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Storms Across Texas

There have been several storms that have hit areas of Texas and Oklahoma, leaving at least six people dead. Flooding rains and tornadoes have ravaged the area. This is the worst flooding that Texas has seen since the 1920s. Streets are under water. Businesses have doors that have been broken because of the force of the water flowing. There are over 80,000 people who are without power. This is a devastating situation that shows how unpredictable Mother Nature can be at any time of the year. Some areas haven’t seen enough rain, but this is too much at one time. Many users of the popular app Skout have been alerted that there are more storms on the horizon, and there are a few more inches of rain in the forecast. Shelters need to be opened if they haven’t been established, and there needs to be a way to communicate the weather forecast to those who don’t have power. As summer approaches, this could only be the beginning of a long storm season.

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