Clean it Up in a Hurry

Are you in need of a cleaning service who can come to your house in just a matter of hours? Maybe you have a big date coming up and you just are not prepared for. Perhaps you found out the in-laws are coming to the house and you are tasked with cleaning the house. Whatever the reasoning or however soon you need your house cleaned, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just power on your smart phone and have a professional cleaner at your doorstep a moment later? Well good news, because that is finally a possibility with the Handy application. Now, someone isn’t just going to arrive the moment you turn the device on, but it does allow you to have rush jobs performed, all while bringing in the very best professional cleaning professionals in the area. You just need the app.

The Handy app is one of the fastest growing applications on both iOS and Android. Think of it as the Uber for home cleaning. You just download the free application, create an account and connect a form of payment to it (such as your credit card). Once all of it is set up, which takes just a matter of minutes, you are ready to go and can schedule a cleaner to show up to your home and do as little or as much as you need. With the connected form of payment there is no need to have cash sitting around or to swipe your credit card on a portable card reader. The amount is automatically withdrawn from your credit card.

When you book a cleaner, you open up the application and select a time and date for when you need the cleaner set to your home. When you submit the order you are good to go. Of course, you probably want to know if the person is going to be trustworthy or not. After all, you don’t want to open your home to just anyone. You probably want to have someone you know is a top of the line cleaning professional who also has a solid background. Not to worry as Uber performs all of the background searches for you. After all, just one back experience can derail a company like this, so it doesn’t just perform a background and criminal check, but also a credit check, it requires references and job experience as a professional cleaner. Less than five percent of everyone who applies to become a cleaner with Handy actually become a cleaner. Due to this, you know whomever comes to your house you can trust.

The next time you are in need of a cleaning, whether it is just some basic chores or you need the house cleaned top to bottom, you are able to have someone come to your house. You just need to download the Handy application and set up a cleaning. Then, you can kick back and relax or work on other chores while the professional cleans your home.

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