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Rodrigo Terpins and His Passion For Race Car Victory Regardless of Risks

It was the great David Foster Wallace who claimed that everyone is basically identical in the fact that we have a secret unspoken feeling that we are different from anyone else. However, it is with Rodrigo Terpins that this statement may have rung most true, as he navigates his passion, career and dangerous adventure for race car driving.

The Rodrigo Terpins’ Sertoes Rally Victory

Everything is dangerous in race car driving, but what drives Rodrigo Terpins to still do it is the fact that deep down he feels that he has to and because this is what sets him apart, which is not a bad thing to do by the way. The fact that he still has the passion to do things despite their danger is an example that he really is making his life as urgently full and whole as possible. On that note, Rodrigo Terpins joined the Sertoes Bull Rally with his brother, and boy was it an adventure. He drove for about 2,600 kilometers and seven stages, across two states and this made up for about the 2nd largest race ever organized in Brazil today. Check out

It was also a race filled with adversity and competition that’s unmatched by any previous races. The adversaries were also just as, if not more, passionate than Rodrigo Terpins, which made their victory an even more precious thing. In the race, there were 38 competitors, but ask Mr. Terpins, and he’d probably say that the best competitor he is against in the race is himself. He’s out there to live the moment, to live life to the fullest and to embrace the challenges of wanting to be victorious. Fortunately, he did his efforts the needed justice because he and his car finished 8th in the overall ranking.

It would also be necessary to state here that the entertainment that Rodrigo Terpins brought to Brazil because of his participation is undeniably well appreciated. His drive to compete for the T1 Prototype Category is such a bold move, despite the fact that he’d be facing a lot of risks. Truly, the passion of Rodrigo Terpins is an excellent symbol of a human body’s desire for triumph and the lengths it does to succeed.

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