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Doe Deere—when luck turns the table around!

Some events can be very life changing, there were many in Doe Deere’s life as well. Especially in the spring of 1999, Doe, her mother, and sister met the social worker who introduced them to a non-profit legal organization named as Sanctuary for Families. The organization helped women immigrants who were in a bad situation.

Dorchen Leidholdt, the leader of the organization helped them get back onto their feet. She provided Doe’s mother a good job of an accountant, Doe Deere soon got into a Fashion Institute of Technology, from there her walk of achieving her dream started. Her sister also got enrolled in Columbia University and graduated on scholarship.

By the following year 2000, the family was able to afford a home of their own and run a life they once wished of. By late 2000’s Doe adopted a moniker, “Doe Deere” and followed her passion of becoming an entrepreneur. By 2008 she founded her own make up company and named it as “Lime Crime” and no doubt it was a huge achievement. She initially hired 35 women from Los Angeles and gave them the opportunity that every woman dreams of while working a job. For twenty long years, the famous and one of the most successful business owners, Doe Deere, achieved her dream that she dreamt of in her teens. She is heartily thankful to America, and the people she was surrounded with at the most vulnerable stage of her life, who helped her to the extent that a homeless became a CEO.

She considers herself a lucky lady because she along with her family emigrated from Russia to America and received so much affection and help by the society which they risked all at once while leaving Russia. They enjoy the best luxuries in the world now. If a homeless, like Doe can make herself capable of achieving goals and dreams, being a CEO currently, what’s your excuse then?

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Lime Crime Cosmetics by Doe Deere is hugely successful thanks to vibrant, eye popping colors. This is a business woman who knows her makeup and consistently churns out just what fans are looking for.

Born in Russia, Doe Deere always had a love for makeup and fashion. She would do all of her friends makeup at slumber parties and dress up like witches. It was this fun loving spirit that would follow her well into adulthood and bring her success in the cosmetics industry. She left her home country at just 17 years old and settled down in New York City to start her dreams. She is so awesome, she even had her own band named Sky Salt. She met her now husband in the band and he is currently the president of her company. Lime Crime was officially launched in 2008 with nail polishes, lipsticks and eyeshadows in an assortment of colors.

Doe Deere’s all time favorite part of the day is mornings. She always rises at 8:30, drinks a large glass of water to stay hydrated and goes into her morning routine. She breaks her fast every morning with fresh fruit, yogurt, and her favorite meal: grits. After indulging in self care, Ms. Deere is off to answering business emails and chatting with employees.

Besides being the mastermind behind one of the greatest cosmetic lines to hit the shelves, Doe Deere is a regular girl who loves to apply her makeup to her favorite songs by the Beatles. She washes her hair at night so that by morning it is dry and ready for her signature colorful, bouncy curls. She has impeccable skin care and always makes sure to apply moisturizer before she does anything else. One can tell by her luminescent, youthful skin just how serious she is about hydration. She truly seems like the type of girl who still enjoys an amazing slumber party with friends!

Doe Deere is so down to earth and personable, making the world fans of her as well as of her makeup line. It is safe to say she is on her way to being an icon within the industry as her style has inspired so many all over the world. Customers and fans alike can find those must have products through her company website. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for news on new products and colors. Learn more:


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Julie Zuckerberg Rises To Prestige

Having began her higher education learning career first through attending the New York Law School before later going on to study Philosophy at the City University of New York Brooklyn College upon graduation from the New York Law School, Julie Zuckerberg quickly went on to establish herself in the area of her field due to hard work and dedication to her passion. Thanks to these elements of her character, Julie Zuckerberg unsurprisingly soon became a vital part of the team at Hudson starting back in November of 2002 where she stood as the Director of Candidate Placement for the following five years before leaving in the October of 2007 to grow in her experience through joining Citi in a wide array of arenas. Donning hats such as that of the Vice President, Executive Recruiter, and NA Professional in the area of Executive Recruitment, Zuckerberg managed to hold her team together with an admirable clearheadedness that inspired her coworkers to push forward to greater heights through out her entire career at Citi from her first step on to the team back in October of 2007 through till November of 2013 when she again decided to push herself harder and further than before to see just what all she could manage to amount to should she dive full force into the deep end of her field. After a grand total of six years and two months working for Citi in the Greater New York Area, Julie Zuckerberg stepped up to the plate as the Experience Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President of the New York Life Insurance Company which she used as a stepping stone into her greatest career move yet in taking life by the throat and officially becoming the Executive Recruitment Lead in the area of US Talent Acquisition for the Deutsche Bank in April of the year 2014 all the way through unto today where she continues to stand as the leader in both the negotiation and development of United States Asset Management as well as making sure to provide unique directions in strategy while she coaches the recruiting team of the firm. Having developed exemplary skills through out her career in the areas of strategics, conflict resolution, sourcing, utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems, and Onboarding, just to name a select few out of many, Julie Zuckerberg proves that a strong work ethic and an unstoppable spirit alongside the bravery that fuels passion to be turned into action is the exact ingredients needed to create an unstoppable leader. Making point to not only lead in the realm of business but also in stepping up around her community, in groups like that of Ethics – Ethical Professionals as well as the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Julie Zuckerberg makes a point to take notice of the realities around her and actively assist in the pursuit of a far more productive and progressive tomorrow through the proper practice of what is socially accepted as ethically inclined manners and matters alike.


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