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Talkspace Continues to Create Awareness about Mental Health

The company has an online platform where the clients can seek affordable therapy services. The services are considerably cheaper as compared to attending a physical session. Talkspace guarantees the privacy of the clients’ information as they interact with its team of professional therapists. An individual can contact a therapist as, and when they need some help. According to the management of the company, it hopes to change the lives of a billion people through its services.

The clients can use their mobile gadgets and computers in messaging the therapists unlike in the traditional practice where one had to wait even for weeks to get an appointment. Talkspace has revolutionized therapy services by adopting modern technology and this has improved the customer experience. The increased internet penetration has enabled more people to enjoy online services. The firm has enabled the patients to live healthier lives by providing insights on how they can improve their mental health.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

In the mid-last year, the online therapy firm partnered with Michael Phelps to achieve its goal of creating more awareness on improving mental health. To reach out to more people, the campaign would be conducted on national television. The athlete was to share about his experience and how therapy helped him to overcome his mental problems. Michael urged individuals with any form of mental challenges to open up to people around them and consult an expert. According to him, Talkspace offers unique services and recommended everyone to seek therapy services from the company.

In his career as an athlete, he had a hard time due to depression and anxiety from time to time. Like many other individuals with the same problems, it was not easy for him to seek professional help. According to him, failure to speak out only makes a person vulnerable and weak. Michael got a relief when he realized that Talkspace offers therapy services on an online platform or via text messages. The services have enabled many people to open up, unlike in the physical sessions where they are talking to another individual. The company hopes to eradicate the stigma associated with mental conditions.



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Talkspace: Going Beyond The Counseling’

When nearly 50 million American are suffering from different types of mental illnesses, it is time to put a new strategy into play that will get them the help they need. Mental illness is serious and is a very big deal. The problem is getting people to look at a very serious point of view. It can not be taken lightly. There are well over half of 50 million that do not get help and it is because there is a bad stigma associated with it. Some people try to hide her condition and that does not work. Talkspace understands and wants to give people are suffering a chance to get the therapy or counseling they need to cope with what they are going through. Even Micheal Phelps who is an Olympic gold medalist has suffered from depression. Read more reviews at

You need to admit you have a problem is that it can be dealt with. Hiding because your family is added is not helping you get the care you need. People need to understand the seriousness of what these diseases are and you need to reach out to get help. Mental illness has been at the forefront for several years now to make people aware that anyone can get it. Some people are born with it. Talkspace can reach you through text messages or video right from your phone so there is always someone available to help you when you need it.

Cost is another factor that is keeping people from seeking help. Either their insurance does not cover or there is limited coverage. You need to get to get whether you can afford it or not. However, being agile to speak to someone or getting the necessary treatment must be available for you as well. Talkspace want to help you out.

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Right Here, Right Now: Talkspace

In an era of instant online access, Talkspace is taking on a new front. The company was founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank. The idea behind Talkspace is to give clients instant access to mental health professionals on a daily basis. Over the years, Talkspace has become more useful to people with all sorts of mental issues. In 2018, Talkspace teamed up with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to help get the word out about mental illness and dispell the stigma that goes along with it.

Michael Phelps says that when he was a swimmer he would suffer from bouts of depression before events. He found the strength within himself to be able to talk to a therapist when he needed to in order to make himself feel better. He felt more empowered instead of intimidated about the issues that he was facing. This was one of the reasons why he wanted to team up with Talkspace. Phelps says that by telling his own story to people around the world he can help those get the help that they need without feeling insecure about it. He and Talkspace are breaking down the barriers between those who are seeking mental help and those who do not. View to learn more about Talkspace

Another thing that Talskspace can do is help people who face big challenges in their lives. Talkspace has a public blog that allows readers to figure out how to tackle these challenges. One of the biggest challenges people face is coming out to family and friends. This is a process that takes time for the individual and the friends and family of the individual too. People can benefit from coming out by knowing that they have a support group that cares about them and people who were also in the same position. This can help make things easier for everyone.

Talkspace is on the cutting-edge of helping people whenever they need it. In an age of smartphones, tablets, and the internet, it is good to know that there will always be someone there for a person dealing with mental health issues. They can start right here and right now.

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