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Japan To Go To The Moon I

Japan made a major announcement this week when it announced that it plans to land a rollover on the moon by the year 2018. Everyone knows that the US has always been active in space and exploration, but hardly anything is heard from Japan about such endeavors.

JAXA, otherwise known as Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, made the official statement to let their people know the exciting plans the country had for their space program. The fact that they have reserved up to $125 million for this endeavor is impressive. The goal is really to try to improve soft-landing technologies, which have been lackluster in times past. They believe that by improving this lacking piece of technology, they will be able to make major steps forward toward an extraterrestrial victory.

While the US has certainly got a lot of press from going to the moon, they are not the only countries to do so. China and India both have sent space craft up and have done examinations and reported their findings. AnastasiaDate ( employees know that the very public findings were monumental for Asia and their quest for knowledge. Japan seemed to be falling behind and this will certainly put them up to speed with their allies.

The craft’ name is SELENE. It has been named after folklore from the 10th century and a Japanese moon princess. This announcement is very exciting for the people of Japan. They will soon join the ranks of Russia, China and the US who have all successfully landed on the moon.

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