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Sujit Choudhry Writes and Publishes a New Book About Territorial and Constitutional Transitions

A new book titled Territory and Constitutional Transitions was recently released. This book has a number of essays that talk about a number of territory disagreements that are occurring in many countries all over the world. The book discusses how the territory disputes are affecting the process of drafting constitutions. With the book, readers are able to read about relevant information that pertains to these territorial disputes and conflicts. Territory and Constitutional Transitions contains case studies of several nations throughout the world. Readers will be able to learn about conflicts and disputes that are currently taking place in nations such as Nigeria, Nepal, Cyprus, Yemen, Libya, Myanmar, Ukraine and Iraq.

The content of the book contains a collection of essays that provide many recommendations about political policies. These recommendations are based on views that the authors have about various territorial and political disputes in foreign countries. One of the chapters of the books contains conclusions which compared each of the case studies. Therefore the book will appeal to a number of individuals who are interested in learning about how nations are governed and how they address a variety of disputes. With the combination of comprehensive case studies along with analysis, readers will have the opportunity to gather important information about how each of the nations dealt with all of the territory and political disputes that they have recently gone through.

The authors of the book have included a paper that will serve as a companion. This paper will provide information that pertains to the overall process of drafting a constitution. It discusses how territorial disputes and other political conflicts can affect the process of creating a valid constitution. Along with information about how disputes can affect the constitution making process, there is also advice on how a nation can best address and resolve any conflict that it has pertaining to these particular types of disputes.

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most well known legal experts and scholars in the world. He was once a constitutional law professor and head of two leading law schools. Choudhry also provided assistance to the Canadian Supreme Court for a few years as well. Recently, Sujit has spent a number of years consulting with foreign leaders about how to best draft a new constitution. He has helped these foreign leaders not only draft a constitution, but also provide advice and guidance on how t manage their legal systems.

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Laerte Codonho Has Built His Brand

Operating a successful business is a continuous act, because you have to be able to pay attention to it constantly. Capitalism is about companies battling it out to be the top company in the world, the city, or the town, as this is the state of the Brazilian soda industry of which Laerte Codonho is a member of, having founded Dolly diet sodas (Noticiasr7). 


The master marketer has navigated the conflict surrounding this brand successfully because his marketing skills help to publicize a major issue in the field. Dolly diet soda became a major competitor to Coca-Cola in the process. Codonho’s main product is Dolly Guarana, which is a soda type that comes from the guarana fruit, which an immense business in Brazil in recent times. Guarana started being used in soda, in 1905 while being processed into a syrup for this purpose. 


Guarana soda was popular in many other countries. Codonho is notable for the way he has purposefully built his business, in the way he has to fend off detractors from what he’s created for his company. Laerte Codonho´s Dolly Guarana holds a 10% market share in Brazil’s domestic soft drink market, because its share of the coveted São Paulo market is 30%. 


The businessman is an expert marketer who knows how to market his product by using the slogan “Dolly: for those who are not afraid to change…for the better,” which was coupled by a national push to educated consumers for the high standards in place throughout the company.  Dollynho is part of the marketing company, an anthropomorphic container of soda that has gained recognition across Brazil as well as the world. The mascot is used not only in conversation, but as a meme. Dolly has been in business since 1987.


The Guarana plant is known for being somewhat astringent however, although the company worked hard to achieve its share of stock. By now, the company has many promotional initiatives as the company has to compete with Coca-Cola, as well as the general global economy, while needing to combat the negative messages aimed at Mr. Codonho’s business. 

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Carsten Thiel is a Pharmaceutical Leader

Carsten Thiel is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He was born in Berlin, where he studied chemistry prior to earning a Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He ultimately earned a PhD in Molecular Biology at the Max Planck Institute before beginning his prestigious career. He is the President at EUSA Pharma and has previously served as CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, as well as Executive VP Chief Commercial Officer for Alexion.

Thiel starts his days with routine, setting goals for how he should spend his time while working. He prioritizes day to day tasks but also directs energy toward creating changes for the future. He encourages collaboration within his teams and has credited the launching of various projects to the passion of individuals working together. He is also passionate about the incorporation of technology in the healthcare industry stating that this is an important time in the history of medicine where we can combine technology and science to treat and eliminate disease.

In order to stay productive, Thiel credits inquiry as a key component in work. He prefers questioning his work, as well as his colleagues, as he goes along instead of finding a problem or gap at the end of a project. Although this may seem to make the work take longer, he knows that in the long run it is more productive because it reduces the need to start over.

Carsten Thiel believes that a “boots on the ground” approach is needed in business. He says that communication with customers is key to getting the most valuable feedback. Thiel chooses to stick to his morals and stay transparent with consumers even if it means reduced profit for the company. He also sees innovation and attempting to solve problems for under-served groups as the best way for companies to be successful in the future.

Carsten Thiel’s: Facebook Page.

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Sharon Prince Spearheads Grace Farms’ Vision in Fighting Human Injustice

Sharon Prince, the founder of Grace Farms, paints a clear picture of what visionary leadership should be. Leaders are now trying to emulate the attributes demonstrated by Prince in her achievement of building a dedicated leadership team. The visionary leader says that the future belongs to those who can foresee many possibilities, commit themselves into the journey, and work tirelessly into realizing the outcome of the vision.

She founded the farms in 2009 intending to improve livelihoods through connection with arts, nature, justice, faith, and community. Prince continues to impact society tremendously. Previously, she served at the Next Generation, Nepal’s Board as an aid committed to re-uniting fatalities of child exploitation back to their families.

In 2015, Sharon Prince opened an 80-acre natural land space in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. Since then, she continues to expand on a team of committed and creative thinkers in various fields. Such areas include the fields of community, faith, nature, arts, and justice. She affirms that bringing together such a strong team has contributed much to form a unique culture that maintains peace and excellence.

Through Prince’s leadership, we learn the power resilience in the utility of a multi-disciplinary approach. It is clear that such an outlook can be the ultimate solution to the existing societal issues, and can as well restore the uncomplicated nature of the society.

Sharon Prince sets a great foundation. The basis of enjoining multi-disciplinary leaders from essential areas such as that of nature, justice, arts, and faith can help bring together diverse and significant thoughts from forward thinkers. The same can lead to global actions towards raising awareness of society’s most pressing issues. From this, we can all manage to better our society and improve the overall living standards.

Towards holding the banner for the Grace Farms’ vision, Sharon Prince Grace Farms continues to become influential in the strategic-thinking public space. Due to her creative initiation of the Grace Farms, she received an honor for various deeds. Such includes her selection into the AIA Institute Awards of Honor for Architecture Jury- 2018. The strategist continues to work determinedly against human trafficking, child abuse, and women violence. She focuses at an all-rounded local, national and global community levels.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s social Media:

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Entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the top entrepreneurs in China. He is the founder of the leading retail company known as JD. He started up this company after running another successful business. Before Richard Liu became an entrepreneur, he spent several years working in the technology industry as both an executive and a programmer. His knowledge, expertise and ability to innovate have allowed him to establish himself as one of the most successful businesspeople in the world.

The foundation for the success of Richard Liu Qiangdong began when he was a young boy. When he was growing up, his parents often urged him to succeed at everything he did. With this mentality, Richard Liu always strived to reach his full potential at whatever activity he participated in. His mindset allowed him to eventually get into one of the best universities in China.

Once Richard Liu Qiangdong completed his basic compulsory education, he went on to complete a degree in sociology. Along with studying sociology, Richard Liu studied computer programming as well. This provided him with vital knowledge and skills that would lead to good employment opportunities after he finished college. While he was attending college, Richard Liu also started up a restaurant and ran it. This gave him initial experience as an entrepreneur.

After Richard Liu Qiangdong completed college, he pursued a career in technology. When he first worked in the technology field, Richard Liu was involved in computer programming. He would work as a freelance contractor and help companies write code for installing new programs. Within a few years, he would then pursue employment opportunities at one of the top companies in Asia known as Japan Life. At this company, he was involved as the director of computing.

Despite having a successful career in the technology field, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to become an entrepreneur. He founded a magneto optics shop that provided vision products to consumers. Due to an outbreak of SARS, Richard Liu had to close this business. However, he realized that ecommerce was critical for success and therefore founded JD which would emphasize ecommerce. Since establishing JD, Richard Liu has built one of the most prosperous companies in the world.

Liu Qiangdong: Twitter.

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Carsten Thiel realizes that empathy is important to succeed in treating patients

It is true that a businessperson needs to rely heavily on analytical skills and decision-making based upon logic. However, many times empathy and human understanding can be just as essential. Carsten Thiel found this to be true in the pharmaceutical marketing field.

Thiel has had a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry and is responsible for multiple successful launches of products within the pharmaceutical market. However, one specific incident had taught him the importance of empathy within a patient-centric approach. This episode has stuck with him ever since.

The incident occurred in 2015 when Thiel was launching a new product designed for treating hypophosphatasia, which is a genetic bone disease which starts manifesting in utero, causing babies to be born without proper bone structures. This resulted in children not being able to breathe without ventilation support due to a lack of a functioning ribcage.

The new treatment for hypophosphatasia required an injection which needed to be administered to the patient three to six times weekly. However, it was essential for all injections to be completed in a timely manner in order for the treatment to be successful. The challenge was that many children are scared of needles which can make it difficult to administer the treatment.

Thiel began to experiment with a psychological technique to overcome this issue. He had a nurse team use the “buddy concept” to help a young boy overcome his fear of needles. The team brought in a younger girl and administered the treatment in front of the boy. This helped the boy realize that if the younger girl can tolerate the treatment, he can as well.

This incident helped Thiel come to an important realization which would help him in many more of his business endeavors. He had realized that having empathy for patients and tending to their psychological needs could be just as important as having the right drug to treat an ailment.

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OSI Food Solutions Success in the Food Industry

OSI Group started as a local venture but has rapidly grown over time to becoming one of the biggest food suppliers in the world. the company was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. He operated it as a a family meat firm. Since its foundation, the company has continued to create an impressive reputation for providing the highest quality meat products. One reason for its rapid growth is the partnerships it has come into. They have always helped in expanding the market scope and advancing the quality of their products.

OSI Food Solutions manufacture their products in a way that they suit their customer specifications. They utilize advanced technology to ensure that they produce timely products and enhance food safety. This has been a way of enhancing customer satisfaction by matching their needs. the company understands that each customer has their own needs and tastes thus listens carefully to each customer so that to produce exactly what they need.

The market has continued to expand as OSI Food Solutions increase their products and services. They are able to come up with products that fit the ever-changing trends in the market today. The innovative team at OSI Group always does intensive research to understand what is happening in the markets. This way OSI Food Solutions is always able to stay ahead of their competitors. They are also able to understand what customers and partners need most. This has enabled them to master an exceptional strategy for universal expansion.

OSI Food Solution focus on operating all their facilities as local companies. They believe that different localities have their own unique needs. Therefore, each facility has to be operated in its own unique way. They employ local workers and managers in each foreign facility. This way they are able to eliminate huge costs for oversight, sales and productivity. This way they are also able to earn the loyalty and trust of local communities where the facilities are situated.

OSI Food Solutions consistently works in a bid to be the leading universal food provider. They continue to engage in diverse ventures that will help in expanding their growth. OSI Group recently increased their capacity for protein foods production as the OSI Food Solutions facility. This will increase their ability to produce beef, pork and chicken products.

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Sharon Prince Believes That A Hopeful Place Will Boost Perspective

Sharon Prince posted a blog sharing her thoughts about the importance of hopeful spaces. As Sharon reflects on milestones from the previous year she gets a reminder of the power that hopeful spaces can bring. She remembers how they can communicate as well as bring more good into the world. Sharon and her team are on a mission to eradicate contemporary slavery as well as gender-based violence.

Sharon moves on to describe buildings where there feels like a direct connection between humans and nature is made. She describes a couple of places with high ceilings and tons of glass exposing people to birds overhead or beautiful landscapes. These spaces are meant to inspire and bring about a welcoming and peaceful environment. The experience as she describes it can be quite stimulating for new perspectives.

The spaces taken on a hopeful quality because the setting really removes all human barriers and encourages people who visit the site to put away their phones and feel inspired to communicate face-to-face with others. They can enjoy their surroundings and appreciate the beautiful view. It’s about taking a moment to put the day aside and just take-in a lovely sight which is nature. Hopefully, this environment sparks the imagination and helps people come up with new perspectives and ideas.

While Sharon Prince wants to hope that space can help boost inspiration she does understand that it’s up to the individual to have the dreams, goals, and ambition. Still she believes that a restorative place can help advance good. Sharon is working on many big initiatives but the five staple ones are faith, community, justice, arts, and nature.

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Dumpling Maker Skyrockets Sales Using JD.Com Big Data, Platform

On just one day (June 1), the 300 million active users on the Chinese e-commerce giant JD.Com bought 47 tons of zongi. What is zongi? It’s a delicious dumpling made from rice and wrapped in a bamboo leaf.

Zongi is sometimes called the “Chinese Tamale.” Among the most popular makers of this delicacy is Wu Fang Zhai, a company that has gained enormous cache for their delicious version of zongi.

Wu Fang Zhai teamed up with JD.Com (also known as Jingdong) to launch sales of their product into a new stratosphere. Thanks to the unparalleled access JD.Com offers to deep inroads within the Chinese market, sales of zongi have increased for Wu Fang Zhai by an astounding average of 120% per year.

One of the driving factors behind these numbers are Jingdong’s marketing insights made possible by their “big data” capabilities. By careful examination of the numbers, Wu Fang Zhai has been able to tailor-make and highly refine key aspects of their food products to fit the needs of specific groups of people. It’s a prime example of JD’s powerful C2M model (Consumer-to-Manufacturer model).

An example of such an adjustment is the flavor mix of zongi. For example, northern Chinese residents prefer a sweet-style zongi meat while people in the south favor a more salty mixture. But it gets even more complicated than that. As it turns out, JD.Com data revealed that an increasing number of southern Chinese people are moving to northern regions. The ability to pinpoint and follow these kinds of trends allows a company to react and adjust their offerings based on solid knowledge not guesswork

Another key area in which JD.Com market insights helped the giant dumpling seller involved the packaging. Reacting to information gleaned from customer response and other indicators, JD recommended that Wu Zang Zhai update its normal paper box to a larger and heavier box made from bamboo. The bottom line is, the heavier box just seemed more impressive to buyers – and so they bought more.

Wu Zang Zhai has been partnering with Jingdong since 2015 and company officials look forward to many more years of cooperation.

Jingdong’s: Facebook Page.

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Isabel dos Santos on Working as Hard as She is Able

One of the primary reasons for Isabel dos Santos’s success in the Angolan market is that she does not take no for an answer. Unless she feels that an interaction would harm others or impact other businesses in a negative way, she does not stop pursuing her ideas. In her mind, it is important to stay up to date with what is happening around you, and one of the best ways to do this is to follow the threads you find until they run out. Isabel dos Santos believes that people are far too comfortable in the modern world with lacking knowledge on the current affairs of business.

Because of this, they tend to lose sight of what matters most to where we are headed as a planet. If they do not have access to this information right in front of them, it can be hard to imagine just how important it is that we all stay on top of things. Isabel dos Santos has been working to counteract this trend of business ignorance lately by encouraging people in her country to educate themselves as much as possible. In her opinion, because of the modern world of technology, it is only logical to keep yourself familiarized with the inner-workings of the world around you. If you do not, then things will not stop progressing simply for you. This is the ideology Isabel dos Santos demonstrates with regards to technology as well.

When she sees that something is headed down a new path, she follows it. It is important as a businessperson to be aware of where technology is headed, as every business is affected by these developments. This may be why technology companies are generally the most profitable in the world. Isabel dos Santos has been staying up to date with the developing world around her not because she believes that she needs to necessarily but because if she does not, she knows she has a lesser chance of staying afloat within business. This is something she absolutely refuses to face, and because of this, she will work as hard as she is able for as long as she is able.

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