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Andy Wirth Focuses on Marketing Ski Resort Despite Drought

Recently Andy Wirth President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holding, talked with Madeline Brand of KCRW Radio. The topic discussed was how ski resort are handling the lack of snow due to the drought and warming temperatures. What is being done to keep business flowing?

Andy Wirth said that the past winter was tough. Business was down 20 percent down, but they managed to still make a profit. We have the capability to make snow and manage it well on about 4,000 acres, he said. Despite the driest seasons in about 1,200 years, the resort has increased season passes about 37 percent.

Squaw Valley offers passes to customers for other resorts that have more snow. It has retail shops, restaurants, and a winter park that offers tubing to children and adults. They have even found ways to use the warmer season to generate business. The company invested $50 million in upgrades which means that they cam make plenty of snow not relying on mother nature.

Mr. Wirth says making the resorts into a year round business offsets the lack of snow too. In the warmer weather they offer opportunities for weddings and special events for clubs and associations. Some resorts have rope climbing courses, mountain bike trails, hiking and tours given by staff. Plans to have zip lines and disc golf courses are underway.

Wirth is considering building a water park with pools, slides, and a training center for athletes to increase business in the summer months. He plans to build a gondola to connect two Lake Tahoe slopes. It will link the Alpine Meadow and Squaw Valley resorts. This reduces vehicle traffic between the two resorts say Mr. Wirth.

He thinks this connection will make it one of the best ski resorts in North America.
When it is easy to get back and forth between ski two resorts this creates more opportunity for increased traffic. With the changing climate he has to think of innovative ways to attract visitors to the resort in warmer weather.

All his life Andy Wirth has worked for the hotel and hospitality industry. His interest in the career began when he attended Colorado State University and later Edinburgh University in Scotland. He served as back county ranger for Rocky Mountain National Parks and as a forest ranger for San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. He started as an intern with Steamboat Steamboat and Resort Corporation. He quickly was promoted to vice president of sales and marketing. He worked there 10 years. In 2010, he became CEO of Squaw Valley.

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Cyclone Pam Is One Of The Worst Ever!

Pam Left Widespread Destruction In The Pacific Archipelago Vanuatu

The weather is a strange bedfellow. One minute we are praising its beauty and the next minute we are cursing its vicious relentlessness. We spend a lot of time talking about and tracking weather patterns. News channels run weather stories before almost any other story because we want to know how we should act and react when the weather changes its demeanor.

We call Atlantic Ocean storms hurricanes and Pacific Ocean storms Cyclones. Both of them pack winds that can destroy cities, and they carry water and rain that can bury cities in sand, dirt and rubble. People at Anastasia Date know that this year’s Cyclone Pam is one of the nastiest storms in recent history. Unfortunately Vanuatu, the Pacific Ocean archipelago, found out first-hand how horrible a cyclone can be.

Reports of the damage are still coming in because the communication systems in the outer islands were destroyed. Early reports from UNICEF indicate that entire villages were wiped out. No one knows how many people were impacted by the storm, but initial reports claim eight lives were lost, but many fear that figure will rise.

Vanuatu has a population of 267,000 spread over 65 islands. The islands are already suffering from the effects of global warming. Some of the islands are returning to the sea thanks to sea level changes. Cyclone Pam adds more water and uncertainty to the islands.

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Weather Conditions Cause a Plane to Skid into a Fence at LaGuardia Airport

Snow was falling in New York this morning, and a combination of the snow and ice resulted in a scary situation at the New York LaGuardia Airport. At approximately 11:10am on Thursday Morning, Delta Flight 1086 skidded off the runway and into a chain-link fence. The flight was arriving from Atlanta with 131 passengers and crew on board. Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. However, 24 people did obtain non-life threatening injuries with 3 people being transported to the local hospital.

According to Marc Sparks the weather conditions in New York have been horrible for flights. At the time of the plane landing there was freezing fog and snowfall. As a result of Flight 1086’s crash, LaGuardia Airport was shut down. The airport does not expect to be open until at least 7pm Thursday night.Many of the passengers on the plane expressed their terror over the scary incident, but also relief that it was not more serious.  Soon after he was safely off the plane, the tight end posted a picture on Instagram of the plane stuck in the fence. In the photo passengers can be seen leaving the plane from a side door. The ground is completely covered with snow, and the sky is dark with fresh snow fall.

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Stuck on the Road

Parts of Kentucky are at a standstill after a snow and ice storm moved through the area in early March. Cars coulnd’t move in the roads, and power was knocked out to hundreds. There have been almost 20 inches so far in the area with a little more on the way. When you live in this area, you need to expect a little snow and ice, but this weather is ridiculous. Alexei Beltyukov knows that winter is a time when you could see a few inches of snow, a few feet or nothing at all. This winter proves to be one that shouldn’t be messed with and could go in the record books for some states. Cars on I-65 were left on the road for about 12 hours because the snow fell so fast. This can be a way to learn about what to keep in your car in the event that you are stranded. Make sure you have plenty of blankets, bottled water and nonperishable food so that you can stay warm and have something to eat whether you are there for a few hours or an extended period of time like the people in this situation.

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Dangerous Droughts on the Horizon

Though the southwest and Great Plains of the United States have been suffering from droughts, they are predicted to only get worse in the next 75 years. Various reports estimate that in the latter half of this century, these regions of the United States will experience droughts of the magnitude which have not been witnessed for a thousand years. Jaime Garcia Dias has heard that, with further developments in climate change yet to fully manifest, conditions could only take a turn for the worse.Find more on Dias on

As explained in the research headed by Benjamin Cook, the droughts will be a product of heightened temperatures. This will lead to a decrease in rainfall, as well as an increase in the rate of evaporation. Even were the rainfall to remain a constant, the greater rate of evaporation would still leave soil dry and barren. This is a distressing extrapolation, given the heavy burden it will place on farmers, and the need to develop effective water distribution strategies. Cook believes that our current practices for dealing with droughts are fairly effective, but is less certain that these methods will prove to be successful against more expansive and detrimental droughts in the future.

Considering the mounting evidence, this ought to be a problem which demands a greater portion of our attention. The nation needs to prepare for this inevitability, and we should mediate our harmful habits to diminish the chance of making the situation more dire.

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Winter Storm Kari Gearing Up

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or living in some kind of paradise like Lee G. Lovett, you know that the winter season is in full swing. The North East just got hit with a major storm called Juno that brought blizzard conditions to much of this area of the country. However, Mother Nature is once again gearing up for another explosive round of precipitation. From the Southern part of the country, Kari is supposed to move into the Mid-Western part of the country Saturday evening.

The storm is supposed to affect from Maine all the way down to North Carolina. The snow fall could be record breaking, but what is really a concern is the freezing rain and ice that could be along with it. Some areas will get all rain, but others will find themselves with a wintery bag of mixed precipitation that they don’t know what to do with. It is all well and good for areas that are expecting whether like this during this season. But down in North Carolina, their road crews aren’t ready or able to handle such extremes.

The meteorologists still say it is quite early to call the storms exact path. Some parts of Ohio may escape with just rain, while others may find themselves digging their cars out for work on Monday; that is if there is work on Monday.

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Airasia: The Second Black Box Is Recovered

Divers have also recovered the second black box of the unit of AirAsia that was crashed into the Java Sea on December 28 last year, which could allow investigators to shed light on the fate of the 8501 flight. The cockpit voice recorder was found on Tuesday in the cabin of the unit, as read by Gianfrancesco Genoso in an article recently reported.
The two black boxes will be transferred to Jakarta for complete analysis by the experts; a process that could take up to two weeks. All discussions between the captain and co-pilot must be available and it may reveal about the actual reason behind the crash of plane. 

Only 48 bodies have been found so far, while the plane was carrying 162 people. Divers have also recovered the second black box of the unit of AirAsia that was crashed into the Java Sea on December 28 last year, which could allow investigators to shed light on the fate of the 8501 flight.

The pilots asked air traffic controllers for permission to gain altitude to avoid threatening clouds, but could not get it because of air traffic. Four minutes later, the plane disappeared from radar without having sent a distress signal.

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