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How Billy McFarland’s Maginises Serves Its Members

Magnises is a social club that was created by Billy McFarland. The 23-year old founded the company with the purpose of helping elite millennials to build a perfect network, both online and offline. The club targets working professionals who are between 21 and 35 years old.

Magnises offers its members a unique platform to access special events and deals using a membership card. Magnises members are issued with black cards, which are linked to members’ credit or bank account to be used for payment. The black membership card earns members discounts at bars, restaurants, and helps them enjoy other privileges such as luxurious getaways and access to private concerts.

The club is over two years old now and has over 6,000 members, most of whom work in the fields of finance, tech and fashion. Members pay an annual fee of $250. Prospective members are required to fill an online application form and wait for Magnises’ approval via mail.

Magnises has entered into partnership with a number of restaurants, clubs and bars. They include Restaurants La Esquina and Catch, Spin Studio Cyc and Clubs Finale and Goldbar. The involvement of these businesses into Magnises experience ensures both parties benefit from the partnership. While commenting on the issue of collaboration, McFarland said that the club is very keen on selecting brands that it enters into an agreement with. Billy McFarland wanted to create a social and professional bridge between members from different social backgrounds.

Previously, the company operated from a townhouse based at West Village. Currently, they host most of their events at a Penthouse, which is located at a Hotel in the Lower East side. Members can access this space during the day for purposes of working or holding meetings. Magnises’ CEO said that they entertain up to a maximum of 200 members at the penthouse. Here, the company provides services like open-bar and catering to their members.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland is an American tech entrepreneur who also founded Spling. He is the CEO of the company. Spling is an online platform that helps users to improve their URL appearance by converting them from text links to creative graphics. He founded Magnises in 2013. Billy was born in 1991 in New York City.

He spent most of his childhood in New Jersey. Billy established his first company at the tender age of 13. The online company helped businesses by matching clients and potential designers. He shortly studied at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania where he was pursuing a computer engineering degree.

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