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Alexis Kennedy: Indie Games Guru

The job title of “indie games developer” is something many creative people would love to add to their resume. Alexis Kennedy found success in producing such games, and, surprisingly, he launched his career somewhat by accident. While awaiting the birth of his child, Kennedy took time off from his job as a software consultant. During that time, he took a chance at developing indie games. Success didn’t come right away. In his own words, Kennedy’s ventures “almost went bust” on more than one occasion. As gaming fans now, the winds of fate turned in a positive direction for the once-budding entrepreneur. He went to become the co-founder of Weather Factory and points to a career of successful Kickstarter campaigns and related games.

When asked about the challenges he and his team face, Alexis Kennedy provides an unexpected response, as he mentions “attention” presents difficulties. More accurately, it is not easy to get attention all the time. Indie game developers must capture consumers’ attention. Otherwise, the games won’t sell. Since independent companies don’t have the huge budgets the big players do, figuring out how to draw attention becomes a top priority. Indie outfits able to get their name and, more importantly, info about their games into the public square become better poised to do well.

Running an independent company sometimes comes with the challenge of operating outside of a formal office setting. Alexis Kennedy reveals the team members connect remotely. So, they don’t sit in an office under direct managerial supervision. Self-motivation becomes a vital attribute to completing tasks. Alexis Kennedy finds himself performing many duties himself. In addition to designing and writing games, he also works at managing the company. His efforts paid off as the company is a success.

By his definition, Alexis believes success comes in the form of making a decent living doing something you enjoy. More power to him.


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