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Arjun Kapur Opens Up About the Idea Behind GoBuyside

Arjun Kapur is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GoBuyside, a tech-based service that creates a transparent platform for the hiring process in the financial industry. He holds a degree in economics from John Hopkins University and a masters degree in business administration from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

When asked about how the idea for GoBuyside came to him and how he brought it to life, Kapur notes that he saw a trend of a shortened hiring cycle coinciding with the increased competition for talent within the financial sector. He realized that this causes a scenario where both the employer and the candidate suffer from a lack of transparency. The abundance of asymmetric data out there clouds the hiring process. Kapur felt this was a niche he could fill by creating a platform that could steer away from traditional hiring practices and instead institute a network-based community that benefitted both employers and potential employees. This is why he decided to launch GoBuyside in 2011. It is now the biggest platform for talent in the financial industry.

When Arjan Kapur talks about how he brings business ideas to life, he asserts that you have to start by identifying a good opportunity, do exhaustive research and then begin the process of developing your plan. Learning from potential customers is also huge because it gives valuable feedback that you can use to drive the development of your business. Follow GoBuyside on

Kapur is also a huge proponent of the development of artificial intelligence. This technology, in its current state, already serves as an aspect in GoBuyside’s formula for screening potential job candidates. It is still early in its development but its potential is very likely to be limitless.

Arjan Kapur has a very straightforward and strong opinion on the best way to develop and grow a business. He believes that though it may sound like a cliche, the fact is that clients choose to use services that go out of their way to provide the best possible service. Because of this, Kapur believes in the age-old adage that you have to not only meet but exceed your customer’s expectations. If you do this, your business has a good chance to succeed. This is the mantra that Arjan Kapur has kept close to heart in his building and growing of GoBuyside. The company goes out of its way to match its clients with only the best and brightest available talent out there, perfectly suited for their needs.

Arjan Kapur thinks a lot as an entrepreneur about his client’s business enterprises. He also spends a lot of time thinking about the market environments that they do business in. The success of GoBuyside has largely been due to Kapur’s ability to think about the business models of his clients and where their potential opportunities for growth exist. This not only benefits GoBuyside’s customers but it benefits the company itself by helping it to self-guide and evolve. The proof of the success of this formula lies in the fact that GoBuyside is now serving over 10,000 financial sector firms worldwide.


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