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The Diligent and Compassionate Marc Spark

Positive attitude, focus, tenacity and an outrageous sense of urgency are essential characteristics of go-getters and success minded people. Marc Sparks has an unmatched character which has seen him spearhead many startups and mentor dozens of entrepreneurs. The Dallas business person, venture capitalist and entrepreneur has a compassionate heart and has started several philanthropic programs.

Marc Sparks Philanthropy.

Marc Sparks believes in fairness and advocates for treating other people as we would want to be treated. He runs The Samaritan Inn a program that feeds over 200 people daily. The program also offers children’s camps and lessons. Those who graduate from the program have testified of being successful in their lives.

The Sparky Kids is a program that seeks to provide new Dell computers to the less fortunate children to assist them in their education. He also helps educate 8,000 students each year in their high school education through the America Can! Academy.

North Texas Getaway Apartments gives a chance to low income earners to live in a safe and secure place for five months as they undergo counselling, job placement, financial education, healthcare and family service programs. The Carpenters for Christ seek to eradicate dangerous housing in Dallas by providing safe havens for residents. Habitat for Humanity is also another program that aims to provide decent, safe and affordable places to live for the poor.

Marc’s Business Ventures.

Since 1975, Marc has started businesses where some have been highly profitable and some have not. He has several that he has sold and some that he still manages up to date. What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From a Presentation

The companies that he no longer runs are GlobalTec Solutions, Reliant Health, Agency Matrix and Boxstar LLC. Splash Media offers media marketing services and specializes in programming services and video production. Cardinal Telecom LLC is a company he runs that distributes cell phones nationally.Read more: Who Is Marc Sparks?

Blue-Jay Wireless provides low or non-income earners with prepaid telecommunication services. Recently, he started Uncle Marc Food Delivery, a food delivery service for the local restaurants.

The Timber Creek Capital LP is a private equity organization that transforms ideas of passionate entrepreneurs into revenue generating products and services. The entrepreneurs are assisted through capital providence, banking, sales and marketing, office space, equipment, web development and legal and accounting services.

About Spark Tank.

Spark Tank is a program that seeks entrepreneurs who will bring social benefit to the community. The Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge is an ongoing program that is offering grants to social service executives who present ideas that will yield success socially. Dogs Matter is the winner of the first round challenge.

Those in the human services, animal services and faith-based initiatives for non-religious purposes are encouraged to participate in the coming rounds.

Marc has authored a book “They Can’t Eat You'”, which is a story of his personal life that seeks to encourage others to succeed. The book tells of his failures and successes and the lessons he has learnt in all circumstances.

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