier’s hand has been in below:

  • Founder of Starbright World
  • Co-Founder of Service Mesh, Inc
  • Director of Media Platform, Inc
  • Innovative Board Member of XPRIZE
  • Founder/Managing Partner of FLF
  • Chairman/Co-Founder of US Interactice, Inc

With so many accomplishments under his belt, this guy’s life story could be made into a movie. Mr. Pulier made invest in start-up businesses and has raised funds for charities as well as personal ventures. His hard work and values will certainly be ingrained in his four children and maybe they’ll grow up to be as intelligent as their genius father.

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Dick DeVos Leads Lauderdale Yacht Club Race the Gold Cup

Business tycoon Dick DeVos is currently leading the Lauderdale Yacht Club race known as the Gold Cup. He is currently ahead of the current champion and looks to be in good position to win this event. With a number of junior sailors, the total number of participants in the race is now 32 and therefore this looks to be the most competitive race to date. Despite the high level of competition, DeVos is holding his own and has a one point lead ahead of everyone. If he is able to keep pace he will have the opportunity to became the new champion of this exciting event.

While DeVos participates in sailing events, he is also an active member when it comes to charitable causes. With his charitable causes, DeVos helps a number of different types of organizations. These include educational, free market economics and artistic. With these philanthropic activities, Dick DeVos is able to help make a difference in his community. The differences he is able to make help companies become more successful, artists and artistic institutions enhance their abilities and also help individuals expand their education and become more knowledgeable professionals. As a result, the community will be much better off in the long run with DeVos’ charitable contributions.

One of the main charitable activities of Dick DeVos is artistic. He regularly donates millions of dollars to artistic institutions in order to help them with professional development and more programs. With a competition known as ArtPrize, DeVos helps artists compete for certain prizes by performing a number of artwork tasks. This gives them incentive to measure their abilities as well as look for ways to improve and assess their progress. The organization also helps managers of artistic institutions improve so that they can make artistic organizations much better.

Another charitable cause that Dick DeVos contributes to is educational. Over the years, DeVos has donated money to help business students get the funds they need in order to attend business school. This funding is in the form of a scholarship and therefore allows business students to get what they need to help get through this very beneficial educational program. With the scholarships, people can get the educational credential they need in order to enhance their career and obtain a considerable amount of professional development. As a result they will likely become more knowledgeable and skilled workers that will be able to lead companies to the next level.

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Thor Halvorssen Discusses The Pitfalls Of Democratic Socialism

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’s political agenda is the subject of much speculation. Running on the Democratic Socialist platform that promises free college education, free healthcare and overhauling the election system, Sanders is making promises that his detractors say he may not be able to keep.


On a recent episode of Fox Business News’ Intelligence Report with Trisha Reagan, Human Rights Foundation front man Thor Halvorssen explained the pitfalls of socialism and why it would never work in the United States. As Halvorossen explains it, certain countries such as Sweden and Denmark have governments that can function under socialism because human rights violations do not exist. However, under authoritarian governments, socialism will quickly collapse because the government will be looted and citizens will not receive help.


Halvorssen went on to say that many people don’t know the difference between a socialist country and a socialist government. Halvorssen says his main objection to socialism is what happened in Venezuela. The price-setting by the government caused massive shortages, which led to a humanitarian crisis.


Halvorssen went on to say that despite Sander’s position, he gave money to his campaign. When asked why by Trish Reagan, Halvorssen responded that Hillary’s campaign is supported by a number of countries that have many human rights violations. It is his opinion that the better option would be Sanders. He also stated that Republican front-runner Donald Trump has many of the same issues.
Halvorssen goes on to reveal his own personal history with Venezuela, which shaped his viewpoint. He stresses that Democratic socialism is not a bad idea as long as the installed government is working in the best interest of the people and not using it as a ruse to take advantage of the system. He also says that ending poverty can only be done by creating wealth not re-distributing it. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to keep up with his news and events.

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