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Andy Wirth Against Olympic Valley Incorporation

Residents of the northern part of Lake Tahoe have been in distress over the years from the negative effects of the resort business. The environmental conditions have been harsh with drought over a period of four years, in addition, political pressure about the incorporation of Olympic Valley with other North America winter sports terrain. The battle has however seized with the change of temperature to cold temperatures, and many resorts have been able to open earlier than there before. Politicians who backed the battle of the incorporation and spent lots of million over it have also withdrawn from the battle.

These are two good moves according to Andy Wirth the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Andy Worth thinks it is a relief on both fronts as it would have negatively affected the residents with an increase in taxes and their businesses too would have been affected. From the Reno Gazette-Journal, Andy says that the move by the pro- corporation crown was a recipe for disaster from the millions of dollars that Ski Holdings spent to oppose the incorporation. The move would have affected even the services that Tahoe residents depend on and also isolated Olympic Valley from other northern communities who have a pool of resources that are supportive to the valley.

Andy Wirth has been on a great move in support of businesses in the Olympic Valley. He was appointed the chair of Reno Airport Board where he brought in new leaders for new ideas to the rejuvenation of the airport. His experience in management of Olympic Valley is a positive thing to the airport management. Wirth targets on improving the state of businesses in Olympic Valley by enhancing tourist transports in the airport that will attract more customers to skiing in the ski resorts in the Olympic Valley. Wirth has been outstanding in working at the Squaw Valley, and he intends to improve the real estate business in the area. He has also been a philanthropist by donating huge money to support the renovation of the ski areas for the safety of the residents around the area.

Despite the incorporation backers saying that Andy had self-involved motives to oppose the incorporation; Wirth has proven otherwise. His greatest concern is the welfare of the residents of Olympic Valley and maximization of the services offered to the by the resorts. Andy is grateful to Mother Nature for the improved weather conditions that the businesses resumed earlier this year which is a great thing that will bring more tourists into the valley. He has also participated in a lot of undercover jobs at the Squaw Valley like working with the terrain crew as an undercover boss. Wirth’s efforts for development of Olympic Valley are eminent and are now providing good results. Wirth is a great deal to the Olympic Valley community.

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