Chris Burch Nihiwatu Island – 5 Star Resort and World’s Best Hotel

The fashion and design mogul Chris Burch has a new project to add to his list of projects to boast about. Beating out Obama’s favorite Indonesian vacation spot, the hotel represents the ultimate in luxury. It was originally purchased from a New Jersey couple, and Chris Burch tapped the expertise of his friend James McBride to purchase this beach hostel. It was re-opened in 2015, with the name of the hotel changed to Nihi which is also the largest employer on the island where it is sitting.   More to read about the luxury resort on

Chris Burch and the owners of the hotel give a portion of the profits to the Sumba Foundation which is a nonprofit that helps the local community. Guests can even choose to rent out Chris Burch’s private home, with a plunge pool that has views over Nihi Beach and across the Indian Ocean. The hotel even features an amazing covered entertaining area outside. Tree houses and traditional antiques are also featured prominently among the collection, with a beach spa right outside. The resort also regulates the number of surfers whom are outside at once to tailor the experience that each surfer has.  Have a tour to an entrepreneur’s getaway, hop over to

Christopher Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. This firm is based in New York City, and has made investments in creative businesses. He grew up in a middle class family and started his first apparel company with a $2,000 investment where he sold sweaters door to door. This company grew to be a $60 Million company which had $140 Million in sales per year. Check He also co-founded the brand Tory Burch, and began Burch Creative Capital after selling his stake in Tory Burch. Burch Creative Capital has made investments in Voss Water, among a wide range of industries. He has also invested in internet and telecommunications, and helped Ellen DeGeneres launch her lifestyle brand.  To know his latest innovative product in the market, hit on this.

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