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Race like a champion – the Michel Terpins story.

Michel Terpins, is the elder half of the Terpins, when the brother’s came together to found the Bull Sertões Rally Team, they instantly became one of the most easily recognizable rally drivers in Brazil. His ease of recognition has been a long time in the making since his days in the cross country championship. He may have began his career as a rider competing in the cross country championship from a tender age but would rise to become champion in the cross country soon after and then retire. This to the cross country team came as a surprise because he would then move from the cross country championship into rallying something that those who knew him had always expected. One of the main reasons for this was his brother Rodrigo he has always encouraged him to join the rally scene where he was sure he would also do well. The brothers have been very active in the Brazilian rally arena especially the Sertões Rally. Here they have been part of the organizing teams over the various editions taking on more prominent roles as the years go by.

The Team which has been their team of choice since its inception has seen them participate in championships all over Brazil. It was thus no coincidence when they drew the attention of MEM Motorsports one of the best racing car developers in Brazil. This partnership would mark the beginning of a relationship that would see future championships created in that instance. The coming together of MEM and The Rally Team would see other sponsors swiftly jump on board as it had become a marriage of one of the best competing teams and car developers. The T-Rex which competes in the T1 prototype category has over the years undergone numerous modifications in a bid to improve its safety and handling capabilities. One of the major improvements was to its transmission after its first participation in the 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally. The challenging terrain had seen the T-Rex develop gearbox related problems as well as a failure of its rear suspension. These improvements go a long way in ensuring that the teams are well prepared for future editions.

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