Charles Koch Is In Terms With Most Of Bernie Sanders Policies

Charles Koch is a very influential political funder and business person who is the founder and owner of the Koch Industries, America’s second-largest corporation. He has made a fortune from his group of companies and now uses part of his personal money to fund presidential aspirants during their campaigns in the United States. He has a history of donating up to $400 million after outing together his contributions with that of his friends whom they share the same political interest. As the 2016 presidential election is around the corner, Charles Koch has taken a keen interest on Bernie Sanders, a presidential aspirant, and his policies.

Recently, Charles Koch came forward and offered Bernie Sanders, endorsements of sorts in his campaign. Charles Koch, through writing, said that he agreed will Bernie Sanders, a leftwing Democratic presidential candidate on his policies. Charles Koch went ahead to point out on issues of corporate welfare and criminal justice reforms as the most impressive policies from the presidential candidate. According to Charles Koch, issues such as the political and economic system that are currently in the currently, which Bernie Sanders seeks to change, also upset him. The country is on a political and economic system that is controlled by the privileged few at the expense of everyone else, and those most affected are the least advantaged. Charles Koch, the billionaire political donor, has been on Bernie Sanders’s target list, and it seems like Bernie is already winning him over.

On an op-ed for the Washington Post, Charles Koch said that he totally agreed with him (Bernie Sanders) and congratulated him for speaking for and as a representative of the many Americans who have been oppressed by the state which favors the filthy rich. For a long time, Charles Koch has been an outspoken libertarian and critic fighting against the government intrusions on market forces to favor the privileged. Bernie Sanders and Charles Koch share the same voice on matters such as income inequality, corporate greed and campaign finance reform. There have been rumors that Koch brothers’ plan to spend nearly $900m in the 2016 election, some of which may go to Sander.

Charles Koch urges Bernie Sanders, to work harder to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Koch says that he can not wait to see his work on issues such as criminal justice, which they both agree to needs to be looked into. The Koch brothers, especially Charles has already started reforming the US criminal justice system through giving donations and working with non-governmental organizations. We all are waiting to see where this “thing” between Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders will lead to.

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