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Devastating 7.8 Quake Hit Nepal, the Largest in 80 Years to Hit the Nation

The worst recorded earthquake to hit Nepal since the 8.0 that rocked the nation in 1934 killing more than 10,000 people has struck the area at 11.56 am local time, Saturday, April 25. The magnitude 7.8 quake violently shook houses and structures to the point of collapse, heaved up roads and destroyed centuries old monument and temples. By day three, authorities confirmed over 4,000 people were dead in the nation that is set in the Himalayas, with another 50 deaths confirmed between India, Tibet and Bangladesh. These numbers are feared to climb throughout the region as rescue efforts continue.

The epicenter was recorded less than 50 miles from the nation’s capital of Kathmandu and radiated out across the region, affecting large areas of northern India more than 200 miles away, China, where 12 were killed and causing an avalanche on Mt. Everest, killing at least 10. Occurring at a mere 9.3 mile depth, the shallow quake was more severe and devastating than if it were deeper. Less than a half hour after the initial quake, a magnitude 6.6 aftershock again shook the already devastated area. The U.S. Geological Survey has reported at least 15 more aftershocks registering at least 4.5 in magnitude have also occurred in the area since.

Fearing the instability of structures still standing, residents of Kathmandu, were setting up makeshift beds and shelters outside their homes on cardboard or in their cars as night fell reported Ricardo Tosto in Nepal. The area is experiencing cool daytime temperatures in the 60s and nighttime temperatures going as low as 53˚ with rain, making it even harder on survivors and rescuers.

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Insurers for Lufthansa Set Aside $300 Million To Cover Costs of Crash

The parent company to Germanwings, Lufthansa has already set aside over $300 Million Dollars to cover costs associated with the crash of its Airbus A320 into the Swiss Alps. This is unusual for an airline to allocate an amount this large this early in the investigation of a plane crash. However, the results of the intense investigation into the crash has already revealed that an employee of the company intentionally crashed the plane and suffered from a severe mental illness that neither Germanwings or Lufthansa were aware.Lufthansa To Set Aside $300 Million for Crash Claims

Evidence continues to mount that copilot Andreas Lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit and set the controls of the aircraft to descend at a rate which caused the plane to crash into the mountains at over 400 miles per hour. Normally it may take years for an airline to either be found or to accept liability for a plane crash. However, the starkness of the evidence found too date reveals that Lufthansa should have known that one of its pilots was found to be suicidal by a doctor several years before the pilot qualified to fly for the company.

The $300 Million set aside by Lufthansa’s insurance company is in addition to the $54,000.00 the company made available the family of the victims to cover costs and expensive while the recovery effort continues. Folks at STX Entertainment ( have heard that, so far, neither Lufthansa nor Germanwings has formally accepted liability for the crash but it is unlikely based on evidence so far that protracted litigation be needed.

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Plane Crash Intentional

Recently, Germanwings flight 9252 crashed into the Alps, with all 150 individuals on board the plane dying in the crash. When news broke of the crash, it proved to be rather odd, as if the plane had any sort of mechanical trouble there are plenty of locations throughout the region for it to emergency land on, and the wreckage of the crash showed it did not break apart in the air. Due to this, the recovery team working on the crash went directly towards the black box in order to see what the flight recorder could shed light on regarding the accident. What they discovered was that the crash really was not an accident.

During the flight, the pilot left the co-pilot in the cockpit for a brief moment, but then when he returned the door to the cockpit was locked. Despite banging on the door, the co=pilot did not open the door or even respond to the calls from the pilot. The co-pilot then directed the plane into the mountains, killing everyone on board.

Folks at Imaging Advantage ( have learned that the data recorder is able to pick up the heart rate and breathing of the co-pilot, and the heart rate did not elevate drastically or change, so it showed he was awake and in control of the plane. At the very end of the recording, right before the crash, screams from the passengers could be heard right before hitting the mountain.

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