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The Lacrosse Player Who Became More Than That

Jon Urbana was a former pro lacrosse player and currently is an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial work is as a business developer with Ellipse USA, which is an IPL and Laser technologies company. He is from Denver, Colorado and he still holds lacrosse camps throughout his home state. Denver, Colorado is still where Jon calls home.

Jon’s Charity Work
Jon Urbana supports a Go Fund Me campaign for Earth Force that is all for clean environment. Earth Force is a charity that is focused on educating kids and youth on environment issues and how it’s important to care for the environment. One hundred percent of the donations to this campaign go directly to Earth Force. He also supports charities for animals, and the campaign released these videos among others to drum up a stronger base of financial backers.

The Professional and Current Lacrosse Career of Jon Urbana
Jon played lacrosse at Villanova University in the NCAA Division. He played from 2001 until 2005 and was the CAA Defensive Player of the Year. Currently he incorporates lacrosse into his life by being a coach and co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp or lacrosse workshops at the Next Level Lacrosse Camp are held in Colorado.

Jon’s Music Pursuits
Jon Urbana started his music pursuits with just Ableton software and a guitar. Jon maintains and creates music that he has uploaded onto Twitter and SoundCloud. Most of it is a bizarre experimental combination of electronic, remixes, jazz and even some folk and rock pieces. He seems to delight in experimenting as much as possible with his music, often pairing pictures such as Earth Temple to accompany his songs.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana’s Flying Interest
Jon Urbana took an interest in aviation and learned to fly as a bit of a hobby. He holds a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airman Certification. His Federal Aviation Administration license is A5119166.

You can also get in touch with Jon through a number of different websites. Here are a few more places you may be able to reach him:

  1. Jon Urbana’s Facebook account
  2. Jon Urbana on CrunchBase
  3. Personal website –
  4. A Yahoo Answers question about Urbana

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Department of Justice Questioning Several Airlines

The Department of Justice has a few questions about several airlines. The main question is, are they working together to keep airfare prices high? One reason this question is being raised is due to the fact that fuel prices have fallen by 40 percent. Yet, ticket prices remain the same or higher.

They are also wondering if airlines are limited available seats in order to keep the demand and the prices high stated Christian Broda. It’s believed that the number of flights available is intentionally kept low in order to be able to command more for each ticket.

Airline mergers are one thing that has led to the ability of airlines to cooperate with one another. Doing so benefits all of them since they can charge more. It is more lucrative for the airlines to work together, than it is for them to compete with one another.

As long as people are willing to pay the higher prices, airlines will continue to raise them. The cost of flying has gone up almost 20 percent in the last five years.

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Jets At Chicago O’Hara Nearly Collide On Runway

Two jets nearly collided on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hara airport yesterday. No one was injured and the event is under investigation. early reports state that two large passenger jets began taxing towards each other from opposite ends of the runway. The pilots from each aircraft did not see the other flight on their runway because of the distance. It was a flight controller that noticed the error and the flight control tower was able to stop both aircraft and safely direct them to their proper taxing sequence. Chicago O’Hara Flight Controllers Help To Avoid Runway Collision

Officials have revealed little information about the events which led up to the near collision but it is expected that officials from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, (NTSB) will lead the investigation stated The board is responsible for investigating near collisions and accidents as well as standard air accidents. Officials expect attention to be focused on the flight controllers in the tower and hat instructions were given to the pilots of each aircraft. Aircraft on the ground cannot proceed onto a runway without clearance from flight control in the tower. The investigators will have the benefit of being able to listen to the tapes of the flight controllers as well as the pilots in the cockpit to determine if the flight controllers gave wrong instructions or whether proper instructions were provided and one or both of the pilots performed the wrong actions.

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Worker Stuck in Cargo Hold as Plane Takes Off

An Alaska Airlines flight took off as normal from Seattle, but there was a surprise stowaway stuck in the cargo hold. According to reports, the flight that was headed for Los Angeles accidentally took off while a airport worker was still inside the cargo hold. It was in the air for approximately 14 minutes before making an emergency landing.

According to reports, the worker was discovered when he began banging and screaming inside the cargo hold. The plane turned around and returned to Seattle, where the airport worker was let out of the hold, then transported to the hospital as a precaution. The cargo hold is pressurized and temperature controlled, and no injuries were apparent according to reports.

The worker admitted that he had fallen asleep inside the cargo hold, and wasn’t aware the plane was ready for takeoff until the door was closed and the plane was readied for takeoff. At that point it was too late and there was no way for the worker to free himself. Igor Cornelsen ( has learned that banging on the plane is the only thing that got the attention of those inside the cabin.

Alaska airlines is actively investigating the incident, as is the airport. Questions remain as to why the worker, who was on duty, was asleep inside the cargo hold of a plane. He has yet to answer such questions, but he will be an active part of the investigation. The name of the worker has not been made public.

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