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Don Ressler transforms the online fashion world

There is a lot of good to be said about the fashion industry. Fashion derives its creativity from different times and history. It can have trends that change frequently but may plateau for some time. The fashion industry is all about creativity and addressing the needs of the market. While there are people that want just to wear clothing, others want clothing that is trendy and highly fascinating. One can have significant sales in their fashion clothing if people become very interested in their fashion items. Don Ressler has created the interest in his fashion brand and has come out incredibly successful.


Don Ressler is the person behind TechStyle and other successful fashion brands we see today. He has created a variety in the fashion industry. He believes that everyone should feel comfortable with the kind of clothing they wear. He does not want to design clothing for women; he wants people to enjoy the kind of clothing they wear. Among the things he has created is Fabletics. The brand has grown to help women and men appreciate their clothing and feel better about themselves. According to Don Ressler, people move forward when they feel better about themselves. That is one of the main reasons why Fabletics has grown to become an all-inclusive brand.


Don Ressler has addressed the market gap where of women with different sizes. One sure thing about the current fashion market is that it meets the needs for a particular size. People outside the size limit are usually left without the kind of clothing they hoped for. Fabletics has strived to become an all-inclusive brand that addresses the needs of all women. It allows women of different sizes to wear and enjoy something offered by the fashion retailer. People above a certain size limit no longer have to choose essential clothing. They can go for something that is amazing and fascinating. Most of the plus size clothing items at Fabletics are not available in other markets.


Don Ressler has strived to address the gap in the fashion market for men. Men are usually left out when it comes to fashion clothing. Don Ressler thus decided to open an FL2 clothing program under Fabletics. Fabletics has since gained many followers and even opened physical stores. The firm has opened up a new world of activewear and sportswear. Currently, Fabletics has several plans for expanding and getting into newer markets.

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About Cancer Treatment Centers Of America:

The cancer treatment centers of America holds its headquarters in Florida. It is a national, profit seeking network that has five hospitals which operate in America. These centers use treatment like immunology, radiology, chemotherapy, and surgery amongst other remedies to treat cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers Of America was founded by Richard J Stephenson whose mother died from cancer and who wanted to seek holistic and special care for cancer patients.

Clinical Pathways Program And Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America use a program called the clinical pathways program. The clinical pathways program tries to come up with specialized care for its clients so that this eliminates the need for guess work and provides a more comprehensive cover which incorporates oncology research. This program helps to cure the patient with the latest research and methods available in the market. The best factor about the program is that the program is tailored to meet the individual needs of its clients.

Advantages Of Clinical Pathways Program

The main advantage of the program is that it tries to be objective and transparent in client service. The program tries to be efficient and effective in the quality of care that it provides by reducing the variation in patient care whereby each patient is treated with the best available remedy and by not being extra special to any of its clients. The program can also help health care insurance providers by coming up with a cost schedule which the patients can use accordingly.

The Future Of Cancer Care In America

The best feature about the clinical pathways program is that the practitioners have access to a universal library and they also have ample resources at their disposal. The oncology medical library also holds peer reviewed literature at their disposal.

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Lime Crime Produces Quality Cosmetic Products

When it comes to cosmetic products, you want to choose ones that of high quality. Lime Crime sells some of the best cosmetics on the market. Here is more info about the products they sell, how to order them and other useful information about the brand.


Products Carried

The company sells various types of lipsticks. They include Matte Velvetines and Metallic Velvetines. Matte is the brand’s original lipstick, which was inspired by rose petals, while the Metallic lipstick was inspired by rose petals and it is liquid lipstick. The other three lipsticks Lime Crime carries are Velve-Tins, Perlees and Unicorn lipstick.


Unicorn Hair is the brand’s hair color product. Unicorn Hair took three years to develop and it is semi-permanent hair dye. It’s designed to fade gracefully and last for a longtime. One of the unique things about this hair dye is it contains vegan ingredients.


Venus Palettes is the brand’s eye shadow product. Venus features eight shades, which include burgundy, rust red, brick brown and non-traditional neutrals.


Hi-Lite is Lime’s highlighter product. It’s described as a glitter & glow highlighter palette. It was inspired by the sea, which makes it unique. They also sell pop on nails that look realistic and they are easy to put on.


Other products sold by the company include makeup brushes and bundles that feature multiple products, but sold as part of a package.


To sum up the above, the products the company carries are:


. Lipstick

. Hair coloring

. Eye shadow

. Pop on nails

. Highlighter

. Makeup brushes

. Bundles


Not Animal Tested

It’s worth pointing out that Lime Crime does not test their cosmetics on animals. Not only that, but the products are vegan friendly. The company prides itself on this and it’s one of the reasons it is a popular cosmetics brand.


How To Order

Ordering products produced by the company is easy. Consumers can do it via the brand’s website or they can find their products in select stores. Ordering online is the most convenient way to get the products.

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How Bruce Bent II Transformed The Financial World

Skilled entrepreneur Bruce Bent II has devoted his more than twenty year career to revolutionizing the cash management playing field into a multi-trillion dollar industry.

In his current role as Double Rock Corporation’s chief executive officer, vice chairman and president, Bent is recognized with initiating a good number of pioneering short-term asset management and cash and cash-related results.

He is also responsible for motivating strategic plans, producing administrative results and financial and working performance.

In addition, he operates as a senior executive to every one of the company’s six wholly-owned and subsidiary companies, including Access Control Advantage and Island Intellectual Property.

Double Rock, which is headquartered in New York, lends a hand to companies to improve their bottom line profits through its cash management solutions.

Prior to Double Rock, Bent was president of The Reserve, one of the largest privately held international money market companies.

Bent, who holds more than 60 privately held patents, has been quoted in numerous publications including the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and many others.

Bent talked about some of crucial insight he learned over the years in an Ideamensch story,( He said one approach he adapted that helped him expand the business is to never forget to produce value for the customer.

Another idea he noted was even though it may take just one person to conceive an idea it more often that not takes a team of people to carry it out.

Bent credited his father for having the greatest influence on him. He said the concept for Double Rock was a development based on the innovation of the first money market mutual fund his father, Bruce Bent and his partner Harry Brown invented.

He also talked about how as an entrepreneur you must have faith in your ideas and flexibility as well as resiliency.

Bent is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization which unites young global business leaders. He was also a member of New York’s Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University.

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Avaaz is Changing the World Through Online Petitions

Avaaz meaning “voice” or “song” in the Persian language was created by Canadian Rick Patel to close the gap between the world as it currently is and the world that most people desire. Service Employees International Union and Res Publica helped to start the organization. The organization now has more than 44 million members in 194 countries around the world.

Giving People a Voice

The organization hopes to give people everywhere a voice through asking them to join email campaigns aimed at changing a variety of conditions around the globe including climate change, animal abuse, human rights, poverty and international conflicts. Avaaz has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump during the recent United States elections.

Henry Root Inspiration

Avaaz is headquartered in New York City. The organization draws inspiration from the fictional Henry Root who wrote letters to the London Evening Standard complaining about changes needing to be made in the England.

How Campaigns are Chosen

Avaaz works virtually with workers in 30 different countries ensuring that each campaign they embrace has international coverage. Any member can suggest a campaign they feel that Avaaz should become involved with supporting. Then, a team of specialist develop a platform calling for the proposed change. A tester email is then sent to 10,000 members with Avaaz getting involved with those where the organization gets the largest response.

Successful Campaigns

Avaaz has had several successful campaigns. They encouraged over 2.8 million people to sign a petition to keep the internet free. They were also instrumental in the signing of the Paris Climate Accord which they hope is the beginning to the end of fossil fuel. They have also encouraged over 1.3 million people to sign a petition increasing the size of marine reserves. They have been outspoken in wanting the use of glyphosate in pesticides discontinued. The organization has given millions in aid where natural disasters have struck.

Avaaz continues to be a great example in servant leadership everywhere. They accept funding from no government relying on donations from members. They believe that the world will be a better place as people learn to work together.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

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In The Cloud With NuoDB

NuoDB was founded in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey, which was originally NimbusDB, but was changed in 2011. NuoDB is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts and was approved for their patent for their “elastically scalable database” in June of 2012. The company was named one of 2014’s innovation all stars by Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal. NuoDB’s database scales out without sharding and distributes tasks to several processers so to avoid bottlenecks of data. NuoDB uses in-memory caches to support cloud-style elasticity while maintaining that all data objects are safely stored.
Their database is being called SQL and when a server is added in order to scale-out the database, it runs faster and uses peer-to-peer messaging which routes the tasks to nodes. It also uses a tiered approach to help scale the data in the cloud. A round of funding in 2014 added $14.2 million in funds to the company.

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Cassio Audi Brings Financial Expertise To Investment Management

The financial industry is one of the most challenging industries in the business world. Countries all over the world participate in the financial industry. While there are various levels of financial capabilities related to various countries, the contributions made by the different countries around the world all have an affect on what happens in the financial markets.

The size of countries usually does not affect what contributions are made from country to country. The resources of the countries have the biggest affect. Some countries have a lot of natural resources while other countries provide resources such as innovations. Whatever resources that are provided by countries from around the world, the resources give the global financial industry a combination of aspects that all work together to make the financial industry move from day-to-day.

Beyond the countries that all affect the financial industry in some form or manner, the financial markets from around the world are at the core of the financial industry. Just like different countries may speak different languages, every financial market is unique in certain ways. The Brazilian financial market has unique aspects that set it apart from other financial markets. However, all the various financial markets together make investments work in the various markets.

In Brazil, there are many different investment management firms that help investors both big and small. An investment manager who is making a name in the Brazilin financial market is Cassio Audi. A very smart financial professional who has helped many investors to achieve significant returns on their investments, Cassio Audi provides a high level of investment related services.

The investments that Cassio Audi handles cover a wide range of investment fields. Therefore, Cassio Audi understanding of the financial market in Brazil is well rounded to be able to manage investments in multiple investment areas.

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Can Whitney Wolfe Change Online Dating?

Whitney Wolfe sees a serious problem with sating apps. Sexual harassment is commonly reported by many women using dating apps but little is done to prevent it. She wants to turn that around with her dating app Bumble. Created in 2014, Bumble is changing the way online dating works. Women are always the first to make the move and that initiative is shaking things up.

Is Bumble The Solution

Bumble has an incredibly low rate of sexual harassment. Less than a fraction of 1% of all users report any sexual harassment. This isn’t easy to compare to other dating apps because few dating apps report on sexual harassment, but it says something is clearly done right. Giving women the initiative appears to have removed some elements that contribute to sexual harassment. With millions of Bumble users and hundreds of millions of successful matches the app is taking off. It doesn’t quite yet have the same crowd as Tinder but it is quickly growing in size and popularity.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Bumble. She has spent her career developing apps for online dating and recently decided to create an app of her own. With her excellent management strategies Wolfe has made Bumble one of the most popular dating apps today. Beyond her experience as a CEO she is socially conscious investor who aims to improve the culture of the internet and end harassment.

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In Crony Capitalism, Spending Money on Politicians Is Rewarded More Than Innovation

Crony capitalism is something that many liberals, conservatives and libertarians can be united against. Even if these three groups may have differences about how much regulation there should be in a free market, most of us would be against certain companies getting special favors because they spent millions of dollars lobbying select politicians. The problem many free market advocates have is that crony capitalism gives actual capitalism a bad name. People see the web of special interests and deals and favors that go on between major corporations and politicians in Washington and assume this is capitalism. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

In true free market capitalism, companies are rewarded for taking risks and innovating and “building a better mouse trap” as the saying goes. Fersen Lambranho knows his concept as a business builder himself. Increasingly, however, because of the concentration of power in Washington D.C., companies are finding politicians a better investment than research and development or actually innovating. An article in the Huffington Post points out how good an investment it is for them. The top 200 companies in terms of dollars spent lobbying shelled out $5.8 billion between campaign contributions and lobbying, and collectively all of those companies received a total of nearly four and a half trillion taxpayer dollars. If you were the CEO of one of those companies, and with that kind of return from investing in politicians, would you waste much money on innovation?

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New evidence shows Tyrannosaur’s were cannibals

The knowledge that life in the time of dinosaur’s was difficult is known to almost everybody, but the full extent of this dangerous period of history is only now being revealed, The Telegraph reports. A group of scientists from Queen Mary, University of London has recently been studying the head of a Daspletosaurus, one of the Tyrannosaurus species of animals. Folks at Bulletproof Coffee ( have learned that the skull of the dinosaur was found in Alberta, Canada and has been reported for many years to have shown bite marks consistent with an attack from a fellow Daspletosaurus.

Despite the scientists backing up the claims of a cannibal attack they have revealed the dinosaur did not die from injuries inflicted by a fellow Tyrannosaur. Instead, they believe that after the adolescent dinosaur died the body was partially eaten by a fellow Daspletosaurus who took a huge bite from the back of the head and neck of the dinosaur. Dangerous fights and other cannibal attacks have been known about for many years by scientists studying dinosaurs who have believed the Tyrannosaurus species was a cannibal who attacked its own species and other dinosaur species at regular intervals.

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