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Expert in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden

Based in Austin, Jennifer Walden is a certified professional plastic surgeon. She is among the few female surgeons to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Also, she is well trained in conducting plastic surgery in the Manhattan Hospital in New York City. Ove the years she has practiced cosmetic surgery she has always been committed to satisfying the needs of her clients. Mostly, she uses a more individual approach in precision that will suit the customer’s cosmetic needs. Besides, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an avid believer in charity.

Dr . Walden is involved in several philanthropic works in Austin. She has always given back to the community, especially for needy families. Being in the medical field, she has taken her time in volunteering to help the less fortunate. According to Dr. Walden, serving the less fortunate has been one of the most cherished experiences for her. She has upheld practicing philosophy in her company in nurturing the well-being of her patients. This has been realized over the use of a personalized and comprehensive approach in conducting surgeries. Also, they seek to match the inner beauty and the outer beauty of their patients through empowerment.

In the media, Dr. Walden has been hitting the screens where she has been featured in Fox News, ABC and CBC. Similarly, she has been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour among others. Through her rich experience, she has become one of the most sought after doctors by these media outlets. In Texas, she has been appearing in the local news where she hosts her show ABC affiliate on KVUE-TV.

For many years now, she has been flying in many countries creating awareness for breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in many women. According to reports, in out of eight women, one will have breast cancer. For the better news, it can be treated easily. Therefore, women are advised to have regular screening thus identifying the disease in an early stage. At this stage, it’s treatable hence preventing the adverse effects.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Career Goals

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in the world. During her career, she has helped hundreds of people reach their health goals. Anyone who wants to improve their appearance should consider working with her.

When she started in the industry, cosmetic surgery was not as common. Few people were willing to spend the time or money necessary to enhance their looks. While in medical school, Dr. Jennifer Walden decided to pursue cosmetic surgery. She thought it would be fun learning about a new field that few people understood. She is now one of the leading experts in the world on cosmetic surgery.


Graduating from medical school is hard for anyone. There are few people who have the discipline needed to graduate. While Dr. Jennifer Walden was in medical school, she had the opportunity to work in multiple hospitals. She learned how to apply her knowledge to help customers. She quickly found out that cosmetic surgery is used for far more than just enhancing looks. Cosmetic surgery can help people with burn injuries and other ailments.

Growing a Medical Practice

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a large medical practice in Dallas. After working at a hospital for several years, she decided to open a business. She had to work hard to advertise her products and services to new clients. At the time, Dallas was not a growing area.

In the past few years, Dr. Jennifer Walden has greatly enhanced her medical practice. She offers more products and services than ever before for her clients.

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