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Life in Space

Russian cosmonauts have found life clinging to the outside of the International Space Station. Discovered during routine maintenance, it is not known how the organism arrived there or if it was multiplying but it certainly is exciting for Jaime Garcia Dias – you can locate him on his personal website. The sea plankton style organisms are not indigenous to Baikanour, Kazakhstan where the vessel took off from. It has been speculated that the organisms floated on air currents out of our atmosphere, but this has yet to be confirmed. Known as tardigrades, these creatures have mouths, arms, legs, nervous systems and digestive tracks. Their ability to survive in such harsh conditions leaves the scientists begging ‘how did they get there’. We may finally have the answer to the question, ‘are we alone’. “Results of the experiment are absolutely unique,” said Russian ISS Orbital Mission Chief Vladimir Solovyev “This should be studied further.” The creatures are on their way back to Earth for just such research.

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Russian Spacecraft Spinning Out of control

A Russian Cargo spacecraft has been slowly spinning further and further out of control and heading towards earth. The Unmanned Russian spacecraft was being used to carry food and fuel to the astronauts currently residing in the International Space Station

Flight controllers in Russia have indicated that they lost contact with the spacecraft as it flew over Russian ground stations. The craft was launched on Tuesday and was in the process of carrying food, fuel and supplier to the International Space Station. It is a big blow for the astronauts on the space station who are not only waiting for food supplies but also spare parts for the environmental control and life support systems. Although these items are not necessarily critical for survival they still represent very important items for the the continuity of the space station.

According to The Guardian this malfunction is likely to cost the Russian Space Agency upwards of forty million dollars. According to an International Space Station crew member the spacecraft will eventually fall out of orbit and back down to earth, it is just a question of when. This is a major disappointment for Ong and many others. Russian ground control have apparently given up on trying to regain control of the craft which is slowly spinning faster and faster out of control.

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