Coaching Is Just One Part Of The Stable Success Of Watford And Gino Pozzo

When a team is performing well in a soccer league, the supporters of the club usually look to the coach as the beacon of light guiding the team to success. Gino Pozzo has a long-term plan for success and refutes any suggestion that his Watford F.C. team is unstable because of the constant turnover of players and coaches. Gino Pozzo believes the model he has created at Watford is one that can prove a success for many other clubs who are unable to create the financial muscle to break into the top few teams in any nation.

Watford Chief Executive, Scott Duxbury is intent on backing his owner when accusations of instability are leveled at the club. Duxbury and Gino Pozzo researched many different aspects of football life in the U.K. and in different nations where they uncovered the fact the average career of a coach at a club is just two years. The two executives hit upon a new model that would see the coach placed in charge of a group of players raised to play soccer in the same way in various parts of the world.

Gino Pozzo believes the work he is doing at Watford is backed by the fact the club has yet to sack coach in midseason but sees them all move on in the close season. A good example for Pozzo is the interest shown in former coach Marco Silva by fellow Premier League club Everton, despite the midseason interest, Pozzo refused to let the coach leave until the end of the current season. The extended chase of Silva by Everton showed the research of Gino Pozzo was correct with the move of the coach not permitted until the club could line up a replacement for the following season. Gino Pozzo is now seen as an innovator in the football world with his role as a global club owner in no doubt.

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