Clay B. Siegall appointment to Board of directors of Mirna Therapeautics

Clay’s appointments as a director to the Boards of directors of Mirna did not come as a huge surprise to many as it is expected considering the kind of resume that Siegall has. Siegall will act as an external director as he is currently committed to his company, Seattle Genetics, in which he acts as the CEO, co-founder and happens to chair the directing board of the pharmaceutical company. Paul Lammers, the president of Mirna, couldn’t hold back his excitement in having Siegall sit among his board of directors. The occasion took place in the second last day of January 2016 and it is during the event that Paul explained how Clay’s contribution could possibly aid push the company to greater limits considering what he did with his own oncology firm.

Siegall later took to the podium to express how happy he was to have earned the position. To him, MicroRNA-based therapeutics, which is what Mirna therapeutics mainly specializes in, is an area of interest. The president of Seattle Genetics went on to mention that he badly wanted to work together with Mirna and help it achieve its long-term goals in trying to help patients that are in need.

With Siegall’s experience, Mirna definitely has a promising future. One look at his resume and you will be surprised by the amount of knowledge that Clay seems to have. He has a Ph.D in Genetics and a degree in Zoology, both of which he obtained from main stream universities in the United States. After working for a pharmaceutical research firm for six years, he left in 1997 and decided to found Seattle Genetics, a drug formulation firm that mainly deals with cancer cases. His company has over the years grown by managing to attract financiers, raising up to $650 million. Dr. Siegall. His management and leadership skills too seem to be on point as not only has he headed Seattle Genetics and drove it to where it currently is but has also sat in the directory board of Alder BioPharmaceauticals, which is a private firm that deals with biotechnology. This is to mention but a few of all the accreditations that Clay B. Siegall has.

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