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Vacation in Cuba?

It is no secret that ever since America became involved with Cuba, there has been bad blood between the two countries. Thanks to sanctions, no can can leave Cuba and no one can enter Cuba from the United States. As of lately though this has all been changed. The sanctions are being lifted, and the U.S. is now putting a hand out to shake the great nation of Cuba for the purpose of reconciliation.

The new friendship is beginning with the fact that the embassies will finally be opened. The U.S. embassy will be opened in Cuba and the Cuban embassy will be opened in Washington D.C. This new transition will renew the diplomatic ties that Cuba once had with the United States before the United States took control over Cuba. Soon, both President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry, will address the public to state that there will be two embassies in each of the country’s capital.

this new act will be done for the first time in over half a century. told that these sanction lifts were made when Obama had met with Raul Castro and had discussed the conditions. The two diplomats had met in Panama. It was the first time two diplomats from the two countries had spoken in over 50 years. Obama not only wants to continue developing their relations, but he also hopes that in the future, Cuba will once again be that great nation.

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