Chris Burch Develops the Nihiwatu Resort

The island of Bali has natural beauty, nice beaches and warm weather throughout the year. As a result, it is one of the most notable vacation destinations in the world. With its many positive characteristics, Bali is also a hotspot for many real estate investors and developers. A number of real estate investors and developers have come to the island to acquire land and build properties. One of these investors is Chris Burch who has recently bought the renowned Nihiwatu resort. With this most recent acquisition, Chris has been able to add to his real estate investment portfolio as well as create one of the most luxurious resorts in the entire world.   Read more about the luxury hotel, check on

Burch bought the land and the remains of the resort and looked to build it into one of the top vacation spots for tourists. One of the things that Burch did to develop the property was to put together a luxury hotel. This luxury hotel would serve as an ideal place for people to lodge during their downtime. Another thing that Burch did to help create this resort is to develop waterfalls which contribute to the area’s natural beauty and appeal. Along with making structural developments, Chris also hired locals to serve as the resort staff. This created jobs as well as giving visitors exposure to the local culture. All of these things have helped make the Nihiwatu resort a place that many tourists will enjoy visiting.

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who founded successful businesses in both the finance and fashion industries. His first business was one in the fashion industry where he would design, make and sell a line of quality sweaters to consumers. After starting up this company, Chris would then start up another company Burch Creative Capital. This company specialized in brand development and the management of venture investments. Burch Creative Capital would eventually become one of the top companies in its industry. With two very successful businesses, Burch would reach billionaire status by the year 2012.

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Along with founding two successful companies, Chris would also acquire a couple of real estate properties. These include a hotel in Buenos Aires Argentina and Florida of the United States. Both of these properties helped Chris build his wealth and establish a portfolio of prominent real estate holdings. Check for an additional article.   By acquiring these two real estate properties, Chris was able to compliment his businesses. As a result, the real estate holdings have made Chris a well known real estate investor as well as a successful entrepreneur.  Know his latest cool offering to the market, hit on

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