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Campaign Finance Reform Group “End Citizens United” Turns Attention To Rick Scott

The controversial Citizens United decision of 2010 led to a rise of the idea of corporate person-hood, which recognized corporations as people who would have the ability to fund political campaigns with financial contributions. Corporations quickly proceeded to stock the coffers of political candidates who they saw as sympathetic their needs.

Many rose up in protest of the idea that corporations have the same rights to participate as citizens, forming such campaign finance reform groups as End Citizens United to serve as watchdogs of campaign donation abuses and advocate for a constitutional amendment to combat the controversial Supreme Court decision.

While there are limitations to what a person or a corporation can openly donate to any particular candidate, ways around these limitations involved groups which accepted potentially unlimited sums of money, called Super PACs, serving as campaigns’ piggy banks.

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Candidates often feel emboldened by the current law, and takes steps outside of the current campaign finance laws. End Citizens United has been working hard to counteract such actions by making public these improprieties and filing complains with the federal government. One such case turned the attention of End Citizens United to former Florida governor and Senate hopeful, Rick Scott.

While the Super PAC has the ability to gather as much money as it can, and spend as money as it feels is warranted, it must remain separated by a gap from the campaign by remaining a third party entity. A candidate’s campaign cannot work directly with the Super PAC, a complaint filed by End Citizens United with the Federal Election Commission stated in relation to Rick Scott’s campaign.

The group alleged that Rick Scott was the chairman of this the New Republican PAC, which has pledged to get Scott elected to the Florida Senate seat. There is a clear conflict of interest at play when a candidate is involved at the top of a group which he then uses to sidestep the current campaign finance laws, and use the money to assist his campaign. The group is also continuing to obtain evidence of Scott campaign’s misuse of the Super PAC.

By bringing such violations to light and putting them on government records, End Citizens United continues to take steps to draw public attention to the legalized corruption that comes along with the Citizens United ruling, building a wider base of support for overturning it via a constitutional amendment.

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George Soros Has Come Back From Exile To Protect American Interest

Amid ongoing political environment in the country, George Soros is back from his political exile. In the political circle of the United States, George Soros became a household name as he invested nearly $27 Million to support John Kerry for becoming the American President, which didn’t happen.

Now, George Soros wants to help Hillary Clinton.

What Happened in 2004?

The massive investment raised eyebrows because most people only knew George Soros as one of the richest individuals in the United States who is famous for his mind-boggling investment decisions. Therefore, when Soros started to support initiatives for John Kerry’s presidency, everyone was surprised. However, George and his team knew what they wanted to do. They wanted to stop George W. Bush for becoming American President and ruining the lives of Millions of American and global citizens by going to war in Iraq and inflicting damage to the global regimes on Bloomberg. Instead, they wanted a gradual reform by pouring money to develop awareness by educational reforms in the developing countries. Unfortunately, the campaign did not result in the victory. Perhaps, it is yet another reason for the recent insecurity and political turmoil in many countries in the Middle East and surrounding region.

It is interesting to note that George Soros called the 2004 presidential campaign a matter of life and death because he knew that George Bush would disturb the World peace. After the election of George W. Bush, the billionaire, George Soros preferred a private life focusing on his investments.

George Soros Is Back

In 2016, it seems that George Soros is back once more. This time, he is even more eager to make a greater impact as he donated nearly $24 Million to Hillary’s campaign on Time. Analysts predict that the donation will likely increase in the coming months as the election day approaches. In fact, the recent funding campaign by George Soros has dual motives. First, it wants to stop Donald Trump from becoming an American President and pursue policy of intolerance and hate. Secondly, it wants to support initiatives and policies of Hillary Clinton that will help Americans come together to increase tolerance and gather awareness of their roles in a broader global society.

Already, George Soros has made it clear that Donald Trump is a bad choice for Americans. George has publicly denounced Donald Trump as a person promoting the agenda of ISIS by instilling hate among Americans on Therefore, he has sided with Hillary Clinton to stop Trump’s rhetoric. Interestingly, George is a long time friend of Hillary Clinton. In fact, recent actions of George Soros are not surprising because George has spent more than $13 Billion in the last three decades on matters pertaining to healthcare and education. His support of immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious tolerance is clear and straight-forward.

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Charles Koch Is In Terms With Most Of Bernie Sanders Policies

Charles Koch is a very influential political funder and business person who is the founder and owner of the Koch Industries, America’s second-largest corporation. He has made a fortune from his group of companies and now uses part of his personal money to fund presidential aspirants during their campaigns in the United States. He has a history of donating up to $400 million after outing together his contributions with that of his friends whom they share the same political interest. As the 2016 presidential election is around the corner, Charles Koch has taken a keen interest on Bernie Sanders, a presidential aspirant, and his policies.

Recently, Charles Koch came forward and offered Bernie Sanders, endorsements of sorts in his campaign. Charles Koch, through writing, said that he agreed will Bernie Sanders, a leftwing Democratic presidential candidate on his policies. Charles Koch went ahead to point out on issues of corporate welfare and criminal justice reforms as the most impressive policies from the presidential candidate. According to Charles Koch, issues such as the political and economic system that are currently in the currently, which Bernie Sanders seeks to change, also upset him. The country is on a political and economic system that is controlled by the privileged few at the expense of everyone else, and those most affected are the least advantaged. Charles Koch, the billionaire political donor, has been on Bernie Sanders’s target list, and it seems like Bernie is already winning him over.

On an op-ed for the Washington Post, Charles Koch said that he totally agreed with him (Bernie Sanders) and congratulated him for speaking for and as a representative of the many Americans who have been oppressed by the state which favors the filthy rich. For a long time, Charles Koch has been an outspoken libertarian and critic fighting against the government intrusions on market forces to favor the privileged. Bernie Sanders and Charles Koch share the same voice on matters such as income inequality, corporate greed and campaign finance reform. There have been rumors that Koch brothers’ plan to spend nearly $900m in the 2016 election, some of which may go to Sander.

Charles Koch urges Bernie Sanders, to work harder to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Koch says that he can not wait to see his work on issues such as criminal justice, which they both agree to needs to be looked into. The Koch brothers, especially Charles has already started reforming the US criminal justice system through giving donations and working with non-governmental organizations. We all are waiting to see where this “thing” between Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders will lead to.

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