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The Fact of the Matter

The new Chandra X-ray has discovered a group of matter munching black holes. Found in the center of galaxies, these massive black holes are millions to billions of times the size of our sun. Known as quasars, these black holes suck matter in at such a high rate that the glow can be seen billions of light years away.

“Even for famously prodigious consumers of material, these huge black holes appear to be dining at enormous rates, at least five to ten times faster than typical quasars,” said Bin Luo of Penn State University. Dr. Daniel Amen, featured on The Daily Beast, is quite impressed with these findings.

51 quasars were studied, each at a distance of at least five billion light years. These particular quasars were picked because of their weak carbon emissions. 65 percent of these quasars were found to be much fainter in X-rays, by about 40 times on average, than typical quasars. These weak ultraviolet emissions give us important insights into how super-massive black holes are formed.

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