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Waiakea Water Redefining How Water is Sourced and Served

Waiakea Water, which wells up from fresh volcanic springs in native Hawaii, is contributing forward-looking innovations for global water drinking lovers.

Have you ever wondered where all those used water bottles end up? How about how long it takes for them to disintegrate? Well, Waiakea Boter, developed and made in Hawaii has come up with the best solution today. Waiakea has a proprietary sourcing process where they extract water straight from Volcanic rock some 17,000 feet at the Mauna Loa foothill. That’s the kind news! You can tell all your friends your drinking bottled volcanic water. Waiakea Water also boasts of a bio-degradable bottle that entirely disintegrates back into the earth in 15 years. Yes, it is no longer necessary to wait for 1,000 years for your used bottled waters to dissolve once they enter your nearby trash dump. What Waiakea Water gives to its consumers is the best of both worlds; that is, the best water from volcanic springs and a pleasant aftertaste in knowing you’re saving the environment from plastic refuse that stays in the climate and land dumps for ages.

There are several reasons why people drink water from a bottle, but one of the most important is because they believe it to be a healthier choice than from taking water straight from the tap. You are never alone when you drink water from a bottle since the bottled water industry is estimated to be near 100 billion a year. That means bottled water companies have fierce competition. That is one reason why Waiakea Water bottles its water at the source of the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. The natural filtration process Waiakea Water travels from the top of the Volcanic glacier to the natural spring below results in water that is naturally high in alkaline; therefore, a high PH level.

Waiakea Water is starting to redefine how water is sourced and served.

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Storms Across Texas

There have been several storms that have hit areas of Texas and Oklahoma, leaving at least six people dead. Flooding rains and tornadoes have ravaged the area. This is the worst flooding that Texas has seen since the 1920s. Streets are under water. Businesses have doors that have been broken because of the force of the water flowing. There are over 80,000 people who are without power. This is a devastating situation that shows how unpredictable Mother Nature can be at any time of the year. Some areas haven’t seen enough rain, but this is too much at one time. Many users of the popular app Skout have been alerted that there are more storms on the horizon, and there are a few more inches of rain in the forecast. Shelters need to be opened if they haven’t been established, and there needs to be a way to communicate the weather forecast to those who don’t have power. As summer approaches, this could only be the beginning of a long storm season.

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