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Take Out The Big Bucks: The Organization To Take Out Money In Politicos

You remember back in 2010 when the Supreme Court made a decision for the Citizens United vs. FEC Case? If you don’t here’s a recap.

Back in 2008, Citizens United wanted to release “Hillary: The Movie. This movie was produced to be aimed at Hillary Clinton, who ran against Barack Obama in 2008. The movie was going to be released, but the FEC rules against Citizens United because it would influence the Election of 2008.

A 5-4 decision stated that PACS and Super PACS can spend money the way they want to, but some people didn’t agree with that. They wanted money out of politics. So, End Citizens United was formed.

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization to not only end Big Money in politics but to reform the campaign finance system.

They are currently endorsing many candidates in the 2018 Election, including Jacky Rosen and Jack Tester, and Elizabeth Warren for the U.S Senate.

They currently have a campaign going on called “The Big 20”, and their main goal is to defeat candidates who have special interests in oil companies, Drug companies, etc. They currently have aim on Ted Cruz, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and many other current representatives.

End Citizens United is planning to spend 35 Million in 2018 to help our country and expected to raise a lot more.

According to USA TODAY, Tiffany Muller, President, had stated that “the group is still examining the races in which it will be active in 2018, but indicated it could play a role in defending Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana next year.”

They are located in Washington DC, and if you wish to join the fight to end corruption in the white house and to take big money out of politics, you can go to and help in many ways.

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“End Citizens United: End Corruption and Profiteering in America!”

It is conclusive now that a KGB associate in Russia was involved with the interference of last year’s Presidency campaign through the illicit purchase of advertisements that was intended to sway voters. We all know this is highly illegal, yet it nonetheless still occurred. It is not the first time another nation has sought to influence the American voting system before and instead of pulling up our bootstraps and ending this atrocity, it continues to plague the political system like a reccurring bad flu. Robert Mueller has been appointed to determine whether a member of congress looked the other way or not. Democratic Party members and associates have always had their hand caught in the legislative cookie pot for eons now stacking the odds in their favor. One can say, “so much for land of Liberty,” when the system is actually rigged.

Citizens need to understand the larger game and implications here. If a foreign party can buy their way in, then any big money conglomerate can do the same and thereby accrue an inside to lobbying in Washington. Money for favors is what it really boils down to. It seems to get more bold and brazen as time goes by, with each impending campaign, to the point where one has to wonder how much this really has to do with politics or good of the nation over personal interest and gain. One thing that drastically has to be done is cracking down on loopholes in the law, especially legislative. If this can be accomplished, perhaps those guilty of breaking it can be unequivocally prosecuted. We must become transparent in our nation so that the criminal elite can be seen for whom and what they’ve done and not be able to hide behind a donation they made. What we do know and no one can be sure that it is the whole truth being safe to say it is not; is that since the beginning of the year alone, there are fifteen known times of foreigners cash found on the campaign trail. This information has been released just by the FEC, let alone any intelligence reports.

End Citizens United has a noble and huge undertaking of eliminating foreign and wealthy contributions for political gain out of the voting system once and for all. They have dedicated themselves and their manpower to exposing corrupt power players in a heavily stacked system and thereby progress our great nation back to the equality standards it was found on. Their name is aptly appointed because their biggest mission is to “End Citizens United,” the laws and loopholes that permits untraceable “contributions” in the voting system. Let us help them, help our nation!

For details:

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The Events Led To The Formation Of End Citizens United And Its Success In The Recent Years

End Citizens United is one of the largest PAC in the U.S. with extensive volunteer and contributor base. It is interesting to know that the origin of the PAC is from a Supreme Court order in 2010 that removed the election campaign finance restrictions. James Bopp, a senior lawyer from Indiana, paved the ways for the verdict with his arguments. He was presenting the case of a small conservative PAC, Citizens United since it was denied to broadcast a movie based on Hillary. Bopp took the case finally to the Supreme Court and argued that entities and corporation should have rights similar to the citizens.

The Supreme Court accepted this argument, gave corporations similar rights of citizens, and addressed them as “persons.” The court also stated that stopping corporations from spending in elections to defeat a particular candidate is against their First Amendment Rights, and it is unconstitutional. The court removed the campaign finance laws that were restricting the corporations from unlimited spending. The verdict became a major setback to the electioneering process of the country considering the unrestricted and unaccounted flow of money into the campaign system in the later years. James Bopp has appeared multiple similar types of cases across various state courts and the Federal Supreme Court to remove all the laws that were restricting the interference of corporations into the election process.

Now, many people feel that the system rigged against them after the verdict, and that is being translated into a massive support to End Citizens United. It should be noted that the PAC was founded in 2015 to resist the changes in election campaign system after the Citizens United verdict. Per the latest information, the PAC could collect $4 million, in the form of contributions, during the first three months of 2017. It should be noted that PAC has made a ceiling on individual contributions at $5000. The PAC has laid out plans to collect $35 million before the midterm elections for Congress in 2018. If it is achieved, that could be a major achievement considering its collection of $25 million in the 2016 Presidential election.

Tiffany Muller, the President of End Citizens United, confirmed that almost 100,000 people contributed during the first quarter. Interestingly, about 40,000 of them are first time contributors to the PAC. By raising the targeted amount, the PAC plans to elect “election-finance reform champions” in the next year election. Muller continued that the average contribution per individual stands at $12 this year. The PAC is actively involved in the campaigning process of candidates who are found to be pro-reform and liberal. In the initial weeks of April 2017, End Citizens United asked its supporters to contribute about $500,000 to the campaign of Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate in Georgia.

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Archie Parnell Gets the Support of End Citizens United for Congress

End Citizens United, a PAC which is opposing the unaccounted money flow into the politics and election process, has decided to support Archie Parnell for the Congress race from South Carolina. Interestingly, Parnell completed almost 70 percent of the primary and confirmed that he is planning to fight against big money into politics with the implementation of financial reform. “He proved that he has grassroots level support and expected to garner more when moving to the general election,” said Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United. The support of the PAC is part of its agenda to send maximum pro-reform legislators into the Congress and the Senate to make legislation that controls the unaccounted and uncontrolled money flow a reality.



“I am excited about the support that is given by End Citizens United as it works dedicated to the campaign finance reform which derails the natural democratic processing in Washington. For a long time, many politicians are part of vested interests and try to represent the business groups rather than the electorate they receive, and I assure an independent and different voice of South Carolina in the Congress,” said Parnell in a statement. The large donor group and volunteers of the PAC are expected to work in favor of Parnell and would support with the resources for the Congress race. The latest reports confirm that the PAC has more than three million members with at least 29,000 from South Carolina alone.



End Citizens United is formed in 2015 to fight against the negative trends created in the politics and election process after the Citizens United verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010. Citizens United verdict recognized the corporations and unions as citizens and allowed spending without limits and accountability. Though the PAC is just two years old, it has grown as a mass volunteer organization to voice against the unfavorable trends in politics. During the first three months of this year, the PAC has collected more than $4 million in a mission to support the favorable candidates during 2018 midterm elections. The group is planning to make the total amount to $35 million before the elections, which is a significant rise from its previous record of collecting $25 million for 2016 Presidential Election.



Close to 100,000 people made contributions during the initial quarter and out of this around 40,000 of them are first-time givers, confirmed Muller. The average contribution stands at $12 and this shows that more people are showing interest to support the cause. It should be noted that End Citizens United were the third largest federal PAC for the year 2016. Interestingly, the PAC has made a limit for the contributions to $5000 per individual considering its fight against unlimited finance in elections.


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George Soros And His Contributions

Many people are familiar with George Soros who is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Yet, they may not be aware of the political views he holds. According to Discover the Networks, one only has to look at the organizations that he supports to understand this powerful investor’s political point of view on Snopes.

America Violates Citizen’s Rights

George Soros believes that many people living in America do not have the most basic human rights. Therefore, he supports The Bill of Rights Defense Committee. This committee encourages communities to not enforce the provisions of the Patriot Act. He also is a supporter of the American Arab Institute believing that Muslim Americans have wrongly been persecuted since the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Support for Nonwhite Groups

George Soros believes that many ethnic groups in America need to become more powerful on He believes that too much power still is in the hands of white Americans. Therefore, he supports the:

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
National Council of La Raza
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Inequities based on Skin Color in American Courts

Soros believes that people of color are more likely to be found guilty than those who are white. George Soros supports The Sentencing Project working to get everyone shorter prison terms. He also is a benefactor of Critical Resistance who believes that if wealth were redistributed, there would be less crime. He also gives money to the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights who works to change many laws that they perceive as based on color.

Youth Activists

George Soros had to make it on his own as he is an immigrant from Hungary. Before coming to the United States, he attended the London School of Economics while working full time. Since George Soros understands the struggle of the working student, he donates money to help other students. The Center for the Community Way is one group that Soros supports. This organization looks for upcoming progressive stars. Another group that George Soros actively supports is Democracy for America who trains about 10,000 students in activism each year.

Soros chose to come to America. Therefore, he has the right to spend the money that he made in the way that he sees fit. Other Americans need to become aware, however, of the causes that he supports on Politico.

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