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Tammy Mazzocco Rides the Wave of Success in Real Estate

In the beginning, Tammy Mazzocco worked in real estate as a secretary for a commercial real estate company. She continued with more supportive roles in the industry for the next ten years or so. Then in 1999, she decided to make a move over to the sales side of the equation because she saw the economic opportunity.

She joined friend and mentor, Judy Gang of the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX and she has never had regret since. She works out of Pickerington, Ohio, and the surrounding four counties. All of this is located just Southwest of Columbus. Tammy specializes in the sale of residential real estate and is never without someone to talk with or show houses.

She begins her days early with some stretching exercises and meditation at home. She is at her office early to handle the paperwork that accumulates, and as soon as possible is on the phone scheduling appointments with prospects to show them houses. It is here where the rubber meets the road. Tammy knows that if she can talk to someone on the phone she can usually get them to let her show them houses, and much of the time it results in a sale.

One of the keys to her productivity is setting goals. That is how she keeps moving and on track. She likes to break her goals down into smaller sized action steps where she can then accomplish them more easily. Goals are set monthly, weekly, and daily.

Tammy gets most of her business, about 80 percent, from current clients and referrals. She is excited about what some of the agencies such as Zillow and give her in the way of leads. These are people who enter in their name and contact information so they can be shown houses and learns more about the community. Tammy is more than happy to do that.

The real key to Tammy’s success is her focus on the people and their issues. Here you have people who are moving into new territory, and they are about to make the biggest financial decision of their lives. In many cases, they feel very vulnerable and have lots of questions. Tammy knows that the more questions she can answer, the closer she is to a sale.

Tammy is passionate about her business and her future. She knows what to do, and she is very good at it. More about Tammy visit page.

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