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Neurocore Operations

Neurocore is concerned with the well-being of human beings. Over the years the company has been dedicated to improving human performance by enhancing the strength of the brain. New advanced technology is used to diagnose patients including qEEG brain mapping technology and clinically validated symptom rating scales. This technology helps Neurocore doctors to understand the causes of various symptoms affecting the patient to know what kind of disorders they are dealing with to know the effective diagnosis.

Neurocore has employed experts to treat ADHD, autism, stress disorder, sleep disorders, brain injury, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder as well as Alzheimer`s. More than a thousand patients have been treated successfully from Neurocore Centers regardless of their age difference. Patients at Neurocore Company experience various benefits as compared to other health centers. They are treated by a group of experts, and the prices are relatively low.

Neurocore is a member of the Windquest Group that specializes with diverse operations including technology, manufacturing, non-profitable solutions as well as venturing in clean technology operations. The staff members at Nuerocore experience various benefits. They include; free consultation services, discounted services for patient family members and friends, Windquest Group discounts, gym membership, food, and even hotel services membership.

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A Brief Background About Alex Hern

Alex has been a piece of the innovation business for very nearly 20 years. Alex Hern’s forte has been propelling beginning period and new companies hoping to get in the business, and flourish. After more than 20 years, this representative from San Diego delcared that he doesn’t have any expectations of halting at any point in the near future. The business person, and CEO and originator of Tsunami XR, says this Augmented and Virtual Reality innovation will be the premise of things to come.

This applies to customer advancements, as well as all organizations that direct business universally and broadly. Mr. Hern declared Tsunami XR is a product innovation that is intended to be actualized in any setting in any office. The well informed business visionary shows that he has utilized the new innovation inside his own organizations, and says that it satisfies its motivation, as well as boosts the dynamic network to every day activities.

Alex Hern puts stock in collaborating with the confided in business pioneers, that are experts in their art, and the ability to settle on free choices for the sake of the company. Alex Hern completely believes the deals related choices that his group makes, and these choices are the main impetus behind his working prosperity. He says that lining up with the ideal individuals can complete a business in a great way.


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Coriant, The Leader Of Innovative Networking Solutions

Coriant was established in March 2013 when it was formed by Marlin Equity Partners after establishing independence from Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Networks, and merging with Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. Coriant sells hardware and software for optical transmission in the network backbone for voice, mobile and data networks. Coriant is a highly reputed developer and supplier of progressive networking solutions to accommodate the necessitations of networking operators which include 500 customers in over 100 countries. Coriant markets include fixed line and mobile service providers, electric utility companies, content providers, government agencies, large enterprises and naval network operators. Holding more than 1,800 patents in technological inventions and achievements, the products that Coriant has conceptualized are Packet Optical Transport Solutions Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, Intelligent Network Management, Cross Connect/TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) Solutions, MSPP (or Multiservice Provisioning Platform) Solutions, Optical LAN and Broadband Access.

Shaygan Kheradpir, Coriant Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the board, became a part of the inventive lifeblood of Coriant, after his brief tenure with private equity firm, Marlin Equity Partners. Shaygan is a highly acclaimed business and technology leader with over 28 years of executive experience in telecom, technology, and financial services industries Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, England, on December 19th, 1960. He attended Cornell University in New York, earning a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science, and a Doctor of Philosophy in electrical engineering. Kheradpir’s career related experiences consist of: CEO at Juniper Networks, January – November 2014; COO of Barclay’s Bank, January 2011 – January 2014; CTO and CIO for Verizon, January 2000 – December 2010.

Kheradpir’s education, knowledge and experience in business and technology is advantageous and instrumental for Coriant to sustain their position of integrity and inception in the technological field that has become saturated with competition. To triumph over the competition as he has demonstrated in the past, Kheradpir will implement the development of revolutionary and efficient products, network architectures, operations, and service creation to favor Coriant customers with streamlined networking solutions in service capabilities, automation, and programmability. Kheradpir excels at the designing and inventing of new solutions which will progress into the materialization and commencement of new products that will oblige their present customers’ technological needs and will undoubtedly gain more customers, increasing their present consumer base and edging out their competition.

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