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Sergey Petrossov and the Genius of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Although private jet travel has long been thought of as a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous, JetSmarter has opened up to the market to reach beyond the 1%. At just 28-years-young, Sergey Petrossov sits proudly at the helm of JetSmarter as its founder. His motto? “When you go all-in as an entrepreneur, you don’t look back.”

And let’s face it, Petrossov has a lot of brag about. In December 2016 alone, his innovative company raised a total of $105 million from investors. And these weren’t just any investors, but a string of highly impressive ones, ranging from the Saudi royal family to Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.

So what exactly is JetSmarter? It’s a private jet marketplace packaged as an app, based in Fort Lauderdale, and with a valuation over $1.5 billion, making it a ‘unicorn’ within the venture capital scene. The goal of the app is to make private jet booking simple and affordable. This high level of success makes one wonder exactly how Sergey Petrossov managed to achieve all this at such a young age.

According to Sergey Petrossov, the inspiration for JetSmarter struck him in 2009 when he was pondering inefficiencies in airline travel. Upon trying to book a private flight for him and his friends, he encountered a lot of paperwork and run around. Of course, he thought, there must be an easier way!

After thinking up creative solutions, Petrossov realized that he had found a way to allow more people to fly privately, which not only yields a more comfortable flight overall but also allows travelers to skip through long TSA lines and avoid commercial airports altogether.

In just it’s first two years, JetSmarter had already been downloaded over 300,000 times, and Sergey notes that the average price of a chartered flight is around $23,000. Over 1,000 flights were booked in 2014. Of his success so far, Petrossov says that he and his team feel they are ahead of the curve in terms of their product’s innovation and they are looking forward to dominating in this space. He certainly feels like a pioneer!

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HCR Wealth Advisors Help You Manage Your Finances

HCR Wealth Advisors

Estate planning is an important part of life. Anyone who has the intent of being successful should consider the duties of this form of financial planning. There are important legal elements pertaining to death that needs to be carefully addressed and put into effect when you are not here to take care of them.

When planning your estate, you need to think of these specific categories of interest: Your Will, Your Finances, Your health care directive, and your durable power of attorney for healthcare. Your will is your written statement that should be documented with the help of an attorney. This written statement should include exactly what you want to be done with your assets, what your life-sustaining wishes are, who will be the beneficiaries of your assets and other requests with your words. This is just a general summary of what you will have on it. You can basically write whatever wishes you have for your family and belongings.

Next, you should consider assigning a durable power of attorney for your health care. This means that you need to give your spouse or whoever you wish the power to make medical decisions for you. This means that they are your decision-making process when you cannot make them for yourself. All of these decisions need to be carefully thought out and made official. Companies like HCR Wealth Advisors can help explain the different aspects pertaining to planning your estate. HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that has been helping people make complicating life transitions since the year 1988. HCR Wealth Advisors has developed a process to help clients reach their financial goals. HCR Wealth Advisors is more than willing to help anyone in need of their services in the best interest of the client under any circumstances.

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HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

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Maarten De Jeu – Strategic Business Advisor

Maarten De Jeu is a strategic business advisor, who in 2012 launched SVM Business Advisory. He advises that a business performing well has an opportunity to expand to foreign markets, as extending your companies’ reach globally may have many benefits. He has a complete business education because of his MBA from the University of Oxford, where he was ranked first in his class because of his multi-lingual abilities. Maarten has fought for a successful international business where his career also focuses on financial services, and commercial real estate investment. De Jeu brings industry knowledge along with technical skills, and extensive international experience. 


Mr. De Jeu helps his clients from Fortune 100 companies, while he understands the nuances of taking your business international because of intercultural exchanges that need to happen when this is achieved. Mr. De Jeu has earned his MBA from the University of Oxford, which has resulted in clients benefitting from his technical skill, industry know-how, and understanding of the global institutional as well as cultural settings he and his clients may find themselves in. His multi-lingual ability serves him well because he speaks English, Dutch, German and French. He uses his advising ability on senior executives. 


He was a founding member of the SVM Business Advisory in Chicago, Illinois but well before this event, he was the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Aviva plc. International Strategy Manager at Aviva’s London Office. During this time, he also consulted for TVDK Management Consultants. De Jeu has hobbies like spending time with his family when he is not working, and he also plays tennis. 


He is active with several business and community organizations such as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy’s Deans’ International Council, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Environmental Law and Policy Center. De Jeu offers entrepreneurs the following advice: to choose a location where there is a demand for your product that is met, because you have to offer competitive pricing to make a profit. Learn more:


You have to speak the language when dealing with business internationally or hire somebody who does. You also have to familiarize yourself with the local laws pertaining to starting a business that gives you protection policies for businesses. You have to secure a branch location for a branch office that is good for business, since hiring local employees also serves a similar purpose such as that. De Jeu says to raise enough capital to fund your start-up costs for an international launch, which should not be rushed.

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LumeNXT Announced Its New Chairman – Marc Beer From Renovia

Earlier this year, Boston-based firm LumeNXT, which is a privately-held company, made an announcement regarding the changes in their leadership. As of April 2, their new Chairman of the Board is now Marc Beer, who is also known for his leadership role in another pharmaceutical company, Renovia. LumeNXT believes that through Beer’s leadership, the company will reach new heights.


Marc Beer, who is known in the pharmaceutical world because of his work in the commercialization of experience in biotech, diagnostics, and more, is very excited in this appointment. He revealed that he is happy to work with surgeons and engineers who are the best in their fields. Beer also believes that LumeNXT, which offers a highly innovative lightning unit for operations, will play a big role in the overall development of minimally invasive approaches. Beer also believes that because of its benefits, minimally invasive procedures will be the next normal in the medical world.


LumeNXT uses proprietary technology to provide illumination during surgery. Each LumeNXT product is designed to give advanced illumination while reducing the overall heat generated. Targeted illumination enhances the visualization and precision of medical professionals in the operating room. In addition, the targeted illumination technique gives flexibility during the operation. With this in mind, LumeNXT products are designed to be low-cost and disposable yet safe and give the enhanced visualization needed in an operation.


Paul Rhyme, the co-founder of LumeNXT, believes in the 25 years of Marc Beer’s competent record. Rhyme stated that Beer’s high level of success when it comes to setting up and growing multiple startups speaks a lot of demonstration of skills. With Beer’s vast experiences in companies, he would be able to guide LumeNXT in its plan of global commercialization. In addition, Rhyme also believes that with Beer’s help, the company will be on its way to profitability. Paul Rhyme was also named the Chief Executive Officer of the company last April. He also got Beer’s support for this achievement. Learn more:


This is not the only current venture of Marc Beer when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Beer is also one of the key players of Renovia, which was launched recently. Renovia is a company which is designed to diagnose and treat women who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Disorders. As of now, Beer was able to get the necessary funding to continue Renovia’s project. As of now, the company is planning to develop products which helps a lot of people from urinary incontinence.


Marc Beer is known for his 25 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical field. He was the founding chairman of the Minerva Neurosciences Inc, as well as the founding chairman of the Good Start Genetics. Beer was also the founding chairman of Good Start Genetics and the former CEO of ViaCell. Follow Marc Beer on Facebook

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Maarten De Jeu – The Leader And Founder Of SVM Business Advisory

Science, technology, and engineering are integral parts of the future. In order to inspire the next
generation of thinkers, inventors, and builders innovators look to the youth. One such innovator is
Maarten de Jeu, a successful financial advisor based in Chicago. His time at the Museum of Science
and Industry (MSI) has led to the Science Spins program. It is a program dedicated to the
education the general public on history and science of the bicycle. Today MSI has used the Farrell
Fellowship to further the expansion of education in science, technology, and engineering to teens in
Chicago. Learn more:

Teens accepted into this prestigious fellowship can expect five weeks of training. They will receive
education on leadership development, public speaking, and science. Having hosted America’s Got
Bubbles in 2014, 40 teens helped demonstrate the chemistry of bubbles to the public. They did a
tour of 17 public library’s and helped cultivate a strong engineering culture. Participants can expect
high levels of community engagement. Their activities will take place in both the neighborhoods
and the museum itself. They can also expect to inspire education and learning in young children
during their five weeks. Examples of the past include crafting model rockets from newspapers.
They launch the engineered rockets carnival-style in a high striker game. The chief goal of the
Farrell Fellowship is to cultivate a culture of science, technology, and engineering. They hope to
achieve this by teaching teens, who in turn teach younger children the thrills of discovery and
The previous co-chair of MSI, Maarten de Jeu received his education in both the Netherlands and
the United Kingdom. He completed his M.A. in Public Administration from Leiden University and
continued his education Said Business School at the University of Oxford. Among these degree’s he
holds an executive MBA from Oxford and graduated first in his class. Maarten de Jeu’s eclectic
education has allowed him to rise quickly through the ranks of as a corporate analyst. His time is
split between his professional life and giving back to the community in which he lives. Currently, he
is working with the Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Council of Global Affairs, and the Economic
Club of Chicago, among many others. His dedication to his work and community has proven to be a
success. He is an innovator that has proven his dedication to the education of future generations.
The Farrell Fellowship is just one example of many of his vast influence.

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The Confidential Secrets of Classified Ads for Local Newspapers Revealed

A neighborhood paper will hook you up with the masses living nearby, and you’ll get a positive reader response. For example, to offer your property, it’s wiser to go for a neighborhood paper of your area in the place of a newspaper that has pan India circulation. Because publications are many times regional in nature, they frequently have new city or region-specific information available. Lastly, they are also straightforward to locate. Secondly, a specific newspaper isn’t a global media. You can even call the neighborhood newspapers and mention that you’ll be speaking in the region and offer to compose a brief article about your topic they could publish in the neighborhood newspaper. Many regional newspapers have space reserved for absolutely free classified ads, along with some national magazines.   leolist

Also, you can choose the newspaper by your judgment. Along with the print edition of the paper, the majority of the largest regional or national newspapers have developed into online posting of jobs that are searchable by the site user, enjoy the substantial online job search sites. Unless you locate a publication which has a flair for creating eye-catching display ads, receive an expert designer to do the task for you. Search for your competitors Advertises in precisely the same publications and same online media your competitors do. The guide shouldn’t be too promotional but offer some sound advice to the standard client you would love to attract.

A lot will be dependent on associations. Most associations aren’t going to seek the services of the same speakers since they hired last calendar year. Some associations will also offer you some exceptional training seminars to their membership together with their event. On the other hand, there are associations I have spoken to every year for the previous four decades, but I will usually supply a different program. Another useful technique is to turn into an active member of critical associations who have the kinds of business contacts that may be beneficial for your industry.

Whatever They Told You About Classified Ads for Local Newspapers Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Suppose you’re going to sell the old-modeled car and are searching a reliable buyer who will produce the payment in a correct method. Many dealers utilize various company names when promoting different products or solutions. Sellers have to devote the minimum sum of money when they place a web-based advertisement. They fix a low price for the products they sell as the advertising cost is nominal they have to bear. You will discover that different publications have varied prices or offer different prices for different kinds of advertisements. The very first thing you ought to do is to estimate the worth of your car. When you’ve determined the approximate value of your vehicle, you’re all set to set your ad with your favorite dealer.

Because once you’ve placed an ad, it is going to be existing 24 hours each day on the net. Getting your organization and to appear on a regular basis builds name recognition and convinces prospects your company is not a fly-by-night firm. If somebody wants to learn more about the ads concerning real estate buying, selling, or renting options, then it ought to be performed quickly and with increased relevance. Classified ads are a primary supply of consumers for smaller businesses, even in the present digital world. More expensive ads can be bought for television and radio spots but only as long as you’ve got the budget for it. A well-written ad put in the incorrect publication or displayed online to the full country won’t bring in much small business.

For a number of businesses, newspaper advertising is the sole effective print advertising strategy out there. There is another kind of classified advertisement. If you think newspaper advertisement, it’s good to realize that there are various ad prices and tariff plans based on the range of parameters. Compare the ads to learn whether the exact same businesses that were advertising previously are still advertising now. If your ad sounds as if you are offering something too great to be true, most folks will skip right over your ad. Banner ads, email promotions, pay-per-click and several other procedures of online network advertising advertising are offered for varying fees.

Discover how simple it is to make a targeted advertising campaign offline utilizing newspaper classified ads. Online classified ads are useful for sellers together with for purchasers. It classified advertising is a promising marketing method that is used by the small and medium-sized ventures as well as large firms. The most famously prosperous ad online which uses the traditional classified ad format is Google. Internet classified is a kind of online advertisement. Because the world wide web is the easiest approach to find something and it’s a universal marketplace where buyers can secure the things they require. The web, especially websites including Craigslist or a website that’s specific to your posting subject, will permit the individual posting to reach a lot wider audience.

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New Article Reveals the Low Down on Classified Ads Importance and Why You Must Take Action Today

Testing your ad on a more compact audience before you set it out there’s advisable to discover if it’s actually capable of generating a response. Rather you wish to purchase or sell items online, one method to do so is though New York classified ads. If you wish to post free ads online and expect them to be effective, there are a couple of bits of rather important information you might have to provide, based on the completely free classified ads website you’re using. The absolute most prosperous ads are usually ones with a catchy title, an intriguing description, superior punctuation, images, and pricing if you’re selling something. For example, if you need to post used car classified ads, you must search for local classified websites that target local individuals.   eolist

You are able to put ads in directories and never receive any traffic and for that reason waste your time. Any fantastic classified ad is written to draw the interest of its target audience. If you’re selling local, you may want to sell in New Jersey local classified ads also.

The ads may stay online for a couple weeks, a couple months or indefinitely, based on the ad website. Classified ads are only a single approach to discover work. Classified ads in every industry environment have their very own distinctive challenges. Dirt Cheap Classified Ads can be an excellent way to publicize your organization. Conclusion Dirt cheap classified ads can be quite an effective method to market your business opportunity or your product.

When you use completely free ads, you target buyers rather than shoppers. Classified ads are the great method to construct well-liked small business services and get more visitors to your site. Free Classified Ads are great method to create free targeted leads to your site. Utilizing free classified ads on the web is most likely one of the most overlooked ways of raising the traffic on any site.

The Key to Successful Classified Ads Importance

Facebook ads are a breeze to setup and offer some great choices to target your audience. Online Classified Ads are promotion websites that employs the web and World Wide Web as the principal media for promoting services and products. Today online classified ads posting is among the most recognized form of online advertising.

Totally free classifieds are offered in abundance throughout the Internet. On-line classifieds are receiving well-liked amongst thousands of people around the planet. Your approach in making a car classifieds might not be as helpful in your way of earning a true estate classifieds.

Getting the Best Classified Ads Importance

Most websites are a breeze to navigate and make it possible for you to place an ad in a just a few easy steps. There are an assortment of methods to erect online classifieds websites. No matter if you’re on work search website or a classifieds site, they generally provide totally free email alerts.

Ruthless Classified Ads Importance Strategies Exploited

Advertisement websites are extremely beneficial for each and every one, when you desire to learn any innovative events or also wish to share with others, with the assistance of classified ads websites you can readily accomplish it. If there’s a personal site, the social accounts can be related to the website. Yet another feature you may add in your classified ads website that’s set word count limit and image resolution for your website.

Some sites permit you to post more than 1 ad, and in more than 1 category. When posting classified ads, you have to be very careful in regards to the sort of classified site you decide on, to make sure you receive the maximum benefits. So while it may seem easier to work with a classified ad site that doesn’t need registration, it’s always wisest to select a site with registration. Selecting the correct classified ad site in order to post free classified ads is quite important to be sure you receive the best benefits.

What to Do About Classified Ads Importance Before It’s Too Late

Merely by performing an online search for used forklifts you’re going to be able to discover several websites that are devoted to selling or renting used forklifts. Classified sites play an essential function in the world of online promotion and internet campaign. There are an enormous amount of online classified ads sites that will make it possible for you to place an advertisement and within that advertisement you have the ability to place links.

The Ultimate Classified Ads Importance Trick

Finding out how to post free classified ads online might be the start of a lovely relationship in marketing and promoting your services or products. Purchasing and selling online isn’t difficult, especially whenever you use the aid of New York classified ads. Men and women fail online because of implementing the incorrect strategies and taking the snail strategy to affiliate advertising.

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Here Is How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Press Release Distribution

The press release is a free of charge public connections gadget that can help little companies. A release can publicize any type of occasions of the company- brand-new product launch, grand opening, arranging and likewise even a situation.

As a local organisation, you could have lots of queries or worries if news release circulation is for you. You have a restricted budget plan, so why invest an area of it in this kind of internet material advertising and marketing strategy?

You ought to not question this method. It is a spending plan pleasant along with effective means to promote your solution. Composing launches as well as additionally dispersing it offers exceptional cause any sort of business- large or little.

This material marketing task can work like magic. Right here are the factors that you must make press releases a component of your material advertising and marketing mix:

Boost sales possibility.

Launches are a way to flaunt your things that supply features in addition to advantages for the customers. When you create a launch, you establish material that can make your brand a leading option on the market.

To do this, you might want to create launches each time you have newsworthy details to share. Share your business purchase, success, advancements, business development, sales development, landmarks or collaboration. When people uncover that you’re a leader in your sector, it can pull in viewpoint to enhance your revenues.

Instantaneous as well as likewise large direct exposure.

An extra excellent reason small companies gain from the press release is their ability for instant as well as large direct exposure. It’s really easy, economical as well as dependable ways to get the word out worrying your business, despite having limited sources.

Imagine that your local business is merely beginning. You have written a great launch that landed your media protection. Obtaining promotion at this beginning can bring you great deals of direct exposure along with can make your brand name available.

Envision major publications, creating a tale regarding your trademark name. Your brand name winds up being sound in your market. You’re likely to gain the passion of the stakeholders, plutocrats in addition to new leads.

You can come to be a market professional.

So suppose you are a local business? Size isn’t a step of what you can do.
Making up launches consistently through blood circulation firm can develop a perception that you’re an idea leader in your particular niche. People are going to comprehend you, your items and also why they should trust you.

Effective brand names that made press release component of their technique don’t have the problem of obtaining the trust fund of the customers. It is since they have constructed their integrity. Individuals depend on brands that they recognize are market leaders.

It raises web traffic to your site.

Concerning 80 million people are searching the web everyday. This indicates, doing whatever to make your brand name exposed to the customers searching for unique tales and also news can include a lot of value to your service.

When you obtained media insurance coverage from any type of publication, cover it. Share it on your social media sites networks and also consist of a link to your site or blog site so individuals can discover much more regarding your brand name.

The even more individuals see your site; you obtain a superb opportunity to have brand-new leads. It can equate right into conversions along with ultimately sales.

It is a sensible means to widen your reach.

As a tiny company, it may be a difficulty for you, specifically when you’re a startup to lead in the industry. Writing and additionally spreading releases make it feasible to cut in the loud market.

With it, you can build a connection with the media, target audience as well as also generate investors. It is less complicated to penetrate the market and additionally reach your target market.

Best press release distribution makes it possible for you to be seen on the television, took a look at in the newspapers and also listened to on the radio. It shows you can reach different sections of people that can attach to your brand.

Being a little company shouldn’t dissuade you from releasing releases because it can help you in a lot of techniques. Technique your advertising and marketing technique well to see specifically how your small firm grows.

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Reporters Use Newswire Services for These 8 Crucial Explanations

Today, there are still discussions, whether or not making use of PR distribution services are useful for people as well as business. When you write a news release, it is very important that you obtain it to the hands of many individuals as feasible.

This is where newswire services can be useful for marketers. Obtaining the solution sends your release to numerous websites and places. At the same time, it becomes less complicated for the media and also blog owners to look and also locate tales to write.

Have a look at these eight vital reasons why press reporters find the services helpful for them:

1. It aids them obtain stories.

In a study of 80 UK reporters made by, they found that 78 percent usage best press release distribution networks in obtaining news stories, 56 percent for articles as well as function ideas as well as another 56 percent for tracking industry trends.

Freelance journalists do not find the solution valuable because they can just take advantage of exclusive tales. Their potential to earn an earnings depends entirely on covering unique news. Nevertheless, they can utilize it as a resource when trying to find history information.

2. Reality monitoring is much easier.

Many reporters using the solution locate it a convenient way to validate truths concerning a tale or a business. Because they don’t have adequate time to research about a brand, they can click the web links in the story to validate information, as opposed to going to individual sites, blogs as well as newsrooms.

Clicking the pictures, web links, and various other info, make the journalist’s job simpler as well as much faster. Some reporters find searching with the circulation websites very easy when looking for ideas for their attribute write-ups. The solution offers fast accessibility and natural search function. So they invest less time trying to find details and also validating.

Making use of the site is very useful for reporters working with tight due dates. It simplifies their work while ensuring that they constantly supply factual info in their story.

3. It checks market fads.

From the same study, they located that 60 percent of the journalists intend to make use of the website to track industry patterns. As an example, auto and style are among the markets that keep on altering with the season.

This assists them carve the story they are composing. When they understand the sector trends, they can find out which angle of the tale to provide to the visitors.

4. Aid them get quotes.

Some reporters locate it less complicated to connect to newswire websites when trying to find quotes they can utilize for the tale. It can protect them from libel for using incorrect info. They locate it rapid and also very easy to inspect these channels to get quotes, which conserves them a substantial quantity of time.

5. It provides a central place to check out.

The majority of journalists appreciate making use of circulation solutions since it supplies them a location to check out. It functions as a central place for them to gain access to without much difficulty. Whether looking for suggestions, information or simply fact-checking, they discover it a real time saver.

7. It is efficient.

Publications as well as reporter locate it much easier to access distribution websites when searching for news release per sector and also location, according to PRNewswire. It saves them time to see from the pile of e-mails they receive on a daily basis.

8. Every news is validated.

Every newswire company has its way of running launches via a system that scan them to know its authenticity. They are very rigorous that business need to meet particular standards when it comes to attribution. Journalists can be ensured that the stories they read on these websites are trustworthy and also reliable.

9. They get high quality content.

You ought to select trustworthy distribution sites that have actually been known in the industry for years. Reporters can be assured that they are getting high standard material that needs very little adjustment from the duplicates.

Journalists and also outlets utilize newswire sites for getting information than to search for tales to write. It is still best to target specific relevant journalist to pitch story suggestions.

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Desiree Perez Makes Jay-Z Successful

Desiree Perez

Two years ago, Diddy was named the wealthiest hip hop artist. Last year, people expected to hear the same story. However, the name appearing on Forbes Hip Hop Wealthiest was different. Jay-Z made it to the first position for the first time in his life. Although he was doing well in his musical career, the musician had never been this successful. His breakthrough in the music scene was witnessed in 2017 when he managed to earn more than nine hundred million dollars. The artist has acquired the first position because of several reasons. First of all, he is currently running a wide range of businesses that have turned out to be very successful. Desiree Perez has also joined Jay-Z’s team in recent years. Perez is working for one of the top companies owned by the musician as the chief operating officer.

Desiree Perez

While serving as the chief operations officer at Tindal, Desiree Perez has numerous responsibilities. The businesswoman is recognized for being among the few successful females in the American music department. For many years, Desiree Perez has worked with some of the big names in the music industry. Perez has also been fortunate to work with marketing department heads, record label executives and renowned promotion managers. When she joined Jay-Z’s company several years ago, everyone knew that the results were going to be amazing. Her career spans more than twenty years, and this explains her expertise in the music industry.

When talking about the recent achievements by Jay-Z, it is impossible to forget Desiree Perez. The music executive has helped to bring a revolution in the career life of the American artist, making him a successful investor. The musician is expected to increase his fortunes and accomplish bigger goals in life when working with Perez.

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